Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Warrior Wishes on your Birthday Caravaggia

This post is late, but better late then never right? It was Caravaggais birthday last month and I asked a couple artists to whip up some treats for her. I picked her Dinka Warrior, which actually came as no surprise to Caravaggia! ha ha ha! He's really hunky and cute. Demona whipped up this oh so adorable baby faced image of him first off:

How hot is this??? Big eyes, nice lips, fuzzy eyebrows, perfect build and a thick succulent uncut dick! Yum yum yum! HA HA HA! Those arms could lift an elephant, or at least the trunk between his legs. I wonder where he is going? He seems so focused on something other then what ever is in the direction he is facing. I really should look into getting this coloured. :) Demona did this up nice and fast. I keep having to tell her each time I see her what a wonderful image it is.

Next I called upon the awesome Hydaria to create an image featuring Dinka and my dear sweet Lastmanoutheres creation Ixy. It seems the Dinka Warrior was lost at sea. Now far away from his homeland, he calls upon the Mayan priests magical powers to whisk him away back home. He agrees to do so at a price as you will see:

The Dinka Warrior needs both his big strong hands to pleasure Ixy's massive member. This Ixy is really built! Maybe the twink acquired some training from Dinka as part of the deal too? :P

Align CenterThe Dinka receives Ixys blessing. So powerful is the lust between them, that Dinka involuntarily orgasms mightily! :O

I think it's way hot how Ixy, who was at one point standing must now bend at the knee, due to the extreme pleasure. Hydarias take on Ixy is really powerful. He has a strong presence, with his huge frame. He adorned him with nicely shaped muscles on his arms and pecks! (Beautiful shading all over his body and face Hydaria.) This take on him was a very pleasant surprise for his creator as well. I personally love the way Hydaria did up his long feathers. The Dinka Warrior has a very handsome face and sweet body. I think this might be the first black character I have seen Hydaria draw and I gotta say I am loving it. That cocks foreskin is so thick and bunched up, I can imagine pulling it back would take some effort as long and thick as it appears to be. Ixy would love to bury his tongue admits it's folds no doubt!

I thought it appropriate to show off Caravaggias Dinka Warrior as well. You can find him on her Blog, with the story of how he came to be! He is such a perfect dark chocolate delight....

I realized I had to make a choice of him being cut, or uncut as well. It was hard, cause one group of Dinka from the western Sudan do it, while Dinka from the east do not. In the end, he can be either as Caravaggia chooses. :)

By the that Halloween is over, I guess we all have to start focusing on Christmas right? XD Have a great day!

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  1. WOWWWWWW nice tribal character, nice Santa too :D- FallenAngel



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