Friday, November 5, 2010

Tonberryknights Heats up the Foliage with Tarzan and Dungeons and Dragons...

Man this was hard to come up a theme for. The first image I have to share is a an brilliant image by Tonberryknight featuring Tarzan and Jungle Emmy. She had mentioned wanting to do woman in the past and I thought that Emmy would be a perfect character to see her take on. I was not disappointed at all. She captured the character perfectly, giving her huge bosoms and gigantic areolas!!! XD She is absolutly stunning, so shapely with perfect hair. For Tarzan I asked Tonberryknight to go with the classic comic and novel version. Now this Tarzan is something else...srong, handsome, sleek and sensual. So focused is he makes me light headed. That hair is just to hot. And his cute little nipples are wicked... :D

Tonberry was so nice she did a cut and uncut version! She even created an image where his foreskin was redden and warn from all the intense friction, it looks really hot and life life...I am keep that one for myself! HA HA HA! XD I love the thick brown foreskin, with the pinkish head poking out from below. Is there anything sexier on a guy then a tanned body all the way to the tip of his foreskin? XD I really like the romantic mood set with the fireflies lighting up the lovers. Amazing work Tonberry!

The second image I have to present was done in early September. I had planned to include it in an end of retro summer blog, but things being what they were, it just didn't happen. I can't think of a better way to describe what Tonberryknight captured here, then to say it's happening in some deep forest on a very pleasant end of summer night. It feels like the last week of August to me. The evening she created is so deep and dark that it just sucks the light from the Earth. A faint glow from some unknown source warmly lights the forest floor. The tree lines only hint of existence is the moon casting it's light across the tops of a few pines. The two men, the Magic Users from Capcoms Dungeons and dragons are busting with illumination. :P There love making is magical!

Tonberryknight did an amazing job on these guys. For awhile I even wondered if I should keep this private, I liked it so much. :P D'Raven is so yum, with his cape falling down over his shoulder. SIGHS! XD He's moaning with delight as Syous unloads his lust deep inside him. Tonberrynight really made the boys elegant and sexy. Their gloves with their slender fingers look so classy. Their twinky, slinky torsos are perfect for heated encounters. My god, Syous face is perfectly sculpted with it's deep scar and cool hair spikes. She matches, if not surpasses the sexiness of the original art. :)

Tonberryknight always impresses me with her beautiful coloring and sweet effects. The boys are wonderfully shaded. I remember her being enthusiastic about adding the canes into the image. As you can see, she did a great job drawing creating them and adding glowing effects to them as well. :) HA HA HA, these two are obsessed with both their staffs. Holding them even while making love, makes one wonder if they feel they are in danger. Tonberryknight also sent me a cool image with out the background, but I am gonna keep that one for myself too! XD


  1. Jungle Emmy *drool* nice double pleasure for the magic user of D&D , hot work, Tonberry - FallenAngel

  2. Boob play! Interesting touch. I must agree, her hair is pretty darn perfect, indeed!
    I also lol'd at the title of the other pic at the bottom. XD I liked it. Their capes are very cool. ^^



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