Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Classic Dongsaeng Circle Jerk!

This is one of my earliest commissions and is still one of my absolute favorites. I guess one of the reasons was the process itself was just so unforgettable. When you commission Dongsaeng you get treated very nicely. Being one of my first comms I was super enthusiastic about the whole thing. His manner and his own enthusiasm was greatly appreciated by myself. I think this was one of, if not the first image I snuck a peek at while working. XD I really wanted to see more porn of Rygar, Pit Icarus and Rikuo at the time. There was no Rygar porn and not really much of adult Pit at the time. So I combined the three in a very fitting setting. It was great to watch Dongsaeng do each step. I remember being very precise about the foreskin positions and loving watching him draw each detail of man skin. The image is now legendary. And looking at it in detail once again this morning, I still can't get over how sexy and thrilling it is. That long hair and tight butt on Icarus still makes me woozy! XD Well I am taking this opportunity to wish Dong good luck on his future endeavors! I hope that you will come back to erotic art soon man! You certainly made an impressive portfolio in short time. Man, it was artist like you that really made me so into this whole world of art back then! Thanks so much.

This was my reaction to the image, back then I was living off a state of pure euphoria! :D :

Ok were do I start!!! IF you want to find one of the most devoted, kindest, sweetest artist on the entire web, well look no further, cause he is right here! Dongsaeng added so much to this! It was a total honor to have met him and had him draw for me. I wanted a super Muscular version of my favorites, and I got that and so much more! Everything is so perfect. From the expressions, to the poses to the hot uncut dicks! I love the little touches like the light in the pool and the small bits of sweat dripping down them. :love: I love the skin tones on Icarus and Rygar! I just want to run my fingers through Icarus's hair! Oh is it SEXY!!!!!! And that cum fountain coming out of Rikuo get me way too excited! :heart::lol: I presented to you a very simple concept and you created a masterpiece the folks at Randy Blue would be jealous of!:kiss::heart::heart: I showed this to my best gay friend and he needed a moment alone! LOL. And that was before it was completed! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I hope to work again with you when you are free! :widesmile:

This image was indeed influenced by some of the films of Kristen Bjorn and Randy Blue. More so by the circle jerk video featuring Jeremy Walker, Kody Henshaw and big uncut Kevin Flak. These men have no trouble getting me off time and again. Ha ha ha! :^) It's one of the hottest videos to ever come out the studio and the one that made me take notice of their work. It's about how Kody puts on some straight porn in an attempt to seduce Kevin. As things get hot, they are interrupted by Jeremy, who then joins them, insisting that he is still straight, no matter how far they go. There is even a really hot frot scene near the end. Kody and Kevin both cum twice. Sadly the camera guy was not quick enough both times to catch either of Kevins cum shots in their entirety. He kept cumming at the same time as Kody. Afterward I noticed Randy Blue started to employ more then one camera man to catch all the cum shot action. XD Although I do think some of the pacing could have been better, like the men not just all of a sudden kissing and more natural lead up to the gay acts, it's still an amazing piece of gay cinematography. XD


  1. Woot! Dongsaeng art rocks too :D lookee teh muscles XD..*siigh* too late for me to get that big.. - FallenAngel

  2. Awe don't give up on your muscles Fallen!

  3. I true oldie! And it's probably one of your best commissions, I am sure. :3 I can't agree with you more on Dongsaeng though. Probably one of the nicest guys to work with. He makes the process easy and fun, and you definitely get what you wanted, if not more! X3 I hope the best for him!



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