Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dramatic Return of RPG Dimata!

RPG Dimata was created by Ink-B last year and immediately caught the attention of a lot of people. After Crimsonblood did a stunning image of him, he sorta vanished. Well the truth is, I think of ideas for this character very often and have a back list of concepts to tackle with him and his crew. The people I commissioned to draw him recently can tell you that. I have two very hot images I am very proud to present of him today. The fist stunning image was done by 2046. You will remember he drew Tonia for me one year ago. He has returned with Dimata celebrating the defeat of a troublesome Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Level up! RPG Dimata is bathed in sunlight as he celebrates his victory over the the boss! XD That rex is gonna be sore in the morning.

Dimatas hair and face kinda reminds me of Aladdin here for some reason. All the more reason to love it even more. He's got boyish charms and hairy arms, That long hair and thick brows make him very charming. :D 2046 gave him hairless legs, which look very smooth and strong. Mmmm prehistoric wax job... XD He's so excited in his victory, it looks like he is leaking a little! XD Though it's a bit harder to see in the lower res, the foreskin on the penis has a lot of neat details. The process went very smoothly for this image. From start to finish 2046 showed nothing, but pure enthusiasm in the project. He willing took on the clobbered dinosaur and even sent me a funny sketch of the rex. The rex is without out a doubt one hell of a spectacle. 2046 if you ever get tired of drawing boys, you can always take up a career drawing dinos. XD I think this is 2046 most exciting image to date!

Concept Sketch.... -o- I drew this in like 20 seconds.

At the same time as I was commissioning 2046, I was also showing RPG Dimata to JCARTBOG. JC picked my random pairing idea. One that also took my breath away and make my loins stir. XD He paired Dimata with the Apis bull of Egyptland. My gosh, I have never seen him ever do such a huge cock before! Apis, is so freaking big and yummy. His face is extravagant. Both boys turned out wonderfully. Dimata with his thick hair, looks perfect to take on winter weather. I always loved JCs Dimatas so much, so seeing him take on Ink-bs take was very exciting for me.

Dimata buries his face in the bulls giant pink gumball. Even though he is a slave to the Egyptian, Dimata cannot deny his attraction. He is overwhelmed by the bulls manliness and soon his own cock is pushing his meager loincloth to the side. The foreskin is so thick and strong he needs to use two hands to pull it back and hold it there. Apis stands firm, trying not to show his total loss of control as Dimatas tongue explores the moist piss slit and front of his sensitive crown. Dimata dives his nose in, rubbing it all over and sniffs at the wonderful aroma...he can smell the cum brewing several feet away in the bulls balls. Apis has never had such a slave and he soon gives way to the pleasure, showering the young man with cum...

Jcarblog went ahead and even did this com version!!! Ha ha ha, it's really hot how Dimata is cumming on the bulls balls. :P Nice touch and an extraordinary extra.

I'm gonna end this blog post with an amazing piece of fan art from the artist Rent. Man did it make my day when I saw this posted up. It's not only super charming, but the artist added some touches of his own to spice him up. He really drew up the Apis bull in style. His muscles are just massive!!!! Now he admitting took some liberties with the character. The hair style is spiked and dyed brown. (Which is of course very possible with the right stylist! XD) He also used the horns of an Impala to him. This works really well cause it looks like they are supporting the sun disc. Really sweet touch.

My reaction on Y!gallery:
Wow he is big! Just like he should be! LOL. Thanks man, this was super sweet of you. Yo, that is one MASSIVE chest!!! He is looking really cute there with that expression. I like your take on his horns. Very long and slender. The tipping outwards at the ends with the disk in between them looks very cool. One thing I really like is the human nose with just a touch of black coloring on it. More of a mock cow nose, which makes it even hotter. It's very fitting of the character.
Thank you very much!

Thanks guys!!! This was one heck of an exciting week cause of you three. Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the States.


  1. Bull load XD woho! nice one guys - FallenAngel



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