Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ixy's Companion Tucatiuh

Greetings from Donkey Kong Country everyone! LOL, I have been lost in the DK jungle for the last couple days. I made my way out of the canopy to blog a little today! XD
I really like Lastmanouthere's Ixy, he is one of the characters that just gets stuck in my mind doing things. So not long ago I created a little friend for him. I wanted something fitting a mythological magic man of his personage. So I came up with the little fellow you see him picture with below, drawn by FallenAngel:

This is the first time Fallen Drew Lastmans Mayan muchacho. Ixy has been buffed up!!!! That chest is needing some grabbing! XD He is so trim and fit,even his hair shaved a bit, perhaps in process of some sort of purification ritual. Loving that. Very elegant is he, with his feathers falling all in line behind his handsome face. Fallen made one epic belt ornament for him. Fallen remarked how complicated, but fun coloring these Mayans can me. There's a lot of great details in that costume to capture! Notice how the foreskin is really tight around the head and his penis crown looks like it is being squeeze together a bit around the piss slit. XD Ha ha ha..sexy.
Here he is holding his best friend, his little Toucan Dragon. We all know the joy fallen has shown in drawing up animal helpers in his images, so he was a natural choice in requesting the character be drawn with Ixy. He turned out amazing as you can. I sent him my sketches as well as Lastmanouthere's pencils to give him a better idea of the character and he started work on the sketch. He put some extra spice into this one, taking his time to get both characters perfect. :)

Man the names we came up with for this little guy. Lastmanouthere suggested Tuk'aak, which I shortened to Tucakka. A big mistake..that means your shit. XD Tucacuero sorta means leather toucan, but that can also mean sexy toucan... XD Cuero has a dual meaning I was informed! Tlapaltitletl meaning multicolored flame was just too long and confusing for my tongue! But a good concept, none the less. Would have went well with the rainbow of fruit Toucans are associated with! XD Tucapiel was another...we went through a lot of names. Tucatiuh, which is toucan mixed with the nahuatl for sun, Tonaatiuh. This is the name we stuck with. (Pronounce Tuca Tyu)

Stages of his design, the first is in the bottom middle, second to the right of him, third take is on the far left and the top image of him blowing fire is the final. I wanted to elongate his neck like a dragon/dinosaur. I did some of these back in August, or even July.

Two concept sketches done by Lastmanouthere all the way back in September! Here the bird-dragon has more detailed feathery wings. :) He's pretty vicious looking and very life like. You would not mess with him!

A rare look into the creative process. Fallen sent me this image of the line art being done up. He does this all by hand, then colors him images digitally. You can really get a nice look at all the details here.


  1. Woho sexy sexy indeed of Lastmanouthtere's guy :D yes the abs need grabing LOL* - FallenAngel

  2. I must say, I am honored of having seen so many great depictions of Ixy made by so many talented artists.
    Now, how am I going to stand up to these girls and guys when I decide to draw him again???

  3. You are welcome Lastmanouthere! I am sure your next image of him will be outstanding with so much inspirational art to fuel your imagination. :D

  4. @ Lastmanouthere, as always original is the best you know your original desing always been hot! - FallenAngel



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