Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A master emerges: Neo123.

Just a couple months ago all I knew of Neo123 was that he drew some wickedly cool pictures that I really liked a lot. As a fan of his style I wanted to commission this new comer (to paid art) really bad. As excited as I was, my pocket book was hurting big time. I sat on the fence for a moment. I almost didn't because of this. But Neo was very friendly even from the first. And I thank God for whatever hand of fate made me throw financial caution to the wind.

I gave him a simple, but very steamy request. A fun picture of Rikuo and Camili-Cat who is without a doubt my first love at Class Comics. I set the scene a beach, on a rock under a Palm tree, Cam wearing pushed up sunglasses. foreskins pushed around at various level and a little drool of pre-cum and a lot of hot jizz. For accessories I went with what I felt was one of Neos Strong points, speedos!

I will never ever forget the night I opened up the first sketch. I was taken aback. Even in the early stages I knew I had commissioned a master who was about to take his career to the next level. There was Cam looking magnificent. And Rikou, with a face that was such a combo of fish and human, so soft and smooth I wanted to reach in and pet him!!!

Neo took the time to talk to me about what he was doing. Like a true pro, he showed me each and every step and wanted my input all the time. I will be honest, I had little to add to something that was going so perfectly. I mean there it was, the vision I had wanted, full of lust and creativity.
Neo had an extra sketch slot open and found no takers. I didn't even hesitate to ask if I could take it and upgrade to a full colour picture. Neo jumped at the chance to work with me again. What a nice guy! And I could not have been happier.

This was my response:

Another Picture I had to get down featuring the first Class Comics character I discovered one night while surfing the net a long time ago and fell instantly for, Camili-Cat!!! Cats like Fish you know! Done with all due Respect to Mr. Fillion.
Oh my god the attention to detail is outstanding! I love Rikuo's eye frills with the little bumps on them, that's so cute. There's so much going on with both their dicks. That foreskin on Rikuo is so hot. I love how his balls hang! And the pre-cum so yummy! lol. That is one of the best drawn foreskins I have seen! Cam is perfect! His expression, body, mega huge cock and cum are just outstanding. I love how you placed his hand on Rikuos head and the innocent expressions on both. The background, the palm trees, even the sun reflecting on the waves so a lot of love went into this and I thank you more then you know! It hard for me to write cause my boner is demanding attention every time I look at the picture again.

He soon completed the picture and it led to the single greatest moment of my life. A write up of our efforts by none other then Mr. Fillion on his site Boytoons!!!!

I am just a very humble guy that has led a very regular life. And to see Neo's gorgeous piece up there on that page with comments about him and even I, caused such tears of joy and happiness that I came out to my best friend just to tell her. (Hmmm Neo has the effect of making me throw caution to the wind a lot doesn't he?) Well I gushed on the web site and to my friends. I was on top of the world. And so very proud and happy for my buddy. Thinking of how this wonderful exposure will help not only him, but all gracious artists that have given me their time.

There is something else to this. Something I have kept hidden. Allow me a moment please...see my best friend growing up was my brother. Being 13 years older then me, didn't matter to him. I was equals with him and allowed to hang out with him any time when I was small. He taught me everything about Comics and media. He was tough body building cop. But his garage was full of movie and comic book posters. It was not unlikely to see him watching Star Wars and Bugs Bunny on the same day. Like me he loved the most modern, to the earliest animation. Conan, Tarzan, Batman, Groo, Star Trek, not even a few of his many passions. He was an exceptional artists as well. One of those people that had natural talent in anything he did.

He would talk about writing episodes of TV shows and creating characters. To be honest I was not privy to all of that world inside his head. For as his undercover life in the force and his family troubles took it's toll on him he became very jaded and a recluse. He was the only family member I ever told I was gay.
He passed away in 2001. I miss him very much. And on that day when I opened that web page, I swear I could see his face smiling at me. It sounds silly I guess, but I'll I could think of was how he would have been flipping out for me.
And for that I am eternally in your debt Neo123. Your efforts to be the best and Mr. Fillions kind words moved me more then I had even been before.

Ok enough mellow drama! For there was much work to do regarding the next picture. I had a very simple concept that is almost never represented in art. A Docking scene! One Between two of my favorite green dudes: Locus and Rikuo.

I have to thank the others that commissioned Neo here because as he drew for them I let the idea stir in my mind. I had the images perfect and sent him a sample sketch of the insertion and tugging action. Which he did PERFECTLY. But from there I thought, let's make this hotter! So I thought up a caption, added Cam again and postilion him right in the action. And then Neo e-mailed me with the question, 'want to take this even further?' I am so happy this man has a mind that is working just as hard as the commissioner! That is when I asked if he wouldn't mind added Donovan to the mix. He didn't answer, he just did, laughing and saying, how much he already knew my mind. Boy knows that nothing short of the best horniest image is what I would want!!!!!

He added some much raw passion to the image. He brought so many elements to the picture as he too let his imagination take hold of him as well. Something Neo is very good at.

Here is my response:

Neo and I have been up to more mischief! :XD::heart::heart:
Honestly if any one wants to commission him, I really have to recommend him big time. He is extremely friendly and very hard working. Plus he is one of the best artists on the site!!!!!

This is a picture that stated out with a very basic idea and grew more and more monstrous as Neo123 and I talked with each other. It started out as a simple idea, along with a sketch of Rikuo docking Locus. I love docking and there is just so little of it. I can't believe how well Neo took direction in regards to that aspect. He was overjoyed to draw it as well. With Neo being so enthusiastic, I decided to add Cam, a caption and even Donovan!

I think Neo123 described it best:

Well the thing I like best about this so far is I have all their faces looking great with expressions and actually looking like the character. Locus looks like he is really getting his limits pushed and kind of sinking into Donovan for comfort as he caresses Rikuos face. Donovan is enjoying his hand job and cuddling up to locus to show his thanks. Rikuo looks like he is just relieved to be cumming. And Camili-Cat is being a big cum whore and trying to catch every drop. He has his arm wrapped tight around Rikuos leg to keep himself steady. He wants to catch it all in his mouth but the boys are a little preoccupied to take the time to help him out and aim. So he is just getting a big cum shower.

Man this picture is a dream come true for me. I am a HUGE fan of Locus, he is one of my all time favorite characters and you captured him perfectly! I love every inch of him, from his cute spots, to the bulging vein on his ball sack.

I always wanted to see him docking with Rikuo and you got the Docking perfect. :heart: From the stretched out skin, the impression of Rikuos cock head, to the position of and size of Locus penis head!
I love the sweet embrace of the Class characters with the Darkstalkers characters. Locus is showing major affection for Donovan and Rikuo as he tries not to fall to his knees as the ecstasy races through him. Cam bracing him self with his arm and tail on the two Capcom characters as he prepares to catch the cum, is just so HAWT! :heart::heart: Pure genius!!
That was an excellent idea putting lube on Donovans circumcised cock. I have a funny feeling he wasn't getting that hand job for too long before he started to blow that load!:XD:
I really dig the drop from Rikuos Chest to his abs. It's an aspect of him you see in the game sprite and in the early art, but few have captured it as well as you have! Thanks so much man!!!
Cam's Mountain of foreskin pushing the cum out, is enough to send me over the edge!
This has made me so happy and left me really turned on! You're the BOMB and I can't wait for our next projects together!
Big Hug!

And the rest as they say is history. From here the future is clear, Neo and I will work together for as long as he has time for me. Which I hope will be for a long time to come! He has become a close associate and friend. A good spirited guy who's enthusiasm and talents have brought him such good fortune. I am humbled to be a part of his life.

Joe and Mac Cavemen Boy Toys Complete!!!

Here they are for the first time ever Nookiedogs Completed vision of Joe and Mac Caveman Ninjas! Enjoy!

First off I love the background, the first thing I noticed was the special cave painting you included just for me!!!! Thanks so much!!
What a duo of savage teenage boy toys they are. I don't know how you do it, but every one of your boys has the most gorgeous eyes. I love how you made the club so shiny that the reflection of Joe can be seen! It looks really Awesome! Just the kind of amazing attention to detail your wicked imagination always seems to pull off!

You just want to run your hands through that wild green and blue hair. Mac's is so soft looking! I wonder what he used for Shampoo way back when? Nice touch making their eyes and eyebrows the same as their hair colour! But what I REALLY Love is the arm hair!!! That is so cool. It adds that welcomed untamed look to them. I sooo love arm hair! :)
Now that I look at Joes cock, it is so hawt the way it is so hard and excited that it is almost press against his abs! Like the passion just won't subside after the cum shots. A tell of true love!
I so dig the cuts and scratches. These boys took a lot of abuse in the games from all manner of beasts! They
would even whack on each other at can read into this a little too well..can't stand up......LOL.

Thank you Master Nookiedog!

The Rebel with a heart of Gold Cray.

I will never forget the day I thought of asking Cray to do a commission for me. I was looking at the page of yet another poor artist who had been banned by the Y!Gallery for questionable reasons. And there was Cray Defending the artist. It wasn't the first time I saw him doing this either. I was already a long time fan of Crays and I contacted him about how brave and good hearted he was. From there we started talking about commissions. I love his take on Naked Justice and wondered if he would be interested in doing a commission for me of a threesome. A threesome featuring one of my all time favorite characters. That of Patrick Fillions Locus. He was more then delighted. So modest, he only asked for payment once I approved the final piece. Needless of the fact that I was in love with it from the first sketch.

Here is my reaction:

Hi, everyone! I wanted to do something to pay Tribute to my favorite Comics, (Class of course!) using two my two favorite video characters! This is done with all due respect and honor to Mr. Fillion. I stared to wonder what it would be like if Locus wound up Meeting Kid Icarus and Rikuo! A little Green on Green with an order of hot stud on the side! In order to do so I asked on the master artist Crey who has put all his heart and spirit into this and it shows! I can't thank him enough.

I really love this and I have to say Rikuo balancing himself on that rock as he grooves the huge uncut dick between Locus's ass checks is driving me wild. That is the hottest thing!!!! It's so hot to see Locus foreskin over his full erect cock head, don't you think? Icarus is sooooo sexy! He shines, he's so Godly. Oh he is a total stud! Check out those pouty full lips, the cute little tips on his wings and I love his expression. That huge uncut dick and those bands on his meaty legs are inspired! Thanks for working your magic! Nice touch giving Rikuo a human coloured penis head. That's really hot!

Thank you so much

Cray is an amazing young man. He shows a lot of devotion and keeps an open dialog going. He not only wants to draw for people, but he also talks about his life and is very interested in his customers as well. That means a heck of a lot to me.
This Commission led to another meeting. One that changed me again, gave me even more purpose and desire to be an even greater part of this community. I came into contact with Mr. Fillion himself. NEVER not in a million years, would I have thought anyone would give me praise for my simple commissions. But he did and I almost fainted. He made me feel so special and it was then that I realized that I really was now part of a community of wonderful people. I was home, finally inside a world I thought I could only view from the outside. Mr. Fillion is one of the nicest, most down to Earth people I have ever talked to. He loves art and loves to see what artists will come up with when given different challenges. His Comics have tough many a young artist to fight for what they believe in and to change the system. Truly an awesome guy.

Due to fan reaction to the hunky Pit, I immediately ask master Cray to draw Icarus again for me. I wanted a pin up version with a Centurion kneeling in service in front of him. Ok there were ton of details besides that, but the picture tell the rest of the story! He took my idea and reproduced it so perfectly, it sent pre-cum racing out of my Shaft

Just have at the final look at the final, amazing stuff!

Here is my Reaction:

Here is Pit drinking from the Chalice of Life, with a young Centurion awaiting his next order. I always thought that there should be black Centurions in the game, it just fits.

I will be honest, this picture was in the works in my mind from the moment I saw Crays Icarus. It was also inspired by the comments left regarding Pit. So yep the fans had something to do with this!!!!
Icarus is pure Pin up material so I worked on a sketch right away and Cray took it from there, adding all his amazing skills! Thank you so much for working so hard on this while balancing your busy school life! It was so nice of you to take the time out to do this for me.
Everything is gorgeous, the skin colours, the big thick dick on the Centurion with his circumcised purple head, to his eyes, the dripping pre-cum and his outfit. You went all out with that pre-cum and really added some amazing touches to his uniform. (What little there is!):tongue:
I love how the legs all seem like they will burst out of the bands around them, they are so beefcakish! I love how both characters are looking slyly at the audience as if to say, you know what we are going to do next...
I also have to say that is one sexy job oh his Pit's Pubes! Love the landing strip! Angel with a landing strip? INSPIRED!!!
You really outdid yourself man, take a bow!

Cray your fighting spirit and skills with a pen will take you far in life! It is my pleasure to commission you again and again. Cray is currently working on two new ideas for me!

Please check out his gallery!

A little treat the threesome picture with more gratuitous cum shooting from Loucus!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From a strange request, comes one of my dearest Friends Demona.

If anyone doesn't know Demona, let me just say she is the pack horse for Porn! Demona is constantly taking on tons of commissions to provide herself with challenges and to help support her wonderful family. One day I was online and saw her amazing Koga Picture, the one with the huge cock! I saw she was filled up with Commissions, but I took a chance and asked her if she wouldn't mind finding time to one day create Rikou in the same fashion. She was overjoyed by the request and told me she had been wanting to tackle him for some time! She poured her heart into the silly, yet so so sexy sketch she sent me! Dang it girl, I still swear he looks better then Capcom art!!!!

I almost made the mistake of asking her to reduce his ball size cause, I kinda felt sorry for Rikou! LOL. But right away I realized what a mistake that would be and to be honest after the initial shock, I fell in love with those beach balls!!!! Well here was my reaction:

When I saw your Koga picture I was all like, we need a Rikuo just the same! When you play games with these characters and you see the bulges you start to wonder just how big their junk is. Are they this big? I would love to think so! I know a lot of guys that would want that between their legs!

I love how you captured Rikuo here. The colours are amazingly vibrant. He's eyes are so sly and sexy. I love that come hither look you gave him! I just could not resist him. :kiss: He knows you want that hug uncut cock! Genius!

His cock is magnificent. Love the orange cock head and the huge foreskin. His beach ball...uh balls are too funny, yet at the same time so hot. I can't take my eyes off of them! You did an excellent job capturing him, he looks better then official Capcom art!
If he cums he really will be the King of And I want to swim in that ocean!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are true professional in ever sense of the word!

From then on Demona have become the best of friends. She was kind of enough to let what as she created an original character for me online! You have no idea how special I felt that day. Uni we called him. A sexy Unicorn twink. I liked him so much I requested a sketch of him as well to be sent to me! Here he is:

Hee hee, he is my kind of guy, dark skinned, tan of cheek, long of hair and thick of cock! Ah the fantasies the will unfold in my mind after viewing this sweet little masterpiece! I can't thank you enough for giving him olive skin. Shhh that's my favorite!

I should be in bed, but I am here faving this wonderful picture. I really love this. He looks older here, more mature. I love the look on his face and those big pouty lips. I think we are going to have to do a whole series on him cause I just fell in love with my first requested OC on the site! His eyes tell a thousand tales do they not? Gawd he has sex appeal to spare. wipes off drool...sighs...AHEM is it me, or is that penis bigger then I remember? :P

After that Demona did a wonderful sketch of Rikuo masturbating that shows so much raw passion emotion!

Talk about under promise, over deliver at work! I asked Demona for a younger Rikuo Masturbating and look at the wonderful pose and design she came up with! :heart: I love the standing on the rock, spreading his legs to play with his balls, taint and butt position! It's beyond hot! Thank you so much for drawing this and for doing it so fast too! Wow!

And she also did a younger version of Donovan for me as well that is just sooo hot! I can't wait to one day have them coloured.

I'm going to say it before Skyboy does: THRUST! LOL. :)

This is my first request for a younger circumcised Donovan. I asked for a lot of uncut Donovan, but considering all the religious stuff regarding him that is supposed to help protect him and keep his dark side sealed I figure they would have cut him too. Anything to holy him up. :erm:

Demona has done such a wonderful job with him. I love his feet, they so And his ears are so cute. (Only in a cartoon world..I've seen suckers like that in real life and look away fast!) He's got such an innocent expression as he shoots his load too! He knows you're watching and he likes it! As always genius idea! Thanks so much for another perfect piece of art that we can throw at Capcom and say LOOK we can do better then you now!!!

Demona, Yue are working hard to complete something very special and she is currently doing 4 other pictures. One of which will be coming up very soon!

Demona also took on the very difficult job of Pac-Man for me. I will display a very special image of that soon.

And now something brand new!!!! One night we were talking about Locus dressing up as a Chip and Dales dancer and Demona loved the thought so much she offered to draw him for me! Check this action out! Locus looks amazing here, just like he does in the comics! What a sexy idea you had regarding what he is serving at the club! Only in the world of Class Comics!!!!

Demona goes beyond to make sure the images she provides me are just right. Showing me every step and asking my opinion on everything. Such devotion to my wants and needs touches me so much. It makes me feel that I truly am a part of the process. Thank you so much for continuing to draw for me and taking my desires to a whole new level! It's great to work with you, but to have you as close friend is better then all the art in the world. Thank you so much for always being there for me. You have guided me, shared hopes and dreams and won a place forever in my heart.

Yelmo takes on my own Original Character!

Like I said I love Dinosaurs. The other day after looking through the pictures of Brad Patton and I got to thinking. Brad's Member is just so enormous. I started tow wonder what it would look like to have a twinky Dinosaur boy with assets that would look like he should not be able to handle them.
That's where the idea started anyway. I sat down and started to sketch. I drew a picture of a young man that was a cross between an ankylosaurid. I have him a large cut and a long tail with a huge club on at the end and baggy pants.
That same day I talked with Yelmo about doing a commission. He was looking for help with his Deviantart account and I was more then happy to help him out. I asked him if he would want to do Rikuo, or my OC. I almost jumped when he said he wanted to do the Ankylosaur. His enthusiasm was so great that he contact me online and started to ask me everything he could to make the character special for me.
The result was that he worked really hard and gave me this masterpiece:

He ripped him right out of mind! Here was my reaction:

Oh Man Yelmo, you took my Little sketch and made a masterpiece! This is my first Commissioned OC and since I am the Dinosaurprince I felt it was time I started acting on that! So get ready for lots of Dinosaur action, all thanks to Yelmo's faith in my idea!

Yelmo I cannot thank you enough, to think that you did this so fast, it just blows me away! He is beyond high quality. So much love and attention to my wihses! I can't get over it! Every aspect is how I wanted it. I was thinking how cool it would be to have a kind of twinkish Dinoboy, an Ankylosaurus, with a tail that is just too big to handle and a cock that is about the same! He's in the Class Comics world in my mind. :P He's 18, cut and a total slacker! But he goes out of his way to protect his friends and lovers. And yeah he is gay! LOL. I hope everyone likes him, I know I love 'em. His eyes, his white eyebrows, the circumcision scar and that bush pushing through his pants really turn me on. Those arm armor is just what I was thinking, I'm so happy you designed them just how I wanted!

Thank you so much and I hope this is just the start of our commissions together!


I figure Tonia is a lover, not a fighter. He would rather use that club tail for caressing heads, not bashing them in. He is 19 and had to make choice between being a warrior like his father and brother want him to be, or porn star. He like most of his race is cut. He hails from Chicxulub, where the famous K-T creator was found in Mexico. (In honor of Yelmo.) Thanks so much man, anytime you want to do another commission just say the word! I would love to see more of him done by your hand and have you create 'friends' for him! Please check out his blog, and sites! He's as extraordinary young man.

My love of the past

There is meaning to my web name. As far back as I can remember, I have been in love with Dinosaurs. Creatures that taught you that monsters are not only possible, they were real. That world is full of forgotten wonders. I certainly don't see all Dinosaurs as monsters! I see them as gorgeous majestic animals from the past. I followed all the new theories and discoveries with tons of passion all my life. They are part of who I am. Part of a sad desire to see something I know I never will. And yet I am content to ponder the possibilities of them in my imagination.

The thing is, it's not only the creatures that I am in love with, but the prehistoric past. Especially the early depictions in old books of a cool, dark, cloud covered world. Back then days would be spent swimming and lounging about. No winter only everlasting summer. A place where adventure could be had any time. It was paradise.
To see what I mean check out this site:

Well in the start of 1992, I bought the game Joe and Mac. Now, to a lot of people Joe and Mac is just a really fun action game. But to me it was also an awesome display of Dinosaur animation. Video games were finally able to look really cartoon around this time and the developers took the opportunity to create creatures that still look and sound amazing today. There is a lot of humor, but there is also a TON of mood at atmosphere. The soundtrack is amazing and the backgrounds are gorgeous. Like a museum diorama, you can stare off into forever. They will have Wondering what lies far beyond the horizon. I tell you the music, mixed with the heavy storm of the Dinosaur grave yard level still gives me a warm feeling of awe to this day.
Joe and Mac is about two cave dude 'Ninjas' who are on a quest to save their tribes babes from a group of thugs and all the creatures they have at their employ.

Joe and Mac had 2 sequels and a spin off called Congo's Caper. Yet despite their popularity, you almost never see fan art of them. I was pondering asking for them to be done as a commission. On Sunday I ask Nookiedog what he thought of them. The images sent his imagination into overdrive! Within hours he had a completed picture for me. (Minus colour.) He draw them so gorgeously that I had an immediate..uh...reaction to the image! *BLUSH*

But it wasn't just this image that sent turned me on, it was the thought behind it. Nookiedog took the time to read the characters bios and this is what he came up with:

As soon as I saw the images of Joe and Mac you sent I had the idea of seeing them post blow job with the after effects on Mac's face and torso, so I had to start creating it for you. I wanted to make them look young but still manly and I thought it would be a nice touch to have a slightly tender look in their faces, they seem so macho and tough from the images that I thought it a nice contrast to have caught them in a tender moment of love, as that is what the bio seems to suggest Joe is after. Thought it be nice and slightly phallic to have Joe's massive mallet.

Tell me that's not fitting and so hot!!!! When an artist takes the time to really think about the characters behind the muscles, that means a lot to me. Added something based on the characters personalities really effects aura of that picture forever. Awesome job Nookie. I can't wait to see it completed!

And someone else is also working on Joe and Mac and they too had the same reaction, diving into their personalities! It is my dear friend, the wizard of ink himself Neo123! Here is the sketch! He is running a commissions for works like these for the great price of $10-15 I HIGHLY Recommend him!!!!

My Recation:
Wow you did another amazing job capturing characters so dear to me! Joe and Mac and so sexy here! I love those HUGE uncut cocks! As always your imagination is incredible, having them sit on their weapons! TOO COOL! Thank you so much for going the distance and adding a super sexy caption! Mr. Under Promise Over Deliver! I love the sweat in the caption! That oozing Pre-cum Mac is holding back is driving me wild! Can't wait to work on more with you as always!

Neo123 has done so much for me in such a short time. I will be posting his wonderful works and telling that story soon. Bug hug man!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stuff you won't find on Y!Gallery! Works from my newest friend Zipopen!

Zipopen is an amazing young man. He's full of spirit and passion. I am in love with his depiction of guys with huge cocks. One day very recently I contacted him. I wanted to know if he would do a commission for me. He agreed and the rest is history! He's a very sweet, hard working guy who is very friendly. I can really recommend him for any commission work!

My first request was for Rikuo to be doing frot with Hayato from Star Gladiator. Hayato is another character that gets almost no love....sigh. And he came up with a concept that is so hot and adorable I just couldn't believe it! Rikous cock is so big that Hyato is sitting on it and Frotting! He later added the effect of both being sucked into a whirlpool! That's a perfect Bidet for guys who just had those giant cocks up their butts!

Here was my reaction:

Big Props to zipopen! I gave him the simple tast of frotting Star Gladiator Star Hayato with Rikuo. Hayato is another character I feel just does not get the love he so deserves!!!! After this amazingly hot job I can say this there will be more from both me and zipopen and more of Hayato too!
What can I say to you that I have not already? I love the expressions, the huge cocks and delicious foreskin, the open piss slits are just so sexy, these cocks are ready to blow!!! You did an amazing job man! Take a bow. I need some Kleenex!!!!

And now the second version of the picture, with the two characters cumming out tidal waves of sperm! Too hot!!!

Right away Asked if we could work again. This time to do something I had not requested yet. Docking. You don't see a lot of docking anywhere and it's so totally hot. So I thought how about having the Prince of Persia from Sands Of Time and the 2008 game going at it. It's a little incestuous, like two brothers doing at it, but that makes it even more dangerous and sexy.
When I got the first pic I asked for revision with the new princes leg down so we could see his balls and cock a bit more. Well, Zipopen went ahead and did two new poses! I could tell he was having just as much fun as I was, so I commissioned all three to be done. And here are the other two for the first time ever! Enjoy!

My reaction:

Oh my God these two are HOT!!!!! I love them! And to go ahead and make a series of three for me, was really awesome of you. I will have to post them on my blog today.
What a bunch of sensual masterpieces!
That background is so lifelike and gorgeous. Like you can touch those stars. These are too sexy for words! I just noticed how the crossing swords complements the kissing, not to mention the frotting and docking penises!!!! That is some juicy foreskins, you can imagine how good that would feel in real life! I love the skin tones, very nice stuff!
You really outdid yourself! Makes me wish I could do this in the game!

I love his concept of 3 kisses. That shows so much imagination. (Swords, Mouths and cocks.) Thank you so much for going the extra mile and providing me with such creativity.
Zipopen is currently working on another picture for me, some original characters that are about to run into someone very special to me! ....But more on that later. Zipopen you rock! I hope to keeping work with you far into the future! :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nintendo Nookie

First off I have to give a huge heart felt thanks for Nookiedog for going out of his way to make the amazing banners you will see on this site. It's made my little blog so professional looking!

By the time Wonderboy was finished I was already hooked to commissioning. My mind was racing with possibilities. I had an idea in my mind to bring two of my favorite characters to a new level and there was only one person who I knew would do it exactly how I wanted. I will be honest, I wasn't sure what the reaction would be when I asked for sexy adult versions of Ice Climbers. But Nookie not only took on the challenge for me, he provided me with an image that has since become legend with many a gay Nintendo fan. I decided that they should both be male, with some body hair and a very thick foreskin, to help protect them from the cold, was the way I think I described it.. :P I wanted something to show these two had grown a lot so we decided to keep their parkas small, acting now like short sleeved hoodie tank tops.

We tweaked the picture very little to be honest, only adding gloves to the line art. Nookiedog had the hot idea for Nana to have his gloves off so that he was ready to get a good grip on the situation! His position of the two along with the mallet placement is just too much. There is a feature in here, that remains one of my very favorites out all the work people have done for me. That of the foreskin right over the full erect head. It's the hottest thing and I was sent over the edge when I saw it.

Here is my reaction:

Nookie and I worked like a dream team on this one! I had the idea and he had all the magic and skills to make it come true. :sweatdrop: Excellent work! They are so sexy.
Love Popos pose and beyond words and their build is perfect. Those are just the bodies I wanted to see! Very hot, and a hard thing to do given they are both little people in the game! I knew you could do it! The Mallets make this so playful!
Oh if anyone wants to know, to me the Condor was and is just a big pterodactyl. I was like 20 when I read what his name was! Guess he is a mix of both, but to me he is a flying reptile.

I have to tell a story here. I don't think any piece on the gallery has had the effect on me this one has. I love foreskin, and dark foreskin pulled over a full erect penis head is the sexiest thing ever...Nookie gave me two hot twins, two of my favorite video game characters of all time, sexed up this way. It drove me wild..I had to take care of business as soon as I opened the e-mail!:heart: Honestly it got me so hot I was blushing and breathing hard at just the thought of these two for the entire weekend! :drool: I felt like I was 13 all over again, discovering sex for the first time. And only Nookie could produce a piece like that. Thank you my friend.

P.S. I have the special version of this, with some really cool features! Yes there exists an even cooler picture of what I feel is one of Nookies best pieces to date! :widesmile:

And now for something not yet seen on any site! At this point I felt I had entered puberty again. I was so happy with the last 3 pictures, I broke down and asked for one more. I had to see how Nookiedog would handle an Adult version of Kid Icarus. See, a few years ago most kids didn't even know who Kid 'Pit' Icarus was. Then he shows up, in Smash Bros, looking like a long lost brother of Sora from Kingdom hearts and the world embraces him. Not that I have any hate towards Smash Bros, or his new look. I like it a lot to be honest. I'm overjoyed he is finally getting the respect and attention he so deserves. It's just that there is a factor that most people don't know, or even bother to acknowledge. At the end of the game, if you have worked really hard, Icarus grows up and becomes a hunky young man. Now as a gay boy of 11, you can imagine the effect this had on me. I already loved the game and character, but a transformation into a sex machine really sent my imagination into over drive. And I so, soon after asking for many versions of Rikuo I started to Commission adult versions of Pit.
I let Nookiedog take the reigns on this one. I wanted to see where he would go with it, as there is no official art of Pit as an adult. The moment I saw the first picture I was again in awe! Here he is Completed!:

Check out that hunky pose!!!!!!
Nookie worked on him a lot, starting with just the base body and sword pose. From there we bounced many ideas off of each other. Adding his gauntlets, rings that I am told are actually a magic quiver for his light arrows and a crown. Nookie brought it right over his eyes. Genius, since I would assume he would be wearing one just like it after saving a goddess. Nookie had the incredible idea of adding the leaves around his sides pointing to that amazing uncut cock. And what a penis! I swear you can imagine hearing the sizzle of the skin being pulled back and I can just feel the heat from that newly exposed head. And those eyes! GORGEOUS! They pierce right into my heart. Not to forget all the little details like the bits of body hair and even some like freckles! Acting like a true Greek God, Nookiedog created an angelic hero! He did it just for me that I am so proud to finally share him with everyone!
I have some really awesome new, Nookie is creating another masterpiece with me as I write this!!!! So except a lot more amazing characters from him based on my suggestions in the future!

Oh and a little something for everyone, the full Ice Climber picture! Enjoy!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The man that unlocked my imagination: Nookiedog.

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be part of erotic animation. But things don't always turn out how you want them too. At one point and for a long time thereafter I gave up on my dream of being part of the animation industry in any way. And then one day, after being on the Y!gallery for just over a year, I started to notice that some characters don't get much, or any representation at all. But what could I do? I can only draw a little.
Then almost immediatly while I was looking at the works of one of my favorite artists and saw something on his journal. Something that would change my life forever. Nookiedog was offering to do Commissions.

I had no idea how this would go, what I could ask, or how it would turn out. Nookiedog took me by the hand and led me through all of the steps as I sat in awe of his magnificent art. My first request, a simple picture of a nude uncut Rikuo with a nice thick dick, big, but not monstrous dick. Rikuo is one of my very favorite characters from my all time favorite fighting game Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers Revenge on the Sega Saturn. The image he sent me very soon afterwards, the next day if I remember correctly, knocked my socks off! A very HUMAN looking Rikou! And here it is for the first time anywhere, the line art:

Super sexy huh? A pure genius. And my experience with him, just got better and better. Nookiedogs wonderfully kind attitude and his attentiveness to my wants and desires, brought me back to him 3 more times. Nookie is a professional in every sense of the word. He is kind, keeps an open dialog going and takes on some hard challenges to say the least. I certainly have given him a run for his money! And I hope to work with him much as possible in the future as well.
And humble? He thank ME for Commissioning such a cool character his way!!!!

This was my Response:

Wow! I don't know what to be more thankful for! The great art, or the heart warming complement!
:heart: Thanks so much for doing this. It's so very well done! The penis and foreskin are exactly as I imagined they would be. Even his balls have details that fit perfectly. His fins and scales are amazingly detailed and his face is as regal as a prince's should be!

As soon as this was done I asked him if he wouldn't mind taking on another difficult task for me. When I was a kid I loved the game Wonderboy. The character was split between Hudson and Sega and the series took two different directions after the first game. And in the process the cute island hopper Tom Tom was replaced by a Master Higgens and a medieval knight. (Apparently still Tom T0m, but it wasn't the same anymore.)
I always wondered what would have happened if Sega had bought the character back from Hudson and redid him for the fans today. Nookie gave me exactly what I looking for, a Bel Ami Worthy version of Tom Tom and Coyote, the Indian boy that holds love letters from the Princess:

This is where Nookie really showed me I was a part of the process! We worked together to make this picture better and better. We added a penis on the Coyote, a love letter in his hand, an armband and Wonderboys trademark Skateboard! We went with the idea that wonderboy had told him to screw the love letter, it was Coyote he wanted!!!!! In the game you have to hit Coyote from the back to get the letter, uh innuendo much? :P

Here is the amazing finished piece:

And this was my more then overjoyed response:

I want to know who gave this man the keys to my mind? When I first showed him a picture of the box art, I knew what I wanted to see and somehow, someway Nookiedog came through with exactly that! Wonder boy is a character that got no love on this site..until now! This was one of my favorite games growing up (Along with the Adventure Island titles.) And I wanted to see what it would be like if the boy became a teen.:heart: This is really awesome! The skin tones are perfect, giving the wolf Indian the perfect tone. Wonder boy is just that, a wonder, tanned, but not too much. Love his lips! Very kissable. His features, hair and face have a hint of prehistoric savageness to them. Perfect for the character. :kiss:What picture based on this game would be complete with out clouds and totem poles? The man has wild skills! I really like the idea of the love letter cause it leaves it open to interpretation with the cum and everything...could be that he reluctantly admitted the love letters were for Wonder Boy..or did Wonder Boy say screw the love letters for the village princess, it's you I want!? You captured what I wanted perfectly. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart, you made this child of the 80's very happy!:<span class=

I meant every word Nookie.
And now something special, a never before seen version of Rikou that is so hot, well let's just say I really enjoyed seeing it and couldn't get out of my chair for awhile after looking at it. *BLUSH*

Just a sweet bonus from one of the nicest guys around.

If it wasn't for Nookiedog I don't know where in life I would be Right now, you took what was sealed in my mind and helped me release it through your talents, hard work and devotion. You tought me to dream again. And for that I owe you so much.

Coming up next Nookie takes on Nintendo including a piece not found yet on the Y!Gallery!!!!!!

Here are some links:

(You can see how cute he is here!!!! Sorry boys he's taken! LOL.)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Welcome to the Kingdom of my imagination.

This is a site that is dedicated to all the hard working artists that have helped my imagination come to life. I have no art skills of my own. None to brag about anyway. Thanks to the wonderful people I have meet online my imagination has been let lose to the world on such sites as the Y!Gallery and Deviant art. So on this site I will post all the work I have had done for me, so that those not on the mentioned sites can get a glimpse of what I have been up to.


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