Friday, April 24, 2009

The man that unlocked my imagination: Nookiedog.

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be part of erotic animation. But things don't always turn out how you want them too. At one point and for a long time thereafter I gave up on my dream of being part of the animation industry in any way. And then one day, after being on the Y!gallery for just over a year, I started to notice that some characters don't get much, or any representation at all. But what could I do? I can only draw a little.
Then almost immediatly while I was looking at the works of one of my favorite artists and saw something on his journal. Something that would change my life forever. Nookiedog was offering to do Commissions.

I had no idea how this would go, what I could ask, or how it would turn out. Nookiedog took me by the hand and led me through all of the steps as I sat in awe of his magnificent art. My first request, a simple picture of a nude uncut Rikuo with a nice thick dick, big, but not monstrous dick. Rikuo is one of my very favorite characters from my all time favorite fighting game Nightwarriors: Darkstalkers Revenge on the Sega Saturn. The image he sent me very soon afterwards, the next day if I remember correctly, knocked my socks off! A very HUMAN looking Rikou! And here it is for the first time anywhere, the line art:

Super sexy huh? A pure genius. And my experience with him, just got better and better. Nookiedogs wonderfully kind attitude and his attentiveness to my wants and desires, brought me back to him 3 more times. Nookie is a professional in every sense of the word. He is kind, keeps an open dialog going and takes on some hard challenges to say the least. I certainly have given him a run for his money! And I hope to work with him much as possible in the future as well.
And humble? He thank ME for Commissioning such a cool character his way!!!!

This was my Response:

Wow! I don't know what to be more thankful for! The great art, or the heart warming complement!
:heart: Thanks so much for doing this. It's so very well done! The penis and foreskin are exactly as I imagined they would be. Even his balls have details that fit perfectly. His fins and scales are amazingly detailed and his face is as regal as a prince's should be!

As soon as this was done I asked him if he wouldn't mind taking on another difficult task for me. When I was a kid I loved the game Wonderboy. The character was split between Hudson and Sega and the series took two different directions after the first game. And in the process the cute island hopper Tom Tom was replaced by a Master Higgens and a medieval knight. (Apparently still Tom T0m, but it wasn't the same anymore.)
I always wondered what would have happened if Sega had bought the character back from Hudson and redid him for the fans today. Nookie gave me exactly what I looking for, a Bel Ami Worthy version of Tom Tom and Coyote, the Indian boy that holds love letters from the Princess:

This is where Nookie really showed me I was a part of the process! We worked together to make this picture better and better. We added a penis on the Coyote, a love letter in his hand, an armband and Wonderboys trademark Skateboard! We went with the idea that wonderboy had told him to screw the love letter, it was Coyote he wanted!!!!! In the game you have to hit Coyote from the back to get the letter, uh innuendo much? :P

Here is the amazing finished piece:

And this was my more then overjoyed response:

I want to know who gave this man the keys to my mind? When I first showed him a picture of the box art, I knew what I wanted to see and somehow, someway Nookiedog came through with exactly that! Wonder boy is a character that got no love on this site..until now! This was one of my favorite games growing up (Along with the Adventure Island titles.) And I wanted to see what it would be like if the boy became a teen.:heart: This is really awesome! The skin tones are perfect, giving the wolf Indian the perfect tone. Wonder boy is just that, a wonder, tanned, but not too much. Love his lips! Very kissable. His features, hair and face have a hint of prehistoric savageness to them. Perfect for the character. :kiss:What picture based on this game would be complete with out clouds and totem poles? The man has wild skills! I really like the idea of the love letter cause it leaves it open to interpretation with the cum and everything...could be that he reluctantly admitted the love letters were for Wonder Boy..or did Wonder Boy say screw the love letters for the village princess, it's you I want!? You captured what I wanted perfectly. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart, you made this child of the 80's very happy!:<span class=

I meant every word Nookie.
And now something special, a never before seen version of Rikou that is so hot, well let's just say I really enjoyed seeing it and couldn't get out of my chair for awhile after looking at it. *BLUSH*

Just a sweet bonus from one of the nicest guys around.

If it wasn't for Nookiedog I don't know where in life I would be Right now, you took what was sealed in my mind and helped me release it through your talents, hard work and devotion. You tought me to dream again. And for that I owe you so much.

Coming up next Nookie takes on Nintendo including a piece not found yet on the Y!Gallery!!!!!!

Here are some links:

(You can see how cute he is here!!!! Sorry boys he's taken! LOL.)


  1. Well you have quite a story about your first commission. XD
    I can't say I have the same feelings about mine. AS I still have not received the first commission I purchased. That's so sucky for me. >3>
    I suppose Bu's origins from commissions is a bit more interesting though. XD

  2. I am completely speechless after reading all of you kind words and blushing from head to toe too!

    What can I say, we make a good team.



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