Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A master emerges: Neo123.

Just a couple months ago all I knew of Neo123 was that he drew some wickedly cool pictures that I really liked a lot. As a fan of his style I wanted to commission this new comer (to paid art) really bad. As excited as I was, my pocket book was hurting big time. I sat on the fence for a moment. I almost didn't because of this. But Neo was very friendly even from the first. And I thank God for whatever hand of fate made me throw financial caution to the wind.

I gave him a simple, but very steamy request. A fun picture of Rikuo and Camili-Cat who is without a doubt my first love at Class Comics. I set the scene a beach, on a rock under a Palm tree, Cam wearing pushed up sunglasses. foreskins pushed around at various level and a little drool of pre-cum and a lot of hot jizz. For accessories I went with what I felt was one of Neos Strong points, speedos!

I will never ever forget the night I opened up the first sketch. I was taken aback. Even in the early stages I knew I had commissioned a master who was about to take his career to the next level. There was Cam looking magnificent. And Rikou, with a face that was such a combo of fish and human, so soft and smooth I wanted to reach in and pet him!!!

Neo took the time to talk to me about what he was doing. Like a true pro, he showed me each and every step and wanted my input all the time. I will be honest, I had little to add to something that was going so perfectly. I mean there it was, the vision I had wanted, full of lust and creativity.
Neo had an extra sketch slot open and found no takers. I didn't even hesitate to ask if I could take it and upgrade to a full colour picture. Neo jumped at the chance to work with me again. What a nice guy! And I could not have been happier.

This was my response:

Another Picture I had to get down featuring the first Class Comics character I discovered one night while surfing the net a long time ago and fell instantly for, Camili-Cat!!! Cats like Fish you know! Done with all due Respect to Mr. Fillion.
Oh my god the attention to detail is outstanding! I love Rikuo's eye frills with the little bumps on them, that's so cute. There's so much going on with both their dicks. That foreskin on Rikuo is so hot. I love how his balls hang! And the pre-cum so yummy! lol. That is one of the best drawn foreskins I have seen! Cam is perfect! His expression, body, mega huge cock and cum are just outstanding. I love how you placed his hand on Rikuos head and the innocent expressions on both. The background, the palm trees, even the sun reflecting on the waves so a lot of love went into this and I thank you more then you know! It hard for me to write cause my boner is demanding attention every time I look at the picture again.

He soon completed the picture and it led to the single greatest moment of my life. A write up of our efforts by none other then Mr. Fillion on his site Boytoons!!!!

I am just a very humble guy that has led a very regular life. And to see Neo's gorgeous piece up there on that page with comments about him and even I, caused such tears of joy and happiness that I came out to my best friend just to tell her. (Hmmm Neo has the effect of making me throw caution to the wind a lot doesn't he?) Well I gushed on the web site and to my friends. I was on top of the world. And so very proud and happy for my buddy. Thinking of how this wonderful exposure will help not only him, but all gracious artists that have given me their time.

There is something else to this. Something I have kept hidden. Allow me a moment please...see my best friend growing up was my brother. Being 13 years older then me, didn't matter to him. I was equals with him and allowed to hang out with him any time when I was small. He taught me everything about Comics and media. He was tough body building cop. But his garage was full of movie and comic book posters. It was not unlikely to see him watching Star Wars and Bugs Bunny on the same day. Like me he loved the most modern, to the earliest animation. Conan, Tarzan, Batman, Groo, Star Trek, not even a few of his many passions. He was an exceptional artists as well. One of those people that had natural talent in anything he did.

He would talk about writing episodes of TV shows and creating characters. To be honest I was not privy to all of that world inside his head. For as his undercover life in the force and his family troubles took it's toll on him he became very jaded and a recluse. He was the only family member I ever told I was gay.
He passed away in 2001. I miss him very much. And on that day when I opened that web page, I swear I could see his face smiling at me. It sounds silly I guess, but I'll I could think of was how he would have been flipping out for me.
And for that I am eternally in your debt Neo123. Your efforts to be the best and Mr. Fillions kind words moved me more then I had even been before.

Ok enough mellow drama! For there was much work to do regarding the next picture. I had a very simple concept that is almost never represented in art. A Docking scene! One Between two of my favorite green dudes: Locus and Rikuo.

I have to thank the others that commissioned Neo here because as he drew for them I let the idea stir in my mind. I had the images perfect and sent him a sample sketch of the insertion and tugging action. Which he did PERFECTLY. But from there I thought, let's make this hotter! So I thought up a caption, added Cam again and postilion him right in the action. And then Neo e-mailed me with the question, 'want to take this even further?' I am so happy this man has a mind that is working just as hard as the commissioner! That is when I asked if he wouldn't mind added Donovan to the mix. He didn't answer, he just did, laughing and saying, how much he already knew my mind. Boy knows that nothing short of the best horniest image is what I would want!!!!!

He added some much raw passion to the image. He brought so many elements to the picture as he too let his imagination take hold of him as well. Something Neo is very good at.

Here is my response:

Neo and I have been up to more mischief! :XD::heart::heart:
Honestly if any one wants to commission him, I really have to recommend him big time. He is extremely friendly and very hard working. Plus he is one of the best artists on the site!!!!!

This is a picture that stated out with a very basic idea and grew more and more monstrous as Neo123 and I talked with each other. It started out as a simple idea, along with a sketch of Rikuo docking Locus. I love docking and there is just so little of it. I can't believe how well Neo took direction in regards to that aspect. He was overjoyed to draw it as well. With Neo being so enthusiastic, I decided to add Cam, a caption and even Donovan!

I think Neo123 described it best:

Well the thing I like best about this so far is I have all their faces looking great with expressions and actually looking like the character. Locus looks like he is really getting his limits pushed and kind of sinking into Donovan for comfort as he caresses Rikuos face. Donovan is enjoying his hand job and cuddling up to locus to show his thanks. Rikuo looks like he is just relieved to be cumming. And Camili-Cat is being a big cum whore and trying to catch every drop. He has his arm wrapped tight around Rikuos leg to keep himself steady. He wants to catch it all in his mouth but the boys are a little preoccupied to take the time to help him out and aim. So he is just getting a big cum shower.

Man this picture is a dream come true for me. I am a HUGE fan of Locus, he is one of my all time favorite characters and you captured him perfectly! I love every inch of him, from his cute spots, to the bulging vein on his ball sack.

I always wanted to see him docking with Rikuo and you got the Docking perfect. :heart: From the stretched out skin, the impression of Rikuos cock head, to the position of and size of Locus penis head!
I love the sweet embrace of the Class characters with the Darkstalkers characters. Locus is showing major affection for Donovan and Rikuo as he tries not to fall to his knees as the ecstasy races through him. Cam bracing him self with his arm and tail on the two Capcom characters as he prepares to catch the cum, is just so HAWT! :heart::heart: Pure genius!!
That was an excellent idea putting lube on Donovans circumcised cock. I have a funny feeling he wasn't getting that hand job for too long before he started to blow that load!:XD:
I really dig the drop from Rikuos Chest to his abs. It's an aspect of him you see in the game sprite and in the early art, but few have captured it as well as you have! Thanks so much man!!!
Cam's Mountain of foreskin pushing the cum out, is enough to send me over the edge!
This has made me so happy and left me really turned on! You're the BOMB and I can't wait for our next projects together!
Big Hug!

And the rest as they say is history. From here the future is clear, Neo and I will work together for as long as he has time for me. Which I hope will be for a long time to come! He has become a close associate and friend. A good spirited guy who's enthusiasm and talents have brought him such good fortune. I am humbled to be a part of his life.

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  1. I actually really like Rikuo's face in the top commission a lot. XD Its pretty innocent looking for the situation actually.

    But yeah, I'd love to full-on commission Neo someday.
    You sure do have lots of stories behind all these. And a lot to tell, you are very honest and sincere. ^^



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