Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Rebel with a heart of Gold Cray.

I will never forget the day I thought of asking Cray to do a commission for me. I was looking at the page of yet another poor artist who had been banned by the Y!Gallery for questionable reasons. And there was Cray Defending the artist. It wasn't the first time I saw him doing this either. I was already a long time fan of Crays and I contacted him about how brave and good hearted he was. From there we started talking about commissions. I love his take on Naked Justice and wondered if he would be interested in doing a commission for me of a threesome. A threesome featuring one of my all time favorite characters. That of Patrick Fillions Locus. He was more then delighted. So modest, he only asked for payment once I approved the final piece. Needless of the fact that I was in love with it from the first sketch.

Here is my reaction:

Hi, everyone! I wanted to do something to pay Tribute to my favorite Comics, (Class of course!) using two my two favorite video characters! This is done with all due respect and honor to Mr. Fillion. I stared to wonder what it would be like if Locus wound up Meeting Kid Icarus and Rikuo! A little Green on Green with an order of hot stud on the side! In order to do so I asked on the master artist Crey who has put all his heart and spirit into this and it shows! I can't thank him enough.

I really love this and I have to say Rikuo balancing himself on that rock as he grooves the huge uncut dick between Locus's ass checks is driving me wild. That is the hottest thing!!!! It's so hot to see Locus foreskin over his full erect cock head, don't you think? Icarus is sooooo sexy! He shines, he's so Godly. Oh he is a total stud! Check out those pouty full lips, the cute little tips on his wings and I love his expression. That huge uncut dick and those bands on his meaty legs are inspired! Thanks for working your magic! Nice touch giving Rikuo a human coloured penis head. That's really hot!

Thank you so much

Cray is an amazing young man. He shows a lot of devotion and keeps an open dialog going. He not only wants to draw for people, but he also talks about his life and is very interested in his customers as well. That means a heck of a lot to me.
This Commission led to another meeting. One that changed me again, gave me even more purpose and desire to be an even greater part of this community. I came into contact with Mr. Fillion himself. NEVER not in a million years, would I have thought anyone would give me praise for my simple commissions. But he did and I almost fainted. He made me feel so special and it was then that I realized that I really was now part of a community of wonderful people. I was home, finally inside a world I thought I could only view from the outside. Mr. Fillion is one of the nicest, most down to Earth people I have ever talked to. He loves art and loves to see what artists will come up with when given different challenges. His Comics have tough many a young artist to fight for what they believe in and to change the system. Truly an awesome guy.

Due to fan reaction to the hunky Pit, I immediately ask master Cray to draw Icarus again for me. I wanted a pin up version with a Centurion kneeling in service in front of him. Ok there were ton of details besides that, but the picture tell the rest of the story! He took my idea and reproduced it so perfectly, it sent pre-cum racing out of my Shaft

Just have at the final look at the final, amazing stuff!

Here is my Reaction:

Here is Pit drinking from the Chalice of Life, with a young Centurion awaiting his next order. I always thought that there should be black Centurions in the game, it just fits.

I will be honest, this picture was in the works in my mind from the moment I saw Crays Icarus. It was also inspired by the comments left regarding Pit. So yep the fans had something to do with this!!!!
Icarus is pure Pin up material so I worked on a sketch right away and Cray took it from there, adding all his amazing skills! Thank you so much for working so hard on this while balancing your busy school life! It was so nice of you to take the time out to do this for me.
Everything is gorgeous, the skin colours, the big thick dick on the Centurion with his circumcised purple head, to his eyes, the dripping pre-cum and his outfit. You went all out with that pre-cum and really added some amazing touches to his uniform. (What little there is!):tongue:
I love how the legs all seem like they will burst out of the bands around them, they are so beefcakish! I love how both characters are looking slyly at the audience as if to say, you know what we are going to do next...
I also have to say that is one sexy job oh his Pit's Pubes! Love the landing strip! Angel with a landing strip? INSPIRED!!!
You really outdid yourself man, take a bow!

Cray your fighting spirit and skills with a pen will take you far in life! It is my pleasure to commission you again and again. Cray is currently working on two new ideas for me!

Please check out his gallery!

A little treat the threesome picture with more gratuitous cum shooting from Loucus!!

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  1. Oh man, I wasn't expecting this!
    Thanks a lot! it means a lot to me!
    Ih ope you'll like your next 2 comissions just as much man! Take care!



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