Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yelmo takes on my own Original Character!

Like I said I love Dinosaurs. The other day after looking through the pictures of Brad Patton and I got to thinking. Brad's Member is just so enormous. I started tow wonder what it would look like to have a twinky Dinosaur boy with assets that would look like he should not be able to handle them.
That's where the idea started anyway. I sat down and started to sketch. I drew a picture of a young man that was a cross between an ankylosaurid. I have him a large cut and a long tail with a huge club on at the end and baggy pants.
That same day I talked with Yelmo about doing a commission. He was looking for help with his Deviantart account and I was more then happy to help him out. I asked him if he would want to do Rikuo, or my OC. I almost jumped when he said he wanted to do the Ankylosaur. His enthusiasm was so great that he contact me online and started to ask me everything he could to make the character special for me.
The result was that he worked really hard and gave me this masterpiece:

He ripped him right out of mind! Here was my reaction:

Oh Man Yelmo, you took my Little sketch and made a masterpiece! This is my first Commissioned OC and since I am the Dinosaurprince I felt it was time I started acting on that! So get ready for lots of Dinosaur action, all thanks to Yelmo's faith in my idea!

Yelmo I cannot thank you enough, to think that you did this so fast, it just blows me away! He is beyond high quality. So much love and attention to my wihses! I can't get over it! Every aspect is how I wanted it. I was thinking how cool it would be to have a kind of twinkish Dinoboy, an Ankylosaurus, with a tail that is just too big to handle and a cock that is about the same! He's in the Class Comics world in my mind. :P He's 18, cut and a total slacker! But he goes out of his way to protect his friends and lovers. And yeah he is gay! LOL. I hope everyone likes him, I know I love 'em. His eyes, his white eyebrows, the circumcision scar and that bush pushing through his pants really turn me on. Those arm armor is just what I was thinking, I'm so happy you designed them just how I wanted!

Thank you so much and I hope this is just the start of our commissions together!


I figure Tonia is a lover, not a fighter. He would rather use that club tail for caressing heads, not bashing them in. He is 19 and had to make choice between being a warrior like his father and brother want him to be, or porn star. He like most of his race is cut. He hails from Chicxulub, where the famous K-T creator was found in Mexico. (In honor of Yelmo.) Thanks so much man, anytime you want to do another commission just say the word! I would love to see more of him done by your hand and have you create 'friends' for him! Please check out his blog, and sites! He's as extraordinary young man.


  1. yay! OCs! I am a big fan of creating characters, even though I really only have my focus toward one, but still. Lots of fun to have at least one. :3

  2. I have always loved more original characters, they deserve more love in my opinion ;)
    Tonia is truly amazing (and loveable) character.
    I feel more than flattered by your comments, and you left me curious to know more about the story behind this dino-boy ;)



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