Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Joe and Mac Cavemen Boy Toys Complete!!!

Here they are for the first time ever Nookiedogs Completed vision of Joe and Mac Caveman Ninjas! Enjoy!

First off I love the background, the first thing I noticed was the special cave painting you included just for me!!!! Thanks so much!!
What a duo of savage teenage boy toys they are. I don't know how you do it, but every one of your boys has the most gorgeous eyes. I love how you made the club so shiny that the reflection of Joe can be seen! It looks really Awesome! Just the kind of amazing attention to detail your wicked imagination always seems to pull off!

You just want to run your hands through that wild green and blue hair. Mac's is so soft looking! I wonder what he used for Shampoo way back when? Nice touch making their eyes and eyebrows the same as their hair colour! But what I REALLY Love is the arm hair!!! That is so cool. It adds that welcomed untamed look to them. I sooo love arm hair! :)
Now that I look at Joes cock, it is so hawt the way it is so hard and excited that it is almost press against his abs! Like the passion just won't subside after the cum shots. A tell of true love!
I so dig the cuts and scratches. These boys took a lot of abuse in the games from all manner of beasts! They
would even whack on each other at can read into this a little too well..can't stand up......LOL.

Thank you Master Nookiedog!

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