Saturday, October 31, 2015

Belvadar Is All Wrapped Up On Halloween Night

Happy Halloween Guys!
I hope you are having a wonderful Halloween night.  I have had a great time today myself.  I've been to three haunted houses in the last couple hours.  And now, to top the night off perfectly, I have this super fun piece to share with you guys. I've been holding this one back all month, just to post tonight, in this my traditional witching hour post! Once again Leon De Leon has been called upon to draw Belvadar, but this time instead of Jasper, he's been paired with Immatopmon, our Angel of Halloween.   Poor Bel has been strung up and tortured for hours in the hands of the horny mummy.  The mummy is a master of masturbation, keeping Belvdar on the edge for hours, before finally allowing him to cum.  Immatopmon whips his wrapping foreskin feverishly up and down as it soaks up the bat boys bukake.

Who will rescue our hero?  Will Jasper, feverishly jealous, rise to the challenge? 

As I mentioned, I went to three haunted houses.  The displays were out of this world.  One house featured a ton of killer clowns. They had a projector showing images of people being chased by slashers.  There was a dried out corpse frantically rocking back and forth and sloth cooking up a cannibal style meal.  Kids were NOT having fun at this place! :P
The other two places featured everything from ghost pirates and devil raising from hell, to insane asylums rooms and swami stuck in crystal balls. There were dead walking around and all kinds of other animatronic abominations. I even spotted Sihem!   Below are just a few of the pictures I took.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Mr. Scarecrow and Mr. Crow Pop Up For Halloween

It just wouldn't be Halloween around here, if we didn't get our annual visit from Mr. Scarecrow and his lover Mr. Crow by FallenAngel. They've been spreading Halloween cheer and showing us that even those that should be mortal enemies can be friends and more!  FallenAngel delivers the goods once again this year with this sexy piece.  At peace in the pumpkin patch, far from prying eyes, these two can enjoy themselves all night long.  Those pumpkins look like they are snuggling in closer...Who can blame them?

This years image had a special bit of inspiration behind it. True, a character coming out of a pumpkin is a staple of Halloween images, but one in particular is very special to me.  The very first Halloween decoration I ever owned was a cardboard cut out of a skeleton coming out of a pumpkin.  I got it when I was only 5 years old and had it till I was in my early 20s. (At which point something happened to it.)  I decided to try to find it again and after months of searching I finally found and bought it on E-bay. Hanging on my door again, it brings back many wonderful Halloween memories. (Like how I used to get into trouble hanging it up on Oct 1st and how my boyfriend and I would give out treats at the door, scaring the kids, once we were too old to go out ourselves.)  

I have another awesome image to share with you guys tomorrow! I see Class Comics has 2 new Halloween books out as well.  Gonna have to look them over tonight with a cup of cocoa.  Tomorrow is the Halloween Splatfest in Splatoon.  Nintendo released some neat art for it.  Shame that none of the costumes, or even the Halloween theme will be featured in the game. Seems easy enough to implement, but you know Nintendo.  They are not gonna go the extra mile for one Splatfest. 

The did try to make it Halloween themed, asking what Halloween costume you would rather wear, Pirates, or Ninjas?  Dubbed the Naruto Vs One Piece Splatfest by many at this point, I think Ninjas are gonna be the most popular team. I went for pirates myself.  First off, I have far more interest in them than Ninjas.  Second and most importantly, their links to Halloween are abundant. (Three words Garfield's Halloween Adventure.) I guess I should mention how they are a better fit with sea creatures and how their plundering of a city fits the theme of Trick, or Treating better, but whatever. I am sure I will be on the losing team anyway. :P Who did you pick?
Happy Halloween and stay sweet out there Squid Kids, not salty!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Haruka And Makoto FREE Their Dicks On Halloween Night!

Hey guys, got something off the hook for Halloween tonight!  FallenAngel created this piece just a couple days ago.  I wanted to see the stars of the Swimming Anime FREE! put together on Halloween night.  The scrumptious swim mates find themselves being illuminated by ghosts! Bedazzled by each others perfect bodies in the soothing light of the Halloween spirits, the two teens decide to finally act on their passion for each other.   Alone in the graveyard they pull down their swim trunks and size each other up.  Nothing like frot at midnight with the man you love.

 Super huge thanks to FallenAngel for pouring all his creative best into this lovely picture. I was dying to see what he was going to do as he slowly showed me the image come together. I hope you guys like it too. I haven't seen much of Free!, but I did fall in love with the figures I found on amiami, that I bought Haruka Nanase and plan to one day get Makoto Tachibana as well. I was on the swim team when I was young, so this series intrigues me a lot!  I doubt there is anything as hot as Fallens image in the actual anime though! :P

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Demon Master Tzeuk "Rabid Dog" of the Cora

It's storming outside as I type this! The thunder and lightning are rocking my place!  Could not have asked for a more perfect mood setter for tonight's post.  Just in time for the Halloween season, we have a truly bone chilling villain for Ixy and Nehme to face.  This Tzeuk is a bastardy warrior that will join forces with Tenson in his attack of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan.  Tzeuk is not ordinary thug barbarian for hire.  Oh no, he's got ties to the neitherworld. Using his blood magic, (God knows where he gets the blood) he is able to summon white devils from the bowels of hell.  These first appear as beautiful wisps of  light, that flow around his glorious body.  These beautiful aspiration may dazzle those unfamiliar with them at first. People may stay to play and enjoy the seemingly harmless misty beams, only realize their true nature too late, as terror rains down on the poor unassuming spectators. Sadly these aren't the only white devils the native people of North and South America will face.

Of course only Lastmanouthere knows the full knowledge of Tzeuks power.  For now we can gaze upon his body of perfection.  We can wish that cock could actually jump off the page.  And we can bathe in our ignorance as we too are fooled by the beauty on the outside that masks the pure malevolence that lies within his dark heart.  BUT WE CAN CHANGE HIM RIGHT GUYS? :P hee hee.  According to Lastmanouthere, NOT A CHANCE.   His story follows three amazing pieces! Enjoy!

Defeated by the Mayan twink-God Ixybalanque and the Aztec warrior priest Nehmehuetzin, Lord Tensontizetl returns to the lands up north, from where he was once exiled under the pretence of appointing him as ambassador to the Aztecs. To his surprise, he was received as a leader, a champion who would lead the Chichimeca tribes to the fertile south and defeat the great civilisations there.

Apart from Tenson's own Acaxe tribe, other Chichimeca peoples had gathered under him. It was an event unheard of; Chichimeca's inhabited the barren, tough north, and were usually as isolated from each other as the southerners were involved in trade and wars with themselves. Tarahumara warriors, known for their superior stamina, and Huichol enchanters, with their bowmen and pan flute magicians, were two of the three allies of the Acaxe. The third tribe to join them was the Cora of the Nayar, with Tzeuk' the Dog as leader. All Chichimeca tribes were known for their savagery, hands their name, Nahuatl for "barbarian", but the Cora people were specially feared. They were know for their blood magic, which they used to summon white Devils from the netherworld, and bind them to their will. Cora warriors even used devil masks and painted their bodies black and white to resemble the ghastly demons they handled. Even other Chichimeca tribes avoided the Cora and their dark arts.

Tzeuk', the Cora leader, was particularly adept in summoning, and had permanently bound to his will the white devil his mask resembled. A man of few words and fewer emotions, he was one of the ones who convinced the Acaxe leader to form the alliance and follow Tenson, knowing the later's  true nature as an Elder being. Tzeuk' and the other Chichimeca warlocks released Tenson's real powers, aided by the speck of Divine Power still in him, and then followed him against the southerners, an army of tireless warriors, mystic flautists and devil worshippers, prepared to unleash the coldest winter Tenochtitlan had ever seen.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Shocking Halloween Hand Job!

"Open my tomb and close your eyes and you will get a sensuous surprise! "

After reading the inscription, Immatopmon ventures into the odd pyramid that has just risen from the sand.  The master mummy of Halloween has never seen this tomb before.  He is intrigued by the mysterious mummy men that must be awaiting him inside. Bold and a bit careless he decides to enter.  He takes a seat on a throne illuminated by sunlight coming from a hole at the top of the pyramid. He closes his eyes.  He soon hears the familiar shuffle of mummy feat.  Sensing no threat from the mummy, he lets it go to town on his throbbing cock.  It works his wrapping foreskin like crazy, coxing cum fountain, after cum fountain out of Immatopmons cock.  Now with strong hands locked on, the mummy angel finds he cannot open his eyes.  He is informed telepathically that he will be able to open them, once every last ounce of his immortal cum leaves his balls.  What a shock he will have this Halloween!!!

This wild picture was drawn of course by FallenAngel.  He unveiled his wonderful mummy character a few days ago. I immediately asked to pair her with Immatopmon.  He has only posted her on Facebook at the moment, but I will update this post once he has placed her in a more public gallery, like his Pixiv.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Belvadar's Bum Rush Halloween Surprise!

Continuing our onslaught of Halloween themed erotic art, I have a super treat for you all tonight.  It's Belvadar giving Jacko The Halloweener a huge trick after all the treating himself he has been doing this evening.  He just got the full length of Bels big, black, bat dick up his ass.   Belvadar grabbed hold tight, dug his claws in and rammed him for a good hour. Now it's time for both of them to release their pumpkin seeds! 

Jacko is more that happy to help Bel out, jerking off that uncut cock with vigor.  Bels not gonna let go so Jacko can get the upper hand.  He's seen Jacko in action.  Jacko will have to jerk himself off, if he wants to cum.  Jacko is too stubborn to let go of his treat bucket, cause he has seen Belvadars appetite in action!   It doesn't matter, cause after so much ass pounding pleasure, just the site and feel of watching that cum spasm out of Bels cock has sent Jacko over the edge too!  Both cum into the green mysterious fog of Halloween night...

I gotta thank JOCKMAN87 so much for this epic image!  He worked really fast on this and really went the distance with the coloring and background.  And the characters don't look too bad either! HA!  Joking of course, they are boner inducing to say the least. I really gotta recommend him.  If you ever want a piece done, you really gotta give him a shout.  He really is a delight to work with.

Jacko was introduced to the Class Comics stable of Studs in 2012.  He has appeared in yearly Strip Show comics since that time.  It was only last year that he got a staring role in a mini comic called Sons Of The Night.  Though he is a self centered trickers, he is not threatening.  In fact, he has proven to be a bit of a benevolent hero, capable of defeating and even containing the evils beings of Halloween.  

Friday, October 16, 2015

Spooky Halloween Fun With Ghostboy and Space Cadet (New And Classic Version!)

Hello boils and ghouls! I have an especially sexy treat for you all from FallenAngel.  In the spirit of the season I asked Fallen to pair Byron and Peter together at a private Halloween party just for two.  Looks like Ghostboy is about to get the jump on Space Cadet, but Byrons just too cool to be creeped.  He's sporting some wicked witch attire that is inspired by Bryce Peters newest image of him.  Ghostboys brought along some spirit friends, that will no doubt be trying to posses Space Cadet.  That magic wand of his will keep them at bay, while he pounds Peters pumpkin.  I think we all wish we could be hiding in one of those Jack-O-Lanterns, so that we can get a better view of the show! hee hee. 
I cannot thank FallenAngel enough for this adorable image set!  We get the cut classic and uncut new edition Space Cadet!  I hope you guys like it too! :D

Here below is the ever awesome Space Cadet by Patrick Fillion (as Bryce Peters.) It's been awhile since Byron appeared in the BoyToons style and it's awesome that he once again appears this way for Halloween!  I love this image.  Byron is so cute and the ghosts are so classic! (They remind me of the Ghost Monsters.)  You can find a great wallpaper of this image in the link below!  A Halloween night with Byron, even with ghostly company, would be a night I would never want to miss the opportunity of sharing!

You can check out all the variations by clicking here.
Be sure to explore the whole tumlbr to find all the new tricks and treats from the pen of Bryce Peters! There are 3 other surprises to found from this series! Each one gets cuter and hotter too! Gonna be warm Halloween with all the gay art around this year! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

You're A Squid Now, You're A Hunky Inkling Soldier Now!

Wow guys, have a got a supreme treat for all you Splatoon fans out there! (First though, ig shout out to all my peeps on team plane. We failed, but we had fun fighting each other right? XD Where the hell was team car? They drove away, too scared to face us!!!)
I had been requesting some hunky Inklings a few months back.  I had forgotten that, among the bevy of artists, I had asked Aneros as well.  The other day he e-mails me asking if anyone had drawn some sexy Inklings yet. I told him that yes Maduinshorn, Lastmanouthere and FallenAngel had done some epic pictures already.  He took inspiration from this and decided to draw up his visionary versions of adult Inkling paintball soldiers.  And man, oh man, am I fucking proud and honored to be sharing these wild images with you guys tonight.   Aneros went buck wild in his creations, adding suction cup scars to the hair and cock heads of these paintball battler boys.  Though I think those scars might have come from some extreme squid loving as well as battle. Someone had the passion of the kraken unleashed upon them!!! Now for your enjoyment, Inklings that would NEVER be allowed in a Nintendo game, all from the magical pen of Aneros!  

 Aneros wanted a very revealing outfit for the orange Inkling.  Since the game really doesn't have anything that is very revealing, he went ahead and created his own armor, based on paintball armor found in our world.  I think it looks amazing. I wish Nintendo would include something like this in game.  It goes perfectly with the games paintball mask.  It's a comeback mask, which could NOT be more fitting. Ah puns.

 Aneros admits to be so taken with Maduinshorns tentacle goatee, he couldn't resist using it on his blue Inkling as well! hee hee.

So how did your Splatfest go? I can't say I enjoyed it as much as the other times. I was hardly fighting anything, but my own team mates. Pretty stupid match making.  Felt like I contributed nothing.  At least I put my sea snails to good use.  I will show a few lucky examples. You gotta save these things to a USB first though. Spyke is a theif and it's all too easy to waste them all on nothing, if you don't.  For those that don't know, you get Super Sea Snails after the Splatfest, a one day event is over.  The amount you get depends on how your team does overall.  They can be used to increase the gears slots, or reroll them like a slot machine.  Rerolls cost $30,000 each, so you can imagine how valuable these little snails are.

 I got this after 2 rolls.  This is great for specials that take a long time to charge and could use a bit more time in special mode. I love it on my blaster and my NZap 85. Not bad for a roller, or 96 deco either.

 I used a 3 snails and these wound up leveling up naturally like this.  I am NOT a fan of defense up, cause lag can make a Splatter Shot JR a one hit kill, but I have say that I think it saved my life against a sniper once.  I got hit and took it. They probably thought they had charged enough to kill me.  A full charge still would have.
I love that it uses the Magic Shield from Zelda 1 as the symbol. 

 It took me 4 rolls to get this, but fuck it, I don't care.  That's pretty sweet.  A little bomb range up is ALWAYS welcome.  Well, unless I got my Octo-brush, or Krak-On roller out, of course. :P

I got this on order from Spyke.  The funny thing is, it only came with the first sub.  It leveled up the other two the same as the gear I ordered!!! That was lucky. I got lucky with some Ink Saver Main shoes like that too.  You can see the shoes in the Cold Blooded picture above. 

Check out this sweet remix of the final boss themes! 

Now chill to this calming rendition of the same tune!  I need to chill after enjoy Aneros's art far too much last night. No wonder my wrist is sprained...

Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Hot Hunk Of Sea Food For Thanksgiving!

Hey guys!  We had a really nice warm fall day today. It felt just like summer.  Lastmanouthere and I are longing for warm sunny days spent on the beach, with the sand between our toes.  Sadly, that isn't gonna happen for either of us, but the weather coupled with the following picture certainly makes me feel like I spent a day in paradise. Lastman has me salivating at the site of that covered up cock head.  That luscious foreskin just BEGS to be sucked on!  I am fully ready to worship the serpent of the lake!

It's hard to believe that it's been 5 years since our Son of Ogopogo, Naytala has made an appearance in our Kingdom.  He brings with him a renewed interest in exploring his many possibilities.  A master swimmer and part time boxer, he has many talents.  Most outstanding of all are those he has in bed, or so they tell me.  When he is fully hard, he appears to have two tails.

Naytala as mentioned, is the son of the great water spirit Ogopogo and a Japanese Canadian.  Their hybride son does not share his fathers taste in flesh.  (Aside from the taste of man meat, that is!)  Instead (and thankfully)  he wound up taking more after his human side.  He is a compassionate and kind being, but also bares a great competitive spirit.  He has many talents, but swimming and boxing are his favorites to partake in.  One of talents he doesn't care to mention is his master skill at banjo playing (a family trait),  Though he does his best to deny it, he does secretly enjoy it.  He will never admit to being able to play, unless his parents make him perform for company.
It is believed that he may have a relative among the other members of our Kingdoms cast.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I don't  have much of a celebration going on this year, but as long as I have pieces like this to share, I couldn't be more thankful. :)

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Let's Get This Party Started! Happy B-Day Guytoonist!

Time for a Saturday Night party!   I along with FallenAngel the artist of this joyous piece,sent out  big birthday wishes to our dear GuyToonist with this digital birthday card.  As Guy said to us, when ever JD appears, you know Halloween is right around the corner.  I think that's been very true around here for the past few years!  Belvadar is enjoying some dancing with the Jersey Devil in the pale moon light.  Gotta do that kind of dancing in the nude!  No better way!  FallenAngels nice thick lines, give the boys an extra ounce of cute! I love the beautiful cocks, but my eyes keep moving to that super sweet looking layer cake. Hmmmm chocolate and vanilla .. I wonder what the bird record player is playing?  One of Guytoonists favorite tunes no doubt!
Many happy returns of the day Guytoonist! 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Owl Man Fucks Hard On Halloween

One faithful Halloween night, many moons ago, the Warrior Stretching Foreskin sought out an answer from the great Owlman Otubishin. The warrior gave himself easily to the handsome beast of the night.  The owl man insulted Stretching Foreskin, but not giving his glorious uncut cock, with it's low hanging extra skin any mind at all.  All the Owl wanted was to fuck that glorious hole and take more than he promised he would, once the answers were given. 
So Stretching foreskin, streched his massive dick right into his own mouth and enjoyed cum shot, after cum shot, as the owlman fucked him for what felt like an eternity.  When all the fucking was done, Stretching Foreskin would set his plans in motion.

This wonderful picture was draw very quickly by my old friend Baralust!  Totally mind blowing and nut busting, I am proud to start off the Halloween season with this picture!

I hope you will check out his Patreon here:

Saturday, October 3, 2015

So That Is Where The Ink Comes From In Splatoon

Hey guys, shortly after the first Splatfest was over, I got an enormous surprise reward from Maduinshorn. This cool sketch of a buff bara Inkling. (Complete with stylish tentacle goatee!)  Maduinshorn found the secret of where the Inkling ink really comes from! That tube up his dick looks surprisingly natural and very hot. With the next Spatfest featuring white ink in Japan, it will be interesting to see how many similar images to this will pop up online! :P

I just discovered this wicked song about painting the world, featuring the Splatoon cast.  Squid Melody by The Living Tombstone embodies my feelings of working with artists so perfectly.  A huge thank you to everyone!  Enjoy.


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