Saturday, October 24, 2015

Demon Master Tzeuk "Rabid Dog" of the Cora

It's storming outside as I type this! The thunder and lightning are rocking my place!  Could not have asked for a more perfect mood setter for tonight's post.  Just in time for the Halloween season, we have a truly bone chilling villain for Ixy and Nehme to face.  This Tzeuk is a bastardy warrior that will join forces with Tenson in his attack of the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan.  Tzeuk is not ordinary thug barbarian for hire.  Oh no, he's got ties to the neitherworld. Using his blood magic, (God knows where he gets the blood) he is able to summon white devils from the bowels of hell.  These first appear as beautiful wisps of  light, that flow around his glorious body.  These beautiful aspiration may dazzle those unfamiliar with them at first. People may stay to play and enjoy the seemingly harmless misty beams, only realize their true nature too late, as terror rains down on the poor unassuming spectators. Sadly these aren't the only white devils the native people of North and South America will face.

Of course only Lastmanouthere knows the full knowledge of Tzeuks power.  For now we can gaze upon his body of perfection.  We can wish that cock could actually jump off the page.  And we can bathe in our ignorance as we too are fooled by the beauty on the outside that masks the pure malevolence that lies within his dark heart.  BUT WE CAN CHANGE HIM RIGHT GUYS? :P hee hee.  According to Lastmanouthere, NOT A CHANCE.   His story follows three amazing pieces! Enjoy!

Defeated by the Mayan twink-God Ixybalanque and the Aztec warrior priest Nehmehuetzin, Lord Tensontizetl returns to the lands up north, from where he was once exiled under the pretence of appointing him as ambassador to the Aztecs. To his surprise, he was received as a leader, a champion who would lead the Chichimeca tribes to the fertile south and defeat the great civilisations there.

Apart from Tenson's own Acaxe tribe, other Chichimeca peoples had gathered under him. It was an event unheard of; Chichimeca's inhabited the barren, tough north, and were usually as isolated from each other as the southerners were involved in trade and wars with themselves. Tarahumara warriors, known for their superior stamina, and Huichol enchanters, with their bowmen and pan flute magicians, were two of the three allies of the Acaxe. The third tribe to join them was the Cora of the Nayar, with Tzeuk' the Dog as leader. All Chichimeca tribes were known for their savagery, hands their name, Nahuatl for "barbarian", but the Cora people were specially feared. They were know for their blood magic, which they used to summon white Devils from the netherworld, and bind them to their will. Cora warriors even used devil masks and painted their bodies black and white to resemble the ghastly demons they handled. Even other Chichimeca tribes avoided the Cora and their dark arts.

Tzeuk', the Cora leader, was particularly adept in summoning, and had permanently bound to his will the white devil his mask resembled. A man of few words and fewer emotions, he was one of the ones who convinced the Acaxe leader to form the alliance and follow Tenson, knowing the later's  true nature as an Elder being. Tzeuk' and the other Chichimeca warlocks released Tenson's real powers, aided by the speck of Divine Power still in him, and then followed him against the southerners, an army of tireless warriors, mystic flautists and devil worshippers, prepared to unleash the coldest winter Tenochtitlan had ever seen.

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