Friday, October 16, 2015

Spooky Halloween Fun With Ghostboy and Space Cadet (New And Classic Version!)

Hello boils and ghouls! I have an especially sexy treat for you all from FallenAngel.  In the spirit of the season I asked Fallen to pair Byron and Peter together at a private Halloween party just for two.  Looks like Ghostboy is about to get the jump on Space Cadet, but Byrons just too cool to be creeped.  He's sporting some wicked witch attire that is inspired by Bryce Peters newest image of him.  Ghostboys brought along some spirit friends, that will no doubt be trying to posses Space Cadet.  That magic wand of his will keep them at bay, while he pounds Peters pumpkin.  I think we all wish we could be hiding in one of those Jack-O-Lanterns, so that we can get a better view of the show! hee hee. 
I cannot thank FallenAngel enough for this adorable image set!  We get the cut classic and uncut new edition Space Cadet!  I hope you guys like it too! :D

Here below is the ever awesome Space Cadet by Patrick Fillion (as Bryce Peters.) It's been awhile since Byron appeared in the BoyToons style and it's awesome that he once again appears this way for Halloween!  I love this image.  Byron is so cute and the ghosts are so classic! (They remind me of the Ghost Monsters.)  You can find a great wallpaper of this image in the link below!  A Halloween night with Byron, even with ghostly company, would be a night I would never want to miss the opportunity of sharing!

You can check out all the variations by clicking here.
Be sure to explore the whole tumlbr to find all the new tricks and treats from the pen of Bryce Peters! There are 3 other surprises to found from this series! Each one gets cuter and hotter too! Gonna be warm Halloween with all the gay art around this year! 

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