Saturday, October 31, 2015

Belvadar Is All Wrapped Up On Halloween Night

Happy Halloween Guys!
I hope you are having a wonderful Halloween night.  I have had a great time today myself.  I've been to three haunted houses in the last couple hours.  And now, to top the night off perfectly, I have this super fun piece to share with you guys. I've been holding this one back all month, just to post tonight, in this my traditional witching hour post! Once again Leon De Leon has been called upon to draw Belvadar, but this time instead of Jasper, he's been paired with Immatopmon, our Angel of Halloween.   Poor Bel has been strung up and tortured for hours in the hands of the horny mummy.  The mummy is a master of masturbation, keeping Belvdar on the edge for hours, before finally allowing him to cum.  Immatopmon whips his wrapping foreskin feverishly up and down as it soaks up the bat boys bukake.

Who will rescue our hero?  Will Jasper, feverishly jealous, rise to the challenge? 

As I mentioned, I went to three haunted houses.  The displays were out of this world.  One house featured a ton of killer clowns. They had a projector showing images of people being chased by slashers.  There was a dried out corpse frantically rocking back and forth and sloth cooking up a cannibal style meal.  Kids were NOT having fun at this place! :P
The other two places featured everything from ghost pirates and devil raising from hell, to insane asylums rooms and swami stuck in crystal balls. There were dead walking around and all kinds of other animatronic abominations. I even spotted Sihem!   Below are just a few of the pictures I took.


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