Friday, October 30, 2015

Mr. Scarecrow and Mr. Crow Pop Up For Halloween

It just wouldn't be Halloween around here, if we didn't get our annual visit from Mr. Scarecrow and his lover Mr. Crow by FallenAngel. They've been spreading Halloween cheer and showing us that even those that should be mortal enemies can be friends and more!  FallenAngel delivers the goods once again this year with this sexy piece.  At peace in the pumpkin patch, far from prying eyes, these two can enjoy themselves all night long.  Those pumpkins look like they are snuggling in closer...Who can blame them?

This years image had a special bit of inspiration behind it. True, a character coming out of a pumpkin is a staple of Halloween images, but one in particular is very special to me.  The very first Halloween decoration I ever owned was a cardboard cut out of a skeleton coming out of a pumpkin.  I got it when I was only 5 years old and had it till I was in my early 20s. (At which point something happened to it.)  I decided to try to find it again and after months of searching I finally found and bought it on E-bay. Hanging on my door again, it brings back many wonderful Halloween memories. (Like how I used to get into trouble hanging it up on Oct 1st and how my boyfriend and I would give out treats at the door, scaring the kids, once we were too old to go out ourselves.)  

I have another awesome image to share with you guys tomorrow! I see Class Comics has 2 new Halloween books out as well.  Gonna have to look them over tonight with a cup of cocoa.  Tomorrow is the Halloween Splatfest in Splatoon.  Nintendo released some neat art for it.  Shame that none of the costumes, or even the Halloween theme will be featured in the game. Seems easy enough to implement, but you know Nintendo.  They are not gonna go the extra mile for one Splatfest. 

The did try to make it Halloween themed, asking what Halloween costume you would rather wear, Pirates, or Ninjas?  Dubbed the Naruto Vs One Piece Splatfest by many at this point, I think Ninjas are gonna be the most popular team. I went for pirates myself.  First off, I have far more interest in them than Ninjas.  Second and most importantly, their links to Halloween are abundant. (Three words Garfield's Halloween Adventure.) I guess I should mention how they are a better fit with sea creatures and how their plundering of a city fits the theme of Trick, or Treating better, but whatever. I am sure I will be on the losing team anyway. :P Who did you pick?
Happy Halloween and stay sweet out there Squid Kids, not salty!

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