Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

Happy Halloween everyone! It's my favorite day of the year! I have tons of treats, but no tricks for you all today!
Let's start with a trip to the Caribbean and welcome to the party Diab by Ink-B!

Ink's sexy vision of this classic character from Folklore is astounding. You might just consider making a deal with him to play with that long cock and rub against his abs of stone. Love that regal cloak with it's medallion. Those massive horns would be perfect to hold on to during a standing fuck! :P
Diab is more then often the source of evil and mischief in Créole tales. Sadly finding information regarding him in English proved as hard as Ink warned me it would be! An image like this really gets me interested in it's source material. I did come across this site with great Guyanese creatures featured in it:

Ink-B didn't stop here, nope! He recreated a character he started to work on last Halloween the batboy Nosfératus!

His sweet green candy eyes are fixated on you!

Ink-B took the time to really add to this character from his original vision. Even as he hurried himself to complete it before the big day, he didn't skimp on the hotness! There is something ever so sexy about spiky hair running down the back of a mans neck. :P Loving the lace wrapped around his arms and that creepy spider that patrols his hand. :O Hope he doesn't grab your dick with that hand! LOL. That is one massive juicy Halloween treat he has between his legs for you! You can imagine him flying naked over the grave yard, his perfect form illuminating the night sky. He may look sweet and friendly, but those feet tell a different a story. He's gonna pick you up and take you away for a night of passion, though you might never be seen again! ^_^ I am delighted to share this sexy and oh so cute creation with you guys!


Check out his spine chilling Halloween Town Sora while you are there!

These next two images, I just had to request of the artist Guytoonist to post in this special blog. I am totally smitten with his designs on all three of these holiday hunks. JD the Hoboken Jersey Devil is a werewolf that makes more then my hair grow. He gets the award for sexiest original character or the month from me! ^o^
Zaxxor the studly rogue apprentice of a powerful sorcerer, is one with his Jack-O'-Lantern. The villainous creature siphons life from others to keep himself alive. Though this he justifies by his view that he is "Appropriating time that is otherwise foolishly squandered by others." The trio is rounded out by the heavy set Warhead. This Franky is outfitted with car parts and a bio-hazard tattoo and lovely blond and white hair. Pure genius!

As a special treat, I was allowed to present his follow up image here first! Take a look as the guys bear all!

The perfect party boy, JD is presenting his full moon to any that dare try entering him! That is one cavernous foreskin! :P Love his bushy hail! LOL He is so playful.
Zaxxor is striking a classic pose of pure sexiness. His hair whipped to one side still cannot hide his glowing eye and the disfigured side of his face. He maybe presenting his purple cut dick for the sucking, but I would be very cautious about approaching him about this offer! His pumpkin is having a hard time resisting it seems. Those sexy pumpkin lips will do more then drain you of some creamy liquid!

Warhead sits so proud and strong on his junky old couch. I love his wonderful smile with those big full lips and glowing eyes. For a Frankenstein his is freaking sexy! His 2 liter coke bottle cock aching for some attention this Halloween night! Man that thing has stitches on it. I wonder if it is the combination of more then one cock to make such a thick dick?! I don't think I would ask questions, I would be to busy stroking it! LOL. If Guytoonist made the real Frankenstein gay villagers would be protecting him to this day! :P

This image was done very quickly by Caravaggia. She raced to get this done before she headed out to spend Halloween in Paris! That was so very kind of her. It's a particularly sweet treat, cause it features 2 of my men, Shayne from WTJohn, Ixy from Lastmanouthere and the Steampunk from her own stable of hunks. The boys are out trick, or treating in style. Shayne as Captain Caveman is making sure things are safe in the rear. Looks like he is failing in his duty as he inspects Steampunk instead of the dangers of the night. Ixy is all dressed up and ready for the Day of the Dead, he even found someone to give him a delicious candy skull! He's my favorite in the image. I love his expression and big hair! :P Belvadar done in a very sexy and fluffy unique style! He flies above making sure the path is safe ahead. Romer leads the group. The sexy Hardrosaur man is the Phantom of the Opera. :P I always dig it when she draws him! As always even as Caravaggia works quickly on something she adds all sorts of fun charms. Check out the Jack-O'Lantern. I wonder what kind of treats a house with that on it's porch gives out? :O

And here is something that fits the Halloween theme perfectly.

Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's Post 4, Donovan vs Morbius the Living VAMPIRE by FallenAngel:

The moon lights up two of the sexiest hunks from both their respected universes.

FallenAngel created this wonderful battle scene a few days ago. Giving all his effort to create a breathtaking Morbius. Moribus, a character created in 1971, really should have found his way to the world of Capcoms VS series. So should have Donovan, let's face it. This is an amazing pose, their clothes ripping off, cocks falling out, Morbius all hard and excited by the site of his antagonist....This is Fallen at his finest, action packed and muscle filled! Love Donovans legs and thick uncut dick! XD I have a funny feeling the fighting might stop soon... :P


I have a new entry for this blog! Urbanmusiq was working late last night and sent me a delightful site! His OC's Amron and Stone ready to trick, or treating as a Vampire and Werewolf. They are in a cozy embrace, with their cocks kissing each other! (Wipes drool.)

Take that Twilight!

Wow, this image is colored like a sweet Hallmark card! The background reminds me of these really old party decorations my aunt had kept from the 70's. There was the air of wonder and class to them and this image really warmed my heart as memories flooded back from past Halloweens. I am loving that Stone is all dressed up in his cute wolfy costume. Notice his eyes match his wolf eyes. How cute is that? The Wolf reminds me a bit of B. B. Hoods dog in Darkstalkers! :P Hee hee. That is one massive cock head on Stone. It is so hot how the cum forms a chain link! Love the fuzzy pubic hair growing like a vine! So cool that it matches his costumes thick chest hair! Gotta dig Amrons little fangs poking from his perfect lips! : Amrons smile is literally, to die for! Two beefcakes to add to your Halloween loot! This beautiful image beats Twilight any day! XD

Want more Halloween Treats? Check out the blog of Aneros, he has a special Holiday Hunk for everyone here:

Patrick Fillion has a new Halloween themed hunk as well and a promise of a Halloween Strip Show if you subscribe to his news letter today! :)

Here are few animated specials and things to check out today as you wait for the sun to set!

The perfect Halloween special was created in the 80's (When else?) by Disney when they produced DTV's Monster Hits in 1987. No Halloween is complete with out listening to your favorites from Michael Jackson, Ray Parker JR and Bobby "Boris" Pickett. All made better by snappy music videos featuring all your favorite Disney characters. The monster Mash with Classic black and white Mickey is just too cool for words. Sadly the special was never released on DVD and Disney channel no longer cares about their classic heritage, so the only way to watch it, unless you own a VCR is on youtube:

Speaking of Disney, how can it be Halloween with a trip to Bald Mountain? The spookiest piece of animation of all time, proceeds to give me chills year after year.....

And don't forget to swing by Sleepy Hollow!

Disney produced a really good House of Villians speacial in 2002. You should be able to find it at a rental store, or Wal-Mart. It's got a lot of good classic cartoons and some new treats featuring Mickey, Donald and the crew.

If comics are more your thing, take a look at this classic from retired artist Don Rosa, FIT TO BE PIED is the tale of extreme pumpkin carving in a little town call Duckburg.

Okay enough Disney! There is always Garfield, Charlie Borwn and the Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone, but here is a classic you might not have seen...

Count Pacula terrorized Pac-Land when I was a child. The scene at the drive in scared the hell out of me when I was 6! LOL. To be honest, it's pretty wicked...I wonder how they got it past the strict censors back then?

Along the video game theme, check out this classic from 1989, Count Koopula featuring Super Mario!

Check out this pilot for the Ghostbusters anime, I mean cartoon, from way back when. The strange thing about this pilot is the fact that the ghosts from it were often used in promotional materials for the series. Every one of them appears in the Ghostbusters board game. For decades kids must have pondered over their origins, as none of the original ghouls here appeared in the series.

Have a wonderful day everyone! Thank you everyone for all the thoughtful images! You guys made my Halloween unforgettable!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday WTJohn who Dreams too much!

You know, when you talk about people that really make the gay art community work, it's hard not to have WTJohn come instantly to mind. He's always there, commenting, faving and drawing away. I don't think even he realizes the impact he has had on the lives of so many people. So when I heard it was his birthday, I wanted to give a little something back to my friend, the #1 upstanding citizen of Yaoi Land! :D

Everyone I commissioned was very excited to draw for John. They were into all of his characters. I decided to go with his awesome boytoy Shayne. This rabbit character is bursting with so much charisma and potential. It was a delight to think up a few ideas for him.

Happy Birthday from JCARTBLOG JOHN!!!! ^_^

JCARTBLOG did an absolutely brilliant job on Shayne. He really gave him a stunning design with the fur on his chest and shoulders and the coloring is beautiful! Love that leafy look! Speaking of hair, look down his perfect chest and abs at his wild curly thick pubes! HOT! His cold blue eyes just freeze you in place! One of my favs from JC with out a doubt.

Happy Birthday John from Demona!!!

Demona was doing some really nice sketch promos, so I decided to take the opportunity to get John a Shayne image done in her style. Here he is all chilling and relaxing, just hanging lose before the party, handsome as ever! I love his fuzzy pubic hair above his cute uncut dick! :P I like the way Demona did his thick eyebrows and memorizing eyes! Ha ha ha, he is keeping his nipples warm with his ears! XD HA! He so adorable!!!! :)

Happy Birthday John from FallenAngel!

Looks like Shayne took a trip to the land down under courtesy of FallenAngel! Oh how I had a hard time holding on to this image! Fallens take on Shayne is just too cute! His wonderful smile crossing his blushing face, his cute little cock squirting cum a mile high, so delightful! Then there is Joey with his huge cock ramming deep inside, hat tossed to the wind and sporting those legendary legs. :O The Marvel influence is even felt here with Fallen applying some epic shading.

And finally something so very cool, Hydaria teamed Shayne up with the newest stud in my stable; Belvadar. Here Shayne gets to go back with him to his hotel room after a show. The two enjoy a mutual handjob while Belvadar washes down Shayne.
Happy Birthday from Hydaira!

This was the first image I commissioned for John. He had this done in a blink of an eye, but didn't skimp on the details. Hydarias take on the both men is outstanding. There is something so captivating about his vision of Shayne. He got all the features right with Belvadars freaking handsome face. He has beautiful drawn wings and a perfectly sculpted body. It's so hot how he is so fixated on Shayne head. His cute wet hair and handsome face have captured Belvadars heart. He wants to make sure he catches the expression that crosses Shaynes face when he brings him over the edge. Once again Hydarias cocks are some of the best around. So long and thick with tons of foreskin details to drool over for many birthdays to come John!!! XD This is one Halloween Shayne won't forget! LOL.

Thanks so much for producing such wicked pieces everyone!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

King Of Dragons Leads To So Much More

It's funny how I not only procrastinated with this commission, but the blog regarding it as well. I was gun ho to do it last night, when all of a sudden, I starting trying to apply the Facebook like box to this blog. Well an hour and 3 video instructions later, I was no closer to achieving that goal and once again I found myself putting this off. If anyone has any tips on that please let me know!

This summer I commissioned an image of King of Dragons by FallenAngel. The idea was not at all new, cause the hot characters begged for gay art of them for almost 2 decades prior. I had this idea brewing for some time. ^_^
I wanted a threesome with the Fighter (Barbarian), Cleric and Elf. The Cleric must be the most built specimen of his kind. Usually when I think of these guys, the term beefcake doesn't exactly pop up.

We went with the Cleric being uncut and Fallen gave him a wonderful foreskin to cover head with! The Fighter and Elf we decided to be cut. I love how Fallen did the both the big boys cocks so equally huge and thick that the elf can scarcely fit the fighters mushroom in his mouth. The Elf Archers is more fitting his demeanor! All three came out wonderfully. The image was a huge success for FallenAngel as well, earning a lot of deserved praise.

What was so wonderful was that when I commissioned it, even before it was completed, Fallens creative spirit when into overdrive. Smitten by these long forgotten characters, he sent me gift after gift of the boys, especially the Elf Archer. It was amazing that we were both fantasizing about doing images of them at the same time. It was the summer of teaching the youngsters some OLD SCHOOL! LOL.

The Elf Archer blushing before the camera, eagerly awaiting his chance to show his stuff to everyone!

The Archer wants to be taken from behind. A possibility FallenAngel and I will have to explore one day. Hee hee, his little balls are so tight against his leotard. :P

Straight from his scene with the big boys, the Elf still missing his leotard, assures the viewer that he is still a sweet innocent young man. Ha! Fallens imagination is so wicked. :D

Want to be this guys fluffer? The barbarian fighter stands firm and handsome, ready to strut his stuff! Another sweet gift from FallenAngel! I love those legs slightly obscured by his loin cloth. Yum, yum. XD

Another cool thing was reading some of the comments people wrote about the series. My favorite being from Guytoonist who loved the images and remarked how the game will always remind him of Disney World as a kid. For me, it was perfect for summer. It was another game I remember playing with my buddies in late August in an arcade below a shoe store. That was many moons ago. *sigh* More recently the game has become a main stay in the rotating roaster of titles played most often with friends. That being thanks to it's re-release on the Playstation 2 and PSP a couple years ago.
I always regretted not getting the SNES version of it. I looked recently and the price tag is pretty steep.

All these elves Got Fallen in the mood to touch on two of the most famous ones from the NES generation. I was really speechless when he presented me with fan art of one of my favorite puzzle games, Solomon's Key!!!!

FallenAngel recreated the exciting box art in his own style, making Dana even more sexy. I love that long hair and cute sexy bulge in his tights! XD The expression in his eyes says he is bored with puzzles at the moment.....Even as I post this, I can hear the unforgettable tune from the game. This really gave me a warm fuzzy feeling when he sent it. Man this game is HARD! I never completed it as a kid, though I got right to the end. Still, it's theme and fun are eternal. It really is a shame the game only had 1 sequel.

Just before we did the idea for King of Dragons, FallenAngel took on the king elf himslef, Link of Hyrule! Oh boy, we started talking about the SNES and Game Boy games and when I asked him to scan an image from the book, it led to so many naughty fan arts. How could he resist a character wearing such a short toga? :P Well, after seeing them I thought about asking him to do an image that got messed up by another artists some time ago. I should have sent this idea to Fallen from the start, cause you know with him, he's gonna have fun and respect your concepts at the same time.
So we did this idea for Link below. He is desperately trying to get away after being seriously damaged. The one heart indicator is beeping like mad and worry and panic strike his face. In desperation he calls upon the magic whirl wind to whisk him away from danger. And as always it doesn't work as planned. The little thing has become perverted, wanting to take a peek at Links cut cock instead of saving him! The caress of the gentle wind has made Link aroused. Fallen came up with the hilarious totem pole of Octoroks!! They hit a sweet spot on him, giving him an even harder erection. Ha ha ha!

Form Solomon two more entries that really hit home were produced by FallenAngel. Again I think we share the same mind, cause he then did up another character I myself was thinking of exploring as well; Dino Riki! Hoo boy, this game was a ball breaker. I got it for Christmas in Grade 7 and being a dinosaur nut, spent many afternoons trying to defeat it. I will never forget the day I did, only to discover it had no ending!!! Well, all my training was not for not. I became very prolific at shooters from then on. Finding that the more I played the easier the game got for me, gave me a lot of confidence in myself.
Riki is a good shooter, with some fun music and characters. Ricky himself can get a power up that makes him super muscular. The character is based on a wrestler in Japan. You get glimpses of the in joke during game play and when the games title screen goes a little crazy. Sadly kids outside of the Japan were not informed and so we were left to scratch our heads about all this, till the days of the internet.

Riki Stands proud and who wouldn't after falling a T-Rex with just some small stones?! Gosh, the challenging obstacles of the game shine through, even in the fan arts! I love this totally tanned and tight caveman Fallen has created. He has beautiful long slender legs and a sweet dark uncut cock! Much nicer then in the game! He was pale and squat. -_-'

This is one of those games were the American and the Japanese box art was not all that different. In fact the one from Japan seems inaccurate, showing a female character that is nowhere to be found in the game.

Well time to wrap this up, with one final entry. This one was the biggest surprise of all. FallenAngel did a fan art of Nintendo first fighting game Urban Champion! LOL. It's a loving tribute to a game that falls way under the radar, despite it's status in history.

I am pretty sure I only got to play this game after Street Fighter 2 was already famous. Still, for it's time is very quirky and funny. Fallen did a great job capturing the humor of the title.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hydaria and Caravaggia Give Cleo A Dreamy Handjob

Hydaria opened up some sketch commissions this month and I took him up on a few. This is the first one that has been completed. I have been dying to post this all week. I asked him to draw up Zahn in bed with Cleo standing beside him. Upon seeing Zahns morning wood Cleo can't resist, but give the barbarian a hand job. He starts off squeezing his plump foreskin right over Zahns pink head.

Here is an image of male beauty and of course, luscious foreskin, as only Hydarias pen can create!

There is just something so yummy and beefy the way Hydaraia drew up Cleo that was exemplified even more by the wonderful skin tones in Caravaggias coloring. He's got such a nicely drawn up head, tilted gently to the side, examining his new found love. His whole persona screams adorable party boy. Caravaggia was so great at making the muscles shine and glisten on each man. I especially like the shine on Cleos shoulders. His Zahn as well is outstanding. I love those long spiky locks of hair he drew. He looks so comfy, sitting half up, dreamily eying Cleos working on his massive cock. Two perfect beefcakes, how very sensual!

Now Hydarai did a couple really special things. First off he was awesome enough to create a cum shot version of the image, which is really hot! He also provided a version of this image minus the shading so Caravaggia would have an easier time of coloring it as well. How sweet of him was that? :)

Here is the Cum shot version! Enjoy!

Speaking of awesome extras, FallenAngel shocked me with something last night. He usually doesn't draw the Men of Marvel, but the latest image must have started to change his mind on that. He presented to me with a very sexy image of my favorite X-Man Gambit!

I will raise more then my bet, that's for sure! This is a really sexy Gambit in Anmie style. Nice hair design, striking eyes and bouncy squishy balls, what more could I want? XD Once again FallenAngel applied his classic comic shading to add a classic feel. Now why don't player select screens look more like this? :P Thank you very much Fallen!

I might do another post today! See you guys again soon. ^_^

Friday, October 22, 2010

Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's Post 3 FallenAngels Babes!

Here is FallenAngels explosive contribution to the Marvel VS Capcom 70's series on this blog. It's two legends, Chun Li and Red Sonja go at it with all their power and skill, achieving truly hentai results in the process!

This is a truly smashing piece by Fallen. It was so much fun to watch him go at this. A chance to take on two beloved beauties? I didn't need to ask him twice about that! He was so into it, he started while doing another commission. I just said, have them fighting and his pen went to work. It was so awesome that he incorporated Chuns kick into whipping up and damaging Sonjas chain mail. What would be a Chun Li fight without including her kick? He even mimiced the great shading from these classic comics. (Check that boot!) It was thrill to see him work with such joy mixing his manga style with Marvels creating a wicked version of Sonja. It was also a big thrill for me to see him take on my favorite Street Fighter Chun Li as well, she turned out beautiful. The positioning of the two classics could not be more wicked! Thanks FallenAngel! It's commissions like this that make my heart smile.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Astaia666 Returns with 6 Stunning Heroes!

Hey guys! I wanted to post his up yesterday, but I was out all day at a the 30th birthday party for a buddy of mine. While on route I found my old 1982 recording of Fantasia I bought on E-bay a few years ago and popped it into the player. It's funny how Astaia666s art always melds so well in my mind with classical music. I wasn't listening to it for a few seconds before images of hers started dancing to the music in my head. I was met with an uncontrollable urge to do the blog right then and there, but ha, that's hard to do while going down the highway at full speed. There is always a very classy feel and look to her designs and I am very excited to present her latest to you today!

I let Astaia pick through a few of the boys featured on this site. Being from South America she confessed a fondness for the Mayan characters brought to life by Lastmanouthere and myself. So she took on three of them. She started with Ixy and Nehme. Both turned out splendid. Nehme is beautifully decorated with his costume and given such smooth legs by her! XD I like how he is ready for battle posed on a grassy sand bank, perhaps awaiting warriors from across the sea! His face is so wonderful with his thick bangs and little stings of hair escaping below the helmet, resting just above his sexy eyelash laden eyes. ^0^

Next is firm strong Ixy! Posed as majestic as the mountain range he stands before! His long slender face is just to handsome to describe. He can take on any evil with the love of his land burning in his heart.

Finally she took on Janatu, in one heck of a stunning image. The canopy here is just amazing, with the light hitting the tops, darkening underneath giving the hero much wanted cover. That little Tucan is so cute! Janatu with his full lips so pouty and eyes so lovely, surveys the area with the air of a classic jungle hero. His hiair is so slick and full looking! Her take on Janatu is simply divine. Each one of these could pass as a cover of adventure romance novel from years ago. :)

Astaia also took on two of my Egyptain men. She drew Heru striking a pose seemingly crying out defiance to the very heavens. Lighting strikes back in anger at the young man! EPIC! She did a very lanky design for him, giving him a lighter body which would aid him in flight. She did a wonderful job on his beard and the his hair. He has a very Grecian Egyptian look to him, which is pretty sexy!

After the bird man, she produced this very cool image of Twinky Tut taking a step forward into the frame, to protect better the dangers facing Egypt Land. In his hand his sword laughs manically. This Tut I liked a lot cause, here he appears more grown up, tall and strong, ready to take on anyone. His face, with his pronounced nose and blue eyes will freeze his enemies in place!
She colored his soft golden skin so well too! :P

Finally Astaia666 created an untamable Steko, with long flowing GORGEOUS hair! He's posed against the wall of some deep dark primordial cave, a smile crossing his face. Maybe he is stretching out, bracing and awaiting the welcome advances of his lover. Maybe he is on display about to perform a nights entertainment of dance to keep his fellows minds off of the fears awaiting outside the cave. Whatever the explanation, his form glows with brilliance in this cold dark vision from the savage past.

Thank you Astia, your art always opens up my imagination!

Astaia666 is still open for commissions, so check her out here:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's Gets a Huge Shot of Class! Patrick Fillions Surprise Entry!

How amazingly cool is this??? Patrick Fillion child of the 70's was so inspired by the concept that for the fun of it created not one, but three amazing Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's images! I was overjoyed and couldn't wait to pump out the matches here on the blog!
So with out any further ado here is RYU VS NIGHTCRAWLER!

There you have it, RYU the king of fighting games himself! Patricks Ryu is so adorable and sexy!!! I just love his Asian eyes and regal face! Oh man, the colors for his skin are so lovely, a nice tan to smooth'n up and make glow his tight muscular body. Looks like he thumped his foot down a little too hard there, his shirt popped open and his cock flung out in the process! :O Now there is a starting pose I wish Capcom had used. :P Really like how he posed his chest in this classic stance. The torpedo shape of the cock on Ryu is really hot, especially how it gets thicker near the head. So thick and firm that the foreskin was quickly pushed back like a sleeve, all nice and wrinkly hee hee. Check out that vein on his massive arm! WOW. ^o^ I remember seeing some sketches of Street Fighters on Patricks old blog years ago. It's a total honor to see Mr Fillion do Ryu inspired by my idea!

I really like this new Nightcrawler. We get to see what is hiding in the bulge from Patrick Classic image! Along with Gambit he is in the tops of my personal favorite X-Man. After seeing this I realized that he was a total missed opportunity by Capcom. Being a character that can phase in and out, like Pyron and is a playful joker, you would think Capcom would have made him playable. He could even have a tie in ending with Felicia since they are both religious characters. That would be a very interesting romance..hmmmmmmmmmmm...An EVIL GLEAM just crossed my eyes.
Seeing this wicked image of him, taunting Ryu into his playful embrace is really tantalizing! He is so HANDSOME. Oh that hair!!! I would to have nice locks like that! HA! Patrick even gave him nipple rings!!!! Says he couldn't resist! LOL! That is so awesome. :P Oh man, that is one thick weapon Patrick bestowed upon him. That thing is aching for attention. Neat job with the coloring of the shaft just under the head, making it purple and leading that a bit into the foreskin, it makes him look so juicy there! His cock is so full hard and stiff, it's like a pole. Dang...Ryu better not turn his back, he will be impaled! (Not that he would complain, I am sure.)

Check out Patricks Original Night Crawler here!

Scarlet Witch would have fit right in with the likes of Rose!

Ryu Vs the Son of Satan!

Partick really found some amazing combos! He took the idea and really expanded on the theme big time by Including the characters actually created in the 70's. The Scarlet Witch was a great idea too! She is such a wicked beautiful character. What is a fighting game with out some sexy girls? Her image in fact her entire character, definitely deserves more spotlight! She's very elegant. ^_^ Mr. Hellstorm another classic image by Patrick is really sexy, giving out a fearful battle cry before taking on Capcoms star! Two more characters that would be great to see make it in a Fighting game. What is also awesome is Patrick did up life bars and a very groovy font for the words and names! Too cool! The backgrounds are directly from the Capcom Classics for that authentic feel. :)

Thank Mr. Fillion! This was so kind of you, I still can't thank you enough. I have been diving into these games even more now, from these I now have a ton of new ideas!!! ^_^

Insert Coin! :P

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Apis Bull Was Made To Be Worshiped

I am slowly remaking a rock group to rival Jamun in the Egypt Story. I am redeveloping them one by one. Long ago I had an idea for an Apis Bull character that was cursed with lightning powers. He was just a God Bull that was pain in the ass to have around. I wanted to do something with that God for awhile now. After finding some inspiration in a minotaur image, I decided to work on a new character a couple weeks ago. I wanted him have a human face with some cow features. I didn't want him to have a fully animal face. I really love crazy long Jheri curl hair, or like the mop on Howard Stern, or Slash from Guns N Roses. :P So that had to go on him more then anything! Hmmm Bows and Lotuses as his band name? Nah..Anyway you can all thank Baralust for once again inspiring me to do a rocker!!! ^_^
I hope you guys like him! Here he is for the first time drawn by an actual artist, FallenAngel!

Cleo hesitates to approach the throne of Apis, he lusts for the mighty beast, but his loyalty is with his friend Jamun.

I have to thank FallenAngel for being one of the first people to take him on. He did a super job, making him so handsome! :) I love that missile sized cock he has hanging there! wonder Cleo is hesitating! :P As always Fallen gives a great image. His bull is really big and charming, with his flowing locks and inviting eyes. I want to do a whole short manga based on this. What do you guys think? Maybe I will just write out the story and have a few images to explain his existence.

Here are my sketches of him. The second image is actually my first attempt, I used a few images to help guide me in giving him shape. The second is all me. ^_^

That's his guitar in the background. I sketched way too quickly I know...

I am still working on his costume. I was thinking of adding some long pieces of cloth wrapped around his arms under the gloves. His head is a bit too small here. I wanted to make it a bit smaller, but I think i went a bit too far. Maybe the bigger head is better. :P
Wait till you see the amazing work that is to come featuring him! :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's!!!

When I started to read the John Carter comics, a few thoughts started to cross my mind. I just kept thinking about all the licenses that have been lost since then and how, if they were kept, or if history was written differently, how things might have played out between Marvel and Capcom. Being a video game player I started to think of all the missed opportunities during the great age of fighting games. Can you imagine Marvel Vs Capcom if the likes of Robert E. Howard's creations were still under Marvels thumb? What if the technology was different and in the days of Atari 2600 fighting games had emerged? you see what I mean. I was gonna wait till I got more of these commissions completed, but it's just as fun to reveal these bit by bit too. Holding onto to an idea this hot, was just too much for me.

First off we have an image of pure adventure and lust that truly captures the very spirit of comic covers of old by Urbanmusiq!

The two legendary Heroes fall under each others spell deep in the jungle, bathed under a Jurassic Park style sunset!

This was actually a request by Patrick Fillion. I thought of Tarzan and some other characters, but when he suggested Chris, the ideas just flowed out. So much so, that I hard time picking one. It was my final suggestion that Leon and I both liked the most. I was just overjoyed the pose worked, but Leon not only got it perfect, he took it and really added a twist! He tied big hunky Chris to the tree, adding an element of reluctance as he gives himself to the Ape Man. It's almost a form of self sacrifice! As always Urbans Chris is beyond compare. He really should do a comic, or animated version of this character, so rare is it to see an artist truly make a character his own, with all his heart. I don't need to tell you Chris is a vision of manliness. Such a perfect chest, handsome face and cool blue eyes, need only need a simple glance to recognize their brilliance.

The biggest thrill was seeing just how Urban would take on Marvels version on the King of the Jungle. I sent him the entire first comic and several images by Joe Jusko as well. I was really happy to see he kept in the spotted loin cloth! Giving him that bronzen tan was so delectable a choice. So nice is he dark and tanned to perfection by the African sun. I love how he drew his cock so fat and thick, like a balloon filling with air, stretching to it's max as Tarzan holds it firm in his powerful grip! Tarzan by Urban is so handsome, he begs returning too. And if he allows it and an idea presents itself one day that may just happen!

Next up is an image started and completed today by the boy who creates heroes, the great JCARTBLOG! It's been some time since I have commissioned my old friend, but that's okay, cause in that time his skills have gotten even better. He blew me away with his speed. I was feeling under the weather today and his e-mails really helped me recover quickly from a nasty sinus headache! (You know the ones were your nostrils burn..ugh.) To him I gave the idea of bringing back the Master of Kung Fu himself, Shang-Chi in passionate battle with my favorite street brawler Guy from Final Fight!

The two legends Lock Legs brilliantly by the Jem JCARTBlOG!

I was extremely impressed with how JC took on Shange-Chi. He really brought out the sexy beast in the character. Defining his face with wonderful shading and strong sexy eyes. I love what he did with his hair, coloring it pure blue and making it flow vibrantly as the hero kicks respectfully at his equal. I was over joyed to see he left on his top. I think it makes him look very handsome. There is something to be said about how that neck leads down to that firm chest peeking out of that open top. This vision would have me hesitating to turn the page as I stared a little longer...XD To be honest, I think JC's version is sexier then in the comic! Yes it is true that Marvel did not lose this character, but elements of his comic including the classic villain, Fu ManChu were lost, making reprints impossible. Really much would that copyright cost? Dang Marvel...that's cheap!

Ha ha ha, JC asked me if they should be cut, or uncut. We went with uncut for fun. It's funny that the Masters Dong is a bit longer then Guys. Hee hee, it's like he is his superior in a few ways... :P Guy also is very handsome! His messy bangs falling over his beautiful profile, looking directly at the viewer..that's very dreamy! He did a great job on Guys classic FF outfit as well! :)
I think the background, temple with sunlight flowing in so intensely that you can't see beyond it, is a great tribute to the Martial arts images of classic comics and manga!

Thanks JCArtblog! The poor guy is going through a huge move and could really use some commission money, so feel free to contact him if you want any dreams to come true! ^_^

A special thanks to Ink-B for helping me come up with that groovy logo!

Well that's if for now. I really want to hear your comments on this one and if anyone has any suggestions, for this series, let me know!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun Sketch of Rex!!

Hey guys! I got so much art to share it's overflowing in the file folders! LOL. The other night, I was talking to Ink-B about how we haven't really done much with Rex these days..well he got in the mood in a couple mins, he presented me with this really sexy sketch! Rex is squeezing his cock head and squirting some cum for you guys to enjoy! Ink's stuff is always so playful and sexy, even in sketch form, it's so cool! Enjoy! I have more to come today!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Return to the west with Urbanmusiq Belvadar by Karulox too!

I got a little money handed to me, so I decided to put it back into art. With the return of Randy West to PowerMen, that I learned about last month, I have been itching to get some more art of Metro West done. At the con I saw a figure I liked of a girl on a money bag. It took me forever to find an image of the figure online. When talking to artists, especially Mr. Devilman, we often bring up how it would be so nice to see guys in poses like these girls get in Japan. So last week I asked Urbanmusiq to take on the task of putting my little dimetrodon sheriff in a similar pose. A lot of things went through my head. I was gonna ask for Sling shot guns like in the Flintstones, but I put that idea to the side and didn't include it in the request for him. I figured if we are gonna replicate an image, might as well go for the gusto. We left out the giant horse shoe as well, which is a bit a distraction from the central character.

Metro is a double threat. Dimetrodons have a giant sail, something I have never been good a doodling and he is character whose looks are based on a real person. This is probably why he has not appeared in many commissions. I figure he is pretty intimidating. Not for Urbanmusiq though! Ubranmusiq has been doing some very realistic work of men these days and I wanted to give him this challenge to see his skills at work! To see what I mean, go clicky his log on the side there!
He shed some blood sweat and tears, but in a few hours had a sketch that was out of this world for me to ogle. And stare I did! Shite, he got the face so perfect, I had a hard time concentrating on the the thank you e-mail and providing any guidance in the next step. I think I repeated how handsome his face was three times in that mail. :P The whole thing turned out so perfect. I swear that boy waves a pen like a magic wand, he's so fast with his art!

Metro West is back and ready to SERVE and protect! :P

OH MY GOD, Hoy stuff huh? I said it before and I will say it again, that face is so handsome! It looks like a photo! Oh those strands of hair and that raised eyebrow..XD I needed a spatula to get me off my chair, cause I melted! Instead of buxom boobs Urban pushed out his manly chest, slinking it slightly to the right, thrutsed tight and firm for criminals to be detracted by! LOL.
I think the guns look really cool, especially the one between his legs! I like how the lace is falling on it, so inviting! XD Ah cool lace on a cock (..pauses dreamily for a minute...)I think my favorite part of this outfit is the nice sharp shading Leon did on the leather. It says something when the artist goes to great lengths to even make that look creative. As always Urban is in my tops for recommended artists to commission. Just a pure delight to watch work.

This is the original art and figure. A figure that I wanted till I saw the price tag. I just remember putting it back very slowly and carefully on the shelf and backing away.

Randy has tanned up since his original video. I am not really sure which one I like more. Cause I do like tanned guys, but I think his original skin tone, (below) the one Urban used is very appealing and unique.

I got a really sweet color sketch done by Karulox last night! I love it when he sends me stuff, cause his e-mails are so full of joy. You can feel his smile as he types! He did up Belvadar in his own style. He gave him the most sexy face he could create! Dang, check out his slanted smile and the great lashes on his face. You boys drive me wild with these arts. XD He looks really stunning, stretching out his bad self. His cock full erect and leaking cum from the pink head, like a fat little volcano of love! Really love that wrinkled foreskin he gave him. I know it's just a sketch, but it's really freaking sensual, a perfect pin up! :) Something a fan of his would hang on their door. :P

FallenAngel and I have been up to some mischief too! We came up with this funny idea for my two favorite figures, Jungle Emmy and Menace from Queens blade. In the spirit of the season, they are out trick, or treating and big happy go lucky Emmy is out scoring Menace on the treats! LOL! I figure Menace would be a little envious of Emmy due to her size. Even as figures Emmy towers over her. Really nice job on their costumes fallen and their big..assets! Man those are so hot nipples on Emmy! XD I love the bats he included in the image, they reminded me of how I used to draw bats in high school, based on Darkwing Ducks and Mega Mans. :P Yep I have a crush on these I am not straight! LOL, but they are adorable. Truly awesome holiday treat.

Fallen Really made me laugh with this image! Here the explorers Drilldeepah and Marshal Copeland have unearth Mammu, who is singing them some Tom Jones. Now that would make Indiana Jones run in fear! LOL. XD And make Marge Simpson swoon....

Thank you for the very uplifting images FallenAngel!


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