Thursday, October 21, 2010

Astaia666 Returns with 6 Stunning Heroes!

Hey guys! I wanted to post his up yesterday, but I was out all day at a the 30th birthday party for a buddy of mine. While on route I found my old 1982 recording of Fantasia I bought on E-bay a few years ago and popped it into the player. It's funny how Astaia666s art always melds so well in my mind with classical music. I wasn't listening to it for a few seconds before images of hers started dancing to the music in my head. I was met with an uncontrollable urge to do the blog right then and there, but ha, that's hard to do while going down the highway at full speed. There is always a very classy feel and look to her designs and I am very excited to present her latest to you today!

I let Astaia pick through a few of the boys featured on this site. Being from South America she confessed a fondness for the Mayan characters brought to life by Lastmanouthere and myself. So she took on three of them. She started with Ixy and Nehme. Both turned out splendid. Nehme is beautifully decorated with his costume and given such smooth legs by her! XD I like how he is ready for battle posed on a grassy sand bank, perhaps awaiting warriors from across the sea! His face is so wonderful with his thick bangs and little stings of hair escaping below the helmet, resting just above his sexy eyelash laden eyes. ^0^

Next is firm strong Ixy! Posed as majestic as the mountain range he stands before! His long slender face is just to handsome to describe. He can take on any evil with the love of his land burning in his heart.

Finally she took on Janatu, in one heck of a stunning image. The canopy here is just amazing, with the light hitting the tops, darkening underneath giving the hero much wanted cover. That little Tucan is so cute! Janatu with his full lips so pouty and eyes so lovely, surveys the area with the air of a classic jungle hero. His hiair is so slick and full looking! Her take on Janatu is simply divine. Each one of these could pass as a cover of adventure romance novel from years ago. :)

Astaia also took on two of my Egyptain men. She drew Heru striking a pose seemingly crying out defiance to the very heavens. Lighting strikes back in anger at the young man! EPIC! She did a very lanky design for him, giving him a lighter body which would aid him in flight. She did a wonderful job on his beard and the his hair. He has a very Grecian Egyptian look to him, which is pretty sexy!

After the bird man, she produced this very cool image of Twinky Tut taking a step forward into the frame, to protect better the dangers facing Egypt Land. In his hand his sword laughs manically. This Tut I liked a lot cause, here he appears more grown up, tall and strong, ready to take on anyone. His face, with his pronounced nose and blue eyes will freeze his enemies in place!
She colored his soft golden skin so well too! :P

Finally Astaia666 created an untamable Steko, with long flowing GORGEOUS hair! He's posed against the wall of some deep dark primordial cave, a smile crossing his face. Maybe he is stretching out, bracing and awaiting the welcome advances of his lover. Maybe he is on display about to perform a nights entertainment of dance to keep his fellows minds off of the fears awaiting outside the cave. Whatever the explanation, his form glows with brilliance in this cold dark vision from the savage past.

Thank you Astia, your art always opens up my imagination!

Astaia666 is still open for commissions, so check her out here:


  1. Beautiful art... I don´t think anymore words are needed.

  2. Really natural look and beautifull composition, looks like images coming out of history books. I specially like Janatu *0*

  3. Lovelt and its traditional style very beautiful :D

    - FallenAngel

  4. Its funny how you say that classical music goes so well with their art because there is something undeniably classical feeling about that traditional art style implemented here. :3 Very lovely images. Never can go wrong with traditional arts! Good stuff ^^

  5. Woaw ! They are really great, traditional art is so pleasant to see. We should do a watercolor commission some time ! ;)



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