Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Birthday WTJohn who Dreams too much!

You know, when you talk about people that really make the gay art community work, it's hard not to have WTJohn come instantly to mind. He's always there, commenting, faving and drawing away. I don't think even he realizes the impact he has had on the lives of so many people. So when I heard it was his birthday, I wanted to give a little something back to my friend, the #1 upstanding citizen of Yaoi Land! :D

Everyone I commissioned was very excited to draw for John. They were into all of his characters. I decided to go with his awesome boytoy Shayne. This rabbit character is bursting with so much charisma and potential. It was a delight to think up a few ideas for him.

Happy Birthday from JCARTBLOG JOHN!!!! ^_^

JCARTBLOG did an absolutely brilliant job on Shayne. He really gave him a stunning design with the fur on his chest and shoulders and the coloring is beautiful! Love that leafy look! Speaking of hair, look down his perfect chest and abs at his wild curly thick pubes! HOT! His cold blue eyes just freeze you in place! One of my favs from JC with out a doubt.

Happy Birthday John from Demona!!!

Demona was doing some really nice sketch promos, so I decided to take the opportunity to get John a Shayne image done in her style. Here he is all chilling and relaxing, just hanging lose before the party, handsome as ever! I love his fuzzy pubic hair above his cute uncut dick! :P I like the way Demona did his thick eyebrows and memorizing eyes! Ha ha ha, he is keeping his nipples warm with his ears! XD HA! He so adorable!!!! :)

Happy Birthday John from FallenAngel!

Looks like Shayne took a trip to the land down under courtesy of FallenAngel! Oh how I had a hard time holding on to this image! Fallens take on Shayne is just too cute! His wonderful smile crossing his blushing face, his cute little cock squirting cum a mile high, so delightful! Then there is Joey with his huge cock ramming deep inside, hat tossed to the wind and sporting those legendary legs. :O The Marvel influence is even felt here with Fallen applying some epic shading.

And finally something so very cool, Hydaria teamed Shayne up with the newest stud in my stable; Belvadar. Here Shayne gets to go back with him to his hotel room after a show. The two enjoy a mutual handjob while Belvadar washes down Shayne.
Happy Birthday from Hydaira!

This was the first image I commissioned for John. He had this done in a blink of an eye, but didn't skimp on the details. Hydarias take on the both men is outstanding. There is something so captivating about his vision of Shayne. He got all the features right with Belvadars freaking handsome face. He has beautiful drawn wings and a perfectly sculpted body. It's so hot how he is so fixated on Shayne head. His cute wet hair and handsome face have captured Belvadars heart. He wants to make sure he catches the expression that crosses Shaynes face when he brings him over the edge. Once again Hydarias cocks are some of the best around. So long and thick with tons of foreskin details to drool over for many birthdays to come John!!! XD This is one Halloween Shayne won't forget! LOL.

Thanks so much for producing such wicked pieces everyone!


  1. Happy Bday John! :)


  2. I am sure hes going to like all this gifts x3

    Yay!!!! Soo many styles for one character, all looks amazing!!!

  3. Yeap! hope he'll enjoy our gift greeting to him :)


  4. I totally loved them
    they all did a fantastic job,
    thank you guys for the
    birthday wishes too ^_^



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