Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Apis Bull Was Made To Be Worshiped

I am slowly remaking a rock group to rival Jamun in the Egypt Story. I am redeveloping them one by one. Long ago I had an idea for an Apis Bull character that was cursed with lightning powers. He was just a God Bull that was pain in the ass to have around. I wanted to do something with that God for awhile now. After finding some inspiration in a minotaur image, I decided to work on a new character a couple weeks ago. I wanted him have a human face with some cow features. I didn't want him to have a fully animal face. I really love crazy long Jheri curl hair, or like the mop on Howard Stern, or Slash from Guns N Roses. :P So that had to go on him more then anything! Hmmm Bows and Lotuses as his band name? Nah..Anyway you can all thank Baralust for once again inspiring me to do a rocker!!! ^_^
I hope you guys like him! Here he is for the first time drawn by an actual artist, FallenAngel!

Cleo hesitates to approach the throne of Apis, he lusts for the mighty beast, but his loyalty is with his friend Jamun.

I have to thank FallenAngel for being one of the first people to take him on. He did a super job, making him so handsome! :) I love that missile sized cock he has hanging there! wonder Cleo is hesitating! :P As always Fallen gives a great image. His bull is really big and charming, with his flowing locks and inviting eyes. I want to do a whole short manga based on this. What do you guys think? Maybe I will just write out the story and have a few images to explain his existence.

Here are my sketches of him. The second image is actually my first attempt, I used a few images to help guide me in giving him shape. The second is all me. ^_^

That's his guitar in the background. I sketched way too quickly I know...

I am still working on his costume. I was thinking of adding some long pieces of cloth wrapped around his arms under the gloves. His head is a bit too small here. I wanted to make it a bit smaller, but I think i went a bit too far. Maybe the bigger head is better. :P
Wait till you see the amazing work that is to come featuring him! :)


  1. Aww DP! You continue to make me lag behind on commenting. XD Seriously. Write a book. You'll make a ton of money. LOL And get it written probably quickly.

    It's a fun character. I never thought I'd see someone make an OC with Jheri curls, or a similar style. The gloves are a nice touch and his guitar is funny but quite in-character. X3 lol Nice work, and good practice images! 8D

  2. Busiris is right, book writing! :D why not checking that department DP :D




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