Monday, October 4, 2010

Metal Head Bat Boy Belvadar Enters the Stage!

Meet Belvadar G. Bludbash. He is a prehistoric giant Bat Demon, who wants to be the greatest performer in Prehistoric Paradise! He lives in Astrias Spain looking for fame, fortune and fornication! XD Mr. Bludbah was inspired completely by the wonderful art of Baralust and his crazy Metal & Muscle club. Screaming cries for big hot rocker guys, the club enticed me to sit and draw something just for him. So when I did draw and presented him to Baralust, I was as nervous as a chef presenting a dish to the best food critique in town. Baralust like him so much he drew him right away and well it's just amazing what he drew, exactly what I had in mind, but unable to conceive with my own pen. He even added some hot leather pants and dog collars with spikes, just PERFECT! Baralust rocks!

A little DP, a little Kiss and TON of Bara-LUST! XD

Baralusts take on Belvadar would set any ice aged club a blaze, so hot he is! God I love how he gives guys such huge barrel chests, big muscular arms and thick amazing dicks that would make Tom of Finland blush! XD Check those nails! If only the real world was filled with his men!
The vision I had in my mind, but even that doesn't come close to what Baralust does with his pencils. What a stud!

Here is what he had to work with. This is actually the second image I drew of him. I was pretty proud of this. I mean, it's not great, but for my level it's passable. XD I got the wing idea from Godzookie. :P

I tried peach skin and a baseball cap for that roadie look, but I didn't really care for it.

Doing just the character was only the start. I have been busy commissioning him as well. Here is the first completed commission by who else but Master FallenAngel. Hey it's Halloween so let's get into the spirit. Belvadar just had to be shown rocking under the full moon of All Hallows Eve, with who else, but Dimata of course! I drew up the instruments, totally Flintstones style, sent them, along with the idea to Fallen and two short days I have this awesome image to share!

Halloween Rocks when FallenAngel makes a show!

As always Fallen gives so much back as his pen dances across the page, he just cannot help but fill each inch of it with whimsy! Love that wolf and the music notes. Those Jack o' Lanterns are enjoying the nude show eh? XD His take on Balvadar is so sweet. He gave him the kindest eyes, oh that shading on his face.. XD You know he is looking just at YOU in the crowd with that gaze, lol. And that nice thick cock will get put to good use right after the show I am sure! He really got the post pose and character perfect. I like how he put the foreskin design on Dimata he did when he first drew him way back when. He added the frill around the shell horn that looks really cool too.

I hope this gets you all in the Halloween spirit.
Check out Baralusts club and contribute too!


  1. Beldavar it's a nice character! I like that rocker bat so hot! :D I want to draw more of him ^^

    Thanks for your kind words... im flattered xD

    FallenAngel drew a fantastic pic!

  2. No problem Baralust! Thank you very much for drawing him. I would love to see more of him for sure!

  3. Besides the fact that I like the character design and I like seeing you continue to post your own images as refs for new characters, Baralust just always does an awesome job, I enjoy his art enough to appreciate most things he does. XD Awesome.
    Heck Fallen has plenty of appeal as well. Slick colors and a sprinkle of cuteness around the main subjects. I could get used to it. ^^

  4. Thank you Bu! Your encouragement keeps me posting more of my stuff! I am glad you like him and both artists wonderful work as well. :) Hugs.

  5. That first pic is just plain awesomeness... And Fallen's talent in creating lively environments is not short of merits either.

    As for you, DP, I really think you are getting much better at drawing. I look at my draws a few years back I find them no better than the ones you authored here. Certainly, with your passion, soon you will leave many artist without your commissions :P

  6. Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments thanks also to DP's idea and design that helps on that drawing :D - FallenAngel

  7. LOL thanks Gerry! That is very sweet of you! Awe, your drawings were always way better then mine! But thanks, you give me confidence in myself. ^_^

  8. Oh that's a change in your usual universe. Different kind of character... I love it (though I also loved the other ones ^^). Rock on baby !



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