Monday, October 18, 2010

Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's Gets a Huge Shot of Class! Patrick Fillions Surprise Entry!

How amazingly cool is this??? Patrick Fillion child of the 70's was so inspired by the concept that for the fun of it created not one, but three amazing Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's images! I was overjoyed and couldn't wait to pump out the matches here on the blog!
So with out any further ado here is RYU VS NIGHTCRAWLER!

There you have it, RYU the king of fighting games himself! Patricks Ryu is so adorable and sexy!!! I just love his Asian eyes and regal face! Oh man, the colors for his skin are so lovely, a nice tan to smooth'n up and make glow his tight muscular body. Looks like he thumped his foot down a little too hard there, his shirt popped open and his cock flung out in the process! :O Now there is a starting pose I wish Capcom had used. :P Really like how he posed his chest in this classic stance. The torpedo shape of the cock on Ryu is really hot, especially how it gets thicker near the head. So thick and firm that the foreskin was quickly pushed back like a sleeve, all nice and wrinkly hee hee. Check out that vein on his massive arm! WOW. ^o^ I remember seeing some sketches of Street Fighters on Patricks old blog years ago. It's a total honor to see Mr Fillion do Ryu inspired by my idea!

I really like this new Nightcrawler. We get to see what is hiding in the bulge from Patrick Classic image! Along with Gambit he is in the tops of my personal favorite X-Man. After seeing this I realized that he was a total missed opportunity by Capcom. Being a character that can phase in and out, like Pyron and is a playful joker, you would think Capcom would have made him playable. He could even have a tie in ending with Felicia since they are both religious characters. That would be a very interesting romance..hmmmmmmmmmmm...An EVIL GLEAM just crossed my eyes.
Seeing this wicked image of him, taunting Ryu into his playful embrace is really tantalizing! He is so HANDSOME. Oh that hair!!! I would to have nice locks like that! HA! Patrick even gave him nipple rings!!!! Says he couldn't resist! LOL! That is so awesome. :P Oh man, that is one thick weapon Patrick bestowed upon him. That thing is aching for attention. Neat job with the coloring of the shaft just under the head, making it purple and leading that a bit into the foreskin, it makes him look so juicy there! His cock is so full hard and stiff, it's like a pole. Dang...Ryu better not turn his back, he will be impaled! (Not that he would complain, I am sure.)

Check out Patricks Original Night Crawler here!

Scarlet Witch would have fit right in with the likes of Rose!

Ryu Vs the Son of Satan!

Partick really found some amazing combos! He took the idea and really expanded on the theme big time by Including the characters actually created in the 70's. The Scarlet Witch was a great idea too! She is such a wicked beautiful character. What is a fighting game with out some sexy girls? Her image in fact her entire character, definitely deserves more spotlight! She's very elegant. ^_^ Mr. Hellstorm another classic image by Patrick is really sexy, giving out a fearful battle cry before taking on Capcoms star! Two more characters that would be great to see make it in a Fighting game. What is also awesome is Patrick did up life bars and a very groovy font for the words and names! Too cool! The backgrounds are directly from the Capcom Classics for that authentic feel. :)

Thank Mr. Fillion! This was so kind of you, I still can't thank you enough. I have been diving into these games even more now, from these I now have a ton of new ideas!!! ^_^

Insert Coin! :P


  1. OMG, Patrick-sensei, these are AWESOME! :D nice color flats almost like in the game or anime :D woho!!

    @ DP, it reminds me of that Queen's Blade game in PSP, more damge more STRIPPIN!


  2. I've been a fan of Patrick's work for years now and his original rendition of Nightcrawler was my all time favourite.

    I always wished he'd done one of him naked as the bulge for the original was mind-numbingly HOT!!!

    Imagine my pleasure at seeing this; the nipple rings made my head feel light!!!


    I would have been more of a gamer if they had been anything like this :P

  3. OMG Patrick did it again! i love how he sexes up the Capcom/Marvel men! Truly inspiring and the cell shading has captured the "beat em' up games" Genre perfectly!

    well done and Congratz Matty!




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