Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

Happy Halloween everyone! It's my favorite day of the year! I have tons of treats, but no tricks for you all today!
Let's start with a trip to the Caribbean and welcome to the party Diab by Ink-B!

Ink's sexy vision of this classic character from Folklore is astounding. You might just consider making a deal with him to play with that long cock and rub against his abs of stone. Love that regal cloak with it's medallion. Those massive horns would be perfect to hold on to during a standing fuck! :P
Diab is more then often the source of evil and mischief in Créole tales. Sadly finding information regarding him in English proved as hard as Ink warned me it would be! An image like this really gets me interested in it's source material. I did come across this site with great Guyanese creatures featured in it:

Ink-B didn't stop here, nope! He recreated a character he started to work on last Halloween the batboy Nosfératus!

His sweet green candy eyes are fixated on you!

Ink-B took the time to really add to this character from his original vision. Even as he hurried himself to complete it before the big day, he didn't skimp on the hotness! There is something ever so sexy about spiky hair running down the back of a mans neck. :P Loving the lace wrapped around his arms and that creepy spider that patrols his hand. :O Hope he doesn't grab your dick with that hand! LOL. That is one massive juicy Halloween treat he has between his legs for you! You can imagine him flying naked over the grave yard, his perfect form illuminating the night sky. He may look sweet and friendly, but those feet tell a different a story. He's gonna pick you up and take you away for a night of passion, though you might never be seen again! ^_^ I am delighted to share this sexy and oh so cute creation with you guys!


Check out his spine chilling Halloween Town Sora while you are there!

These next two images, I just had to request of the artist Guytoonist to post in this special blog. I am totally smitten with his designs on all three of these holiday hunks. JD the Hoboken Jersey Devil is a werewolf that makes more then my hair grow. He gets the award for sexiest original character or the month from me! ^o^
Zaxxor the studly rogue apprentice of a powerful sorcerer, is one with his Jack-O'-Lantern. The villainous creature siphons life from others to keep himself alive. Though this he justifies by his view that he is "Appropriating time that is otherwise foolishly squandered by others." The trio is rounded out by the heavy set Warhead. This Franky is outfitted with car parts and a bio-hazard tattoo and lovely blond and white hair. Pure genius!

As a special treat, I was allowed to present his follow up image here first! Take a look as the guys bear all!

The perfect party boy, JD is presenting his full moon to any that dare try entering him! That is one cavernous foreskin! :P Love his bushy hail! LOL He is so playful.
Zaxxor is striking a classic pose of pure sexiness. His hair whipped to one side still cannot hide his glowing eye and the disfigured side of his face. He maybe presenting his purple cut dick for the sucking, but I would be very cautious about approaching him about this offer! His pumpkin is having a hard time resisting it seems. Those sexy pumpkin lips will do more then drain you of some creamy liquid!

Warhead sits so proud and strong on his junky old couch. I love his wonderful smile with those big full lips and glowing eyes. For a Frankenstein his is freaking sexy! His 2 liter coke bottle cock aching for some attention this Halloween night! Man that thing has stitches on it. I wonder if it is the combination of more then one cock to make such a thick dick?! I don't think I would ask questions, I would be to busy stroking it! LOL. If Guytoonist made the real Frankenstein gay villagers would be protecting him to this day! :P

This image was done very quickly by Caravaggia. She raced to get this done before she headed out to spend Halloween in Paris! That was so very kind of her. It's a particularly sweet treat, cause it features 2 of my men, Shayne from WTJohn, Ixy from Lastmanouthere and the Steampunk from her own stable of hunks. The boys are out trick, or treating in style. Shayne as Captain Caveman is making sure things are safe in the rear. Looks like he is failing in his duty as he inspects Steampunk instead of the dangers of the night. Ixy is all dressed up and ready for the Day of the Dead, he even found someone to give him a delicious candy skull! He's my favorite in the image. I love his expression and big hair! :P Belvadar done in a very sexy and fluffy unique style! He flies above making sure the path is safe ahead. Romer leads the group. The sexy Hardrosaur man is the Phantom of the Opera. :P I always dig it when she draws him! As always even as Caravaggia works quickly on something she adds all sorts of fun charms. Check out the Jack-O'Lantern. I wonder what kind of treats a house with that on it's porch gives out? :O

And here is something that fits the Halloween theme perfectly.

Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's Post 4, Donovan vs Morbius the Living VAMPIRE by FallenAngel:

The moon lights up two of the sexiest hunks from both their respected universes.

FallenAngel created this wonderful battle scene a few days ago. Giving all his effort to create a breathtaking Morbius. Moribus, a character created in 1971, really should have found his way to the world of Capcoms VS series. So should have Donovan, let's face it. This is an amazing pose, their clothes ripping off, cocks falling out, Morbius all hard and excited by the site of his antagonist....This is Fallen at his finest, action packed and muscle filled! Love Donovans legs and thick uncut dick! XD I have a funny feeling the fighting might stop soon... :P


I have a new entry for this blog! Urbanmusiq was working late last night and sent me a delightful site! His OC's Amron and Stone ready to trick, or treating as a Vampire and Werewolf. They are in a cozy embrace, with their cocks kissing each other! (Wipes drool.)

Take that Twilight!

Wow, this image is colored like a sweet Hallmark card! The background reminds me of these really old party decorations my aunt had kept from the 70's. There was the air of wonder and class to them and this image really warmed my heart as memories flooded back from past Halloweens. I am loving that Stone is all dressed up in his cute wolfy costume. Notice his eyes match his wolf eyes. How cute is that? The Wolf reminds me a bit of B. B. Hoods dog in Darkstalkers! :P Hee hee. That is one massive cock head on Stone. It is so hot how the cum forms a chain link! Love the fuzzy pubic hair growing like a vine! So cool that it matches his costumes thick chest hair! Gotta dig Amrons little fangs poking from his perfect lips! : Amrons smile is literally, to die for! Two beefcakes to add to your Halloween loot! This beautiful image beats Twilight any day! XD

Want more Halloween Treats? Check out the blog of Aneros, he has a special Holiday Hunk for everyone here:

Patrick Fillion has a new Halloween themed hunk as well and a promise of a Halloween Strip Show if you subscribe to his news letter today! :)

Here are few animated specials and things to check out today as you wait for the sun to set!

The perfect Halloween special was created in the 80's (When else?) by Disney when they produced DTV's Monster Hits in 1987. No Halloween is complete with out listening to your favorites from Michael Jackson, Ray Parker JR and Bobby "Boris" Pickett. All made better by snappy music videos featuring all your favorite Disney characters. The monster Mash with Classic black and white Mickey is just too cool for words. Sadly the special was never released on DVD and Disney channel no longer cares about their classic heritage, so the only way to watch it, unless you own a VCR is on youtube:

Speaking of Disney, how can it be Halloween with a trip to Bald Mountain? The spookiest piece of animation of all time, proceeds to give me chills year after year.....

And don't forget to swing by Sleepy Hollow!

Disney produced a really good House of Villians speacial in 2002. You should be able to find it at a rental store, or Wal-Mart. It's got a lot of good classic cartoons and some new treats featuring Mickey, Donald and the crew.

If comics are more your thing, take a look at this classic from retired artist Don Rosa, FIT TO BE PIED is the tale of extreme pumpkin carving in a little town call Duckburg.

Okay enough Disney! There is always Garfield, Charlie Borwn and the Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone, but here is a classic you might not have seen...

Count Pacula terrorized Pac-Land when I was a child. The scene at the drive in scared the hell out of me when I was 6! LOL. To be honest, it's pretty wicked...I wonder how they got it past the strict censors back then?

Along the video game theme, check out this classic from 1989, Count Koopula featuring Super Mario!

Check out this pilot for the Ghostbusters anime, I mean cartoon, from way back when. The strange thing about this pilot is the fact that the ghosts from it were often used in promotional materials for the series. Every one of them appears in the Ghostbusters board game. For decades kids must have pondered over their origins, as none of the original ghouls here appeared in the series.

Have a wonderful day everyone! Thank you everyone for all the thoughtful images! You guys made my Halloween unforgettable!


  1. Sw33t! love ink-B collection of hunks :D great work! :D man love those cartoons way back and sleepy hollow - FallenAngel

  2. Oh this is an awesome post and is my fav season of the year as well!!!

    I love all art here, specially Ink-B images, Nosferatus design and looks are soo HAWT (specially those eyes and smile) i love it!!!!

    Also Fallen image with Mporbius OMG!!!! And the final entry of Urbanmusiq art is juts soo delicious *0*!!!!!

    Sleepy Hollow was my fav Disney cartoon when i was a kid and i had a blast watching the Disney Halloween specials as well. Its a shame they are in total oblivion now :s

  3. Well, I was thinking of saying something about one or two images, but it would not be fair; they are all amazingly hot, ghastly alluring and erotically scary!
    So many undead dicks, demonic lust and fiendish sexiness requieres a bow to Ink-B, Caravaggia, Urbanmusiq, Guytoonist and Fallen Angel.
    Special thanks for including Ixy here, and in such an adequate manner XD

  4. Thanks guys for your warm comments, Happy Halloween :D - FallenAngel



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