Sunday, October 24, 2010

King Of Dragons Leads To So Much More

It's funny how I not only procrastinated with this commission, but the blog regarding it as well. I was gun ho to do it last night, when all of a sudden, I starting trying to apply the Facebook like box to this blog. Well an hour and 3 video instructions later, I was no closer to achieving that goal and once again I found myself putting this off. If anyone has any tips on that please let me know!

This summer I commissioned an image of King of Dragons by FallenAngel. The idea was not at all new, cause the hot characters begged for gay art of them for almost 2 decades prior. I had this idea brewing for some time. ^_^
I wanted a threesome with the Fighter (Barbarian), Cleric and Elf. The Cleric must be the most built specimen of his kind. Usually when I think of these guys, the term beefcake doesn't exactly pop up.

We went with the Cleric being uncut and Fallen gave him a wonderful foreskin to cover head with! The Fighter and Elf we decided to be cut. I love how Fallen did the both the big boys cocks so equally huge and thick that the elf can scarcely fit the fighters mushroom in his mouth. The Elf Archers is more fitting his demeanor! All three came out wonderfully. The image was a huge success for FallenAngel as well, earning a lot of deserved praise.

What was so wonderful was that when I commissioned it, even before it was completed, Fallens creative spirit when into overdrive. Smitten by these long forgotten characters, he sent me gift after gift of the boys, especially the Elf Archer. It was amazing that we were both fantasizing about doing images of them at the same time. It was the summer of teaching the youngsters some OLD SCHOOL! LOL.

The Elf Archer blushing before the camera, eagerly awaiting his chance to show his stuff to everyone!

The Archer wants to be taken from behind. A possibility FallenAngel and I will have to explore one day. Hee hee, his little balls are so tight against his leotard. :P

Straight from his scene with the big boys, the Elf still missing his leotard, assures the viewer that he is still a sweet innocent young man. Ha! Fallens imagination is so wicked. :D

Want to be this guys fluffer? The barbarian fighter stands firm and handsome, ready to strut his stuff! Another sweet gift from FallenAngel! I love those legs slightly obscured by his loin cloth. Yum, yum. XD

Another cool thing was reading some of the comments people wrote about the series. My favorite being from Guytoonist who loved the images and remarked how the game will always remind him of Disney World as a kid. For me, it was perfect for summer. It was another game I remember playing with my buddies in late August in an arcade below a shoe store. That was many moons ago. *sigh* More recently the game has become a main stay in the rotating roaster of titles played most often with friends. That being thanks to it's re-release on the Playstation 2 and PSP a couple years ago.
I always regretted not getting the SNES version of it. I looked recently and the price tag is pretty steep.

All these elves Got Fallen in the mood to touch on two of the most famous ones from the NES generation. I was really speechless when he presented me with fan art of one of my favorite puzzle games, Solomon's Key!!!!

FallenAngel recreated the exciting box art in his own style, making Dana even more sexy. I love that long hair and cute sexy bulge in his tights! XD The expression in his eyes says he is bored with puzzles at the moment.....Even as I post this, I can hear the unforgettable tune from the game. This really gave me a warm fuzzy feeling when he sent it. Man this game is HARD! I never completed it as a kid, though I got right to the end. Still, it's theme and fun are eternal. It really is a shame the game only had 1 sequel.

Just before we did the idea for King of Dragons, FallenAngel took on the king elf himslef, Link of Hyrule! Oh boy, we started talking about the SNES and Game Boy games and when I asked him to scan an image from the book, it led to so many naughty fan arts. How could he resist a character wearing such a short toga? :P Well, after seeing them I thought about asking him to do an image that got messed up by another artists some time ago. I should have sent this idea to Fallen from the start, cause you know with him, he's gonna have fun and respect your concepts at the same time.
So we did this idea for Link below. He is desperately trying to get away after being seriously damaged. The one heart indicator is beeping like mad and worry and panic strike his face. In desperation he calls upon the magic whirl wind to whisk him away from danger. And as always it doesn't work as planned. The little thing has become perverted, wanting to take a peek at Links cut cock instead of saving him! The caress of the gentle wind has made Link aroused. Fallen came up with the hilarious totem pole of Octoroks!! They hit a sweet spot on him, giving him an even harder erection. Ha ha ha!

Form Solomon two more entries that really hit home were produced by FallenAngel. Again I think we share the same mind, cause he then did up another character I myself was thinking of exploring as well; Dino Riki! Hoo boy, this game was a ball breaker. I got it for Christmas in Grade 7 and being a dinosaur nut, spent many afternoons trying to defeat it. I will never forget the day I did, only to discover it had no ending!!! Well, all my training was not for not. I became very prolific at shooters from then on. Finding that the more I played the easier the game got for me, gave me a lot of confidence in myself.
Riki is a good shooter, with some fun music and characters. Ricky himself can get a power up that makes him super muscular. The character is based on a wrestler in Japan. You get glimpses of the in joke during game play and when the games title screen goes a little crazy. Sadly kids outside of the Japan were not informed and so we were left to scratch our heads about all this, till the days of the internet.

Riki Stands proud and who wouldn't after falling a T-Rex with just some small stones?! Gosh, the challenging obstacles of the game shine through, even in the fan arts! I love this totally tanned and tight caveman Fallen has created. He has beautiful long slender legs and a sweet dark uncut cock! Much nicer then in the game! He was pale and squat. -_-'

This is one of those games were the American and the Japanese box art was not all that different. In fact the one from Japan seems inaccurate, showing a female character that is nowhere to be found in the game.

Well time to wrap this up, with one final entry. This one was the biggest surprise of all. FallenAngel did a fan art of Nintendo first fighting game Urban Champion! LOL. It's a loving tribute to a game that falls way under the radar, despite it's status in history.

I am pretty sure I only got to play this game after Street Fighter 2 was already famous. Still, for it's time is very quirky and funny. Fallen did a great job capturing the humor of the title.


  1. cute images :)

    How many memories... King of dragons, I've spent so much on it ! but was so funny (loved the harpy part on the boat)

    This is my Yaoi gallery, maybe you'll find in something that you like ^^

  2. Glad you like the post! I love the boat part too, there are characters that look like Rikuo on it. I was gonna post a screen shot of that, but didn't get around to it. Nice site!

  3. Wow this is a flashback overload, great review here , DP thanks :D -FallenAngel

  4. No problem. This was a long time coming. :)



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