Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nicest Halloween Gift Ever! Belvadar by Patrick Fillion!

So I come home late the other night, after a really fun night out, not expecting much in my inbox. I figured I might as well check my mail before making my journey to slumberland...I don't think I need to tell you that I didn't make that trip for several hours afterwords! XD Who can sleep when the biggest surprise ever was waiting for me? Mr. Fillion e-mail explained that Balvadar was such a cool character he just had to draw him! Wow! I fell out of my chair. I was pretty humbled by his complements. It was just amazing that Baralust and Fallen drew 'em and complemented on his design, this unexpected honor had me bouncing off the walls. Here he is for you all to enjoy, hot and fresh off the wicked drawing board of the Grand Master himself!

Belvadar takes off into the skies, wings outstretched, with his long nimble fingers gentle caressing back his thick, luscious foreskin...

That is one hell of a hair do, I lust love how it curves over. His handsome face is complemented by all the neat touches, like by the way his eyebrows are so sharp, with the vertical lines at the ends of them. And how his black lashes, sticking out from the side of his face, showing they are part of his face, not just paint, it's just too awesome a design.
The wings Patrick created for his arms are really cool. Gotta love the way they attach to his perfect arms, they look so flexible. Hee hee, the chest with the classic Fillion nipples is lovely! :P So many neat touches here, like how his chest hair and pubic hair match. I love the bush down there taking root on base of his perfect pillar. That head is just so plump looking! His legs are so yummy. The boy is a feast for the eyes. No one, not even I, had drawn his feet yet. I really like the idea of putting rings on them to match the ones on his hands, it's very sensual.

I simply cannot thank Patrick enough for this masterpiece. Seeing Belvadar in such a classic pose, done so sexily put me in euphoric state that has yet to diminish. It got me inspired to do many images of him in the coming weeks. I can't wait for Baralust to get home from his trip, he is going to faint when he sees what his clubs inspiration has led to.



  1. a 12 out of 10!! Looks Amazing -- Congraz on this awesome gift! :)


  2. You so totally deserve it dear !

  3. Amazing! quick, DP frame it and have him sign ! - FallenAngel :D

  4. LOL I would love to frame it for sure! :) Thanks Ga_L! That's sweet! Hee hee Thank you Mr. De Leon. I agree with that score!

  5. :D sha lalala-la - FallenAngel

  6. that is just super exciting
    Patrick is such an amazing person ^_^



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