Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thanksgiving Art Feast.. CatchX, NeZu13, Caravaggia and FallenAngel Art!

Hey again. It's the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and I have been really busy. I have some time now, so I want to take a moment and share some thanks to some really cool artists. First I want to show you guys the commissions I just got this week from the artist CatchX, formally Catchguess. Bloggers might remember him for being the man who created Little Mac last year as a request. I noticed he likes to do very hentai inspired art, which I find really cool when I see guys in these kinds of poses. So I asked him to do Janatu in that kind of pose and the results are pretty freaking sweet!! Take a look:

Janutu begging to be fucked like an animal.

Aftermath, he came so fast his foreskin didn't even pull back. :P

Lighter face paint.

CatchX was cool to work with on this one. He got the pose exactly like I wanted and the body is very hot and sexy, with a nice chest, sexy abs and thick uncut dick. :P I just love that tail arching over that ass spread so open thjat he drew! Very hot. It was very sweet of him to make an aftermath version as well. (Cum shot.) He was good in asking questions about the characters costume and what I would like to see on him. He sent me a lot of different skin versions, tilting it different ways for the fun of it even after the final. I was gonna request Nehme looking at him with a nose bleed, but I never followed through with that. This was because, I have yet to design what Nehme looked like when he was younger and not wearing his hood. (Though I guess that would not have been very hard really..lazy me.)

From there I pimped out Belvadar to him. He looks very huggable here. His all soft and cushy looking! He have him a super fuzzy chest! Sexy! The bright lights and dark background really make his pale skin stand out nicely. His cock head is a bright pink beacon of love! :P Hee hee...The coloring is really nice. He did a great job. This was the first time I picked the ancient fish I wanted used for this guitar. CatchX did a nice job on the skull. This one too is Halloween themed. Hey it's that time of year! CatchX decided to put him in big rocking leather boots, that look pretty wicked!

User page:

His blog:

Last month as some people know, my life took many turns for the worst. During that time I got some really sweet art from the artist Caravaggia. I have not shared it here as yet, cause it's pretty personal. XD Hee hee, she took it upon herself to draw me, getting the ultimate feel better hug, the ultimate being one from my beloved Rikuo! :P Hee hee.

Yep that's me being towered over by a super handsome Rikuo drawn by Caravaggia. She put a lot of heart into him, he's very sleek and sexy. There's just something extra special about the way she drew this, Rikuo is so nicely done. I won't forget opening this and having more then a few tears trickle down my cheeks. Just when I think the world is crashing down around me, here was Caraggia with a message of hope and friendship. ^_^

Here's something very fresh! FallenAngel drew up Jamun again! This time, though he undressed her privates! :O She's very hot as she bakes in the summer sun, the sweat glistening off her perfect form! He did a fantastic job coloring and shading her. She's very yummy. He changed up her outfit to make the bandanna more old fashioned with a buckle, some expensive jewelry around her neck (very creative) and some cool arm and leg ornaments. NICE! She must have been doing a very formal affair! :) Let's not forget her perfect rack! Thank you very much Fallen!

Last, but not least is a picture I might not have ever seen had it not been for Chrimsonblood contacting me just over a week ago. This is a super cool image of Joey that I requested many months ago by the artist NeZu13. He apparently had a hard time getting in contact with me and I found this one month after it was posted. I am pretty embarrassed about that. I still have yet to hear from him, but he has my deepest thanks.

This is a very dramatic Manga hero style pose for Joey! He looks brilliant! It reminds me of the covers of some boxing Mangas, or video games. I think it's gotta be a combo of the lights and steam that make him look like such a super star. I love his locks of golden hair. The dark shading around his gorgeous eyes is so great! His face is so handsome and his body so sexy! OMG that is one beautifully shaped monster uncut dick! That thing is THICK! Nice foreskin too with a sweet pink head drooling juicy precum. Fighting gets this guy hot! XD I really like the wrap around of his tail. NeZu13 gave him a great skin tone, all the colors are grand, especially the lighting effects from the arena.
Thanks so much again. I feel so out of it that I missed this....That was my September curse... :(


  1. Nice pics!
    Joey is very cuuuuuuuuuuute in this style!!♥

  2. Woh thats one kick ass art galore :D great design by CatchX nice H pose and rocking Belvar :D yummy!

    Aww that a good hug Cavaraggia :D

    Nezu13's Joey and his style kick ass :D

    Glad you enjoy Jamun I'm happy with her current style :D Queen's Blade been an inspiration LOL*:D


  3. Lots of winning arts here for ya! Nice work to all. :3
    I have seen that Ness Joey image before, and actually... if I had known you DIDN'T know about it, I'd have brought it to your attention. D: I kinda feel bad about that.

    Anyways though... hope you had a happy early turkey day! I say early because... it's early to me! :U lol I still got a month and change left for mine. I'm "'MERI-KIN" (american), ya'll! LOL

  4. Lotds of great art!!! Fallenangel is such an active artists in this blog xDDD and Caravaggia is soo cute and sweet

    Like Bu said, the Joey art has ben around for quite some time, thet fact that you see it already is the remenant that september is over!!!

    Oh Cathguess art is soo awesome, great opening and great design on Belvadar, all the art if this character turns out soo cool!

  5. Aaaw~! XD
    Sorry for the type-o on his hat...
    I should've edited before you put your logo XD
    hehehe... It was fun working with joey... and I do remember one OC of yours... XD

  6. Thank you again Nezu! This was very sweet of you. ^_^ It's cool to hear you liked drawing him!

    Thanks for the awesome comments Devilman! Yeah Fallen is fast becoming the most active contributor here! :) Which is so great!



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