Friday, October 22, 2010

Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's Post 3 FallenAngels Babes!

Here is FallenAngels explosive contribution to the Marvel VS Capcom 70's series on this blog. It's two legends, Chun Li and Red Sonja go at it with all their power and skill, achieving truly hentai results in the process!

This is a truly smashing piece by Fallen. It was so much fun to watch him go at this. A chance to take on two beloved beauties? I didn't need to ask him twice about that! He was so into it, he started while doing another commission. I just said, have them fighting and his pen went to work. It was so awesome that he incorporated Chuns kick into whipping up and damaging Sonjas chain mail. What would be a Chun Li fight without including her kick? He even mimiced the great shading from these classic comics. (Check that boot!) It was thrill to see him work with such joy mixing his manga style with Marvels creating a wicked version of Sonja. It was also a big thrill for me to see him take on my favorite Street Fighter Chun Li as well, she turned out beautiful. The positioning of the two classics could not be more wicked! Thanks FallenAngel! It's commissions like this that make my heart smile.


  1. woa! They turn out eally amazing o_o!!!!!

    That fighting scene is really epic!!!

  2. woah, bewbs! And even a little crotch shot. XD Wow, what a bonus.
    This is highly impressive. This maintains a cartoon style like I am used to with Fallen's art, but it feels more detailed. I almost didn't recognize it to be their art. XD I hope that doesn't come out insulting anyways, because it's pretty darn good. Nice stuff. :D

  3. Glad you like it Busiris, I just trying out some inking practice I've been doing so :D thats how it came out.

    @devilman, glad you like it

    @DP woho nice review on that piece it makes me really happy! :D

    - FallenAngel



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