Saturday, October 16, 2010

Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's!!!

When I started to read the John Carter comics, a few thoughts started to cross my mind. I just kept thinking about all the licenses that have been lost since then and how, if they were kept, or if history was written differently, how things might have played out between Marvel and Capcom. Being a video game player I started to think of all the missed opportunities during the great age of fighting games. Can you imagine Marvel Vs Capcom if the likes of Robert E. Howard's creations were still under Marvels thumb? What if the technology was different and in the days of Atari 2600 fighting games had emerged? you see what I mean. I was gonna wait till I got more of these commissions completed, but it's just as fun to reveal these bit by bit too. Holding onto to an idea this hot, was just too much for me.

First off we have an image of pure adventure and lust that truly captures the very spirit of comic covers of old by Urbanmusiq!

The two legendary Heroes fall under each others spell deep in the jungle, bathed under a Jurassic Park style sunset!

This was actually a request by Patrick Fillion. I thought of Tarzan and some other characters, but when he suggested Chris, the ideas just flowed out. So much so, that I hard time picking one. It was my final suggestion that Leon and I both liked the most. I was just overjoyed the pose worked, but Leon not only got it perfect, he took it and really added a twist! He tied big hunky Chris to the tree, adding an element of reluctance as he gives himself to the Ape Man. It's almost a form of self sacrifice! As always Urbans Chris is beyond compare. He really should do a comic, or animated version of this character, so rare is it to see an artist truly make a character his own, with all his heart. I don't need to tell you Chris is a vision of manliness. Such a perfect chest, handsome face and cool blue eyes, need only need a simple glance to recognize their brilliance.

The biggest thrill was seeing just how Urban would take on Marvels version on the King of the Jungle. I sent him the entire first comic and several images by Joe Jusko as well. I was really happy to see he kept in the spotted loin cloth! Giving him that bronzen tan was so delectable a choice. So nice is he dark and tanned to perfection by the African sun. I love how he drew his cock so fat and thick, like a balloon filling with air, stretching to it's max as Tarzan holds it firm in his powerful grip! Tarzan by Urban is so handsome, he begs returning too. And if he allows it and an idea presents itself one day that may just happen!

Next up is an image started and completed today by the boy who creates heroes, the great JCARTBLOG! It's been some time since I have commissioned my old friend, but that's okay, cause in that time his skills have gotten even better. He blew me away with his speed. I was feeling under the weather today and his e-mails really helped me recover quickly from a nasty sinus headache! (You know the ones were your nostrils burn..ugh.) To him I gave the idea of bringing back the Master of Kung Fu himself, Shang-Chi in passionate battle with my favorite street brawler Guy from Final Fight!

The two legends Lock Legs brilliantly by the Jem JCARTBlOG!

I was extremely impressed with how JC took on Shange-Chi. He really brought out the sexy beast in the character. Defining his face with wonderful shading and strong sexy eyes. I love what he did with his hair, coloring it pure blue and making it flow vibrantly as the hero kicks respectfully at his equal. I was over joyed to see he left on his top. I think it makes him look very handsome. There is something to be said about how that neck leads down to that firm chest peeking out of that open top. This vision would have me hesitating to turn the page as I stared a little longer...XD To be honest, I think JC's version is sexier then in the comic! Yes it is true that Marvel did not lose this character, but elements of his comic including the classic villain, Fu ManChu were lost, making reprints impossible. Really much would that copyright cost? Dang Marvel...that's cheap!

Ha ha ha, JC asked me if they should be cut, or uncut. We went with uncut for fun. It's funny that the Masters Dong is a bit longer then Guys. Hee hee, it's like he is his superior in a few ways... :P Guy also is very handsome! His messy bangs falling over his beautiful profile, looking directly at the viewer..that's very dreamy! He did a great job on Guys classic FF outfit as well! :)
I think the background, temple with sunlight flowing in so intensely that you can't see beyond it, is a great tribute to the Martial arts images of classic comics and manga!

Thanks JCArtblog! The poor guy is going through a huge move and could really use some commission money, so feel free to contact him if you want any dreams to come true! ^_^

A special thanks to Ink-B for helping me come up with that groovy logo!

Well that's if for now. I really want to hear your comments on this one and if anyone has any suggestions, for this series, let me know!


  1. Owww, man Tarzan D:!!!!!!!

    He was from Marvel xD i remember those comics! My dad used to have them all over the place when i was a kid xDDD

    Both pics are soo awesome!!! JC did a great job on Shange-Chi new looks while keeping him clasic looking and Urban´s Chris is soo epic!!!!!

    Mmm..suggestions? I dunno, dont have a deep knowledge about old school comics xD

  2. Ha ha yeah, my dad had them all over the place too! Tarzan, Conan, Red Sonja and so many more. I still have some of the comics! I wish my knowledge of that time was better too. I am a child of the 80s. XD It's always fun to research.
    Thanks for the wonderful complements!

  3. Wow you already started that idea :D nice Tarzan and Shang Chi :D awesome! - FallenAngel

  4. Tarzan vs. Chris Redfield...

    Yummy feet!!!

    There, i said it. Happy?!


  5. This is a REALLY WICKED IDEA... and I think these first two entries in the series are AWESOME!!! Leon's Chris and Tarzan is FANTASTIC -- he did such an amazing job (as always)... It's super HAWT! And JCArtBlog's Guy VS Shang-Chi is AMAZING!!! What a great pair-up!!!

    I can't wait to see what's coming up next! Superb work, buddy! :oD

    And by the way -- I LOVE the classic Logo you and Ink came up with! VERY retro cool!

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

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