Friday, October 1, 2010

Frenchie Circle Jerk, the Guys go Disney!

Oh presented today is a commission from last year, that got put on hold for a bit. Once Frenchie got started on it, it was not long at all before it was completed. This was on order from when Dimata, Steko and Romer will still very new OCs. When Frenchie contacted me to start this she was very delighted with the amount of wonderful new art to use as ref for these boys. She did an absolutely fantastic job. It was really awesome to see the guys back in action. Steko and Romer have not had a lot of images with them in it this year. So it did me a lot of good to see them back for sure. She even did a version with and with out frill on Romers penis.

It's so hot how everyone is grabbing on to Dimatas uncut cock! :P What an awesome circle Jerk she has going on here. Oh those side burns on Steko! XD And those perfect tusks on Dimata! It's so outstanding how she gave the boys such a Disney look and feel. Frenchie told me how proud of this one she was and I couldn't agree more, it's so full of spirit and sexuality. She has me falling in love with Romer all over again with that crazy head frill! (Not to mention his thick dick! XD) Frenchie knows her cocks and her foreskin and really gave the boys something to brag about between their legs. :P I like Steko with his pouty lips, smile every time I look at them! ^o^

Here is the alternate version! Enjoy!

Speaking of Disney, FallenAngel7 presented me with this awesome fan art of Dore and a Gorilla serving up ice cream in a jungle bar. That reminds me of good old Louie from TaleSpin, serving up shakes and Sodas for Baloo and kit! Dore returns with his now signature leaf hat in this very charming image! I wonder if Dore is worried about how much he can trust that big ape, or what is actually in this ice cream served up in coconut shell bowls?! Thank you very much FallenAngel! :) *hugs*

Well I was inspired by all this, so last night started to doodle a picture of Shin, the sexy creation of Crimsonblood. I missed Crimmys birthday and I wanted to do something for him myself. I started to wonder what Shin would look like if he was around in the 20's and 30's. So I came up with this concept. The arms could use some work, but I thought it still decent enough to post up here on the blog. Happy Belated birthday lil'bro!

I hope this makes you guys smile! More to come!


  1. That's an adorable lil pic you made for Crim. X3 I love the effort you put into it. The coloring is pretty rock solid. :3 Nice job, and great assorted selection in this bloggeh! :D

  2. I didnt know Dore have a trademark leaf hat :D but glad you like it :) - FallenAngel

  3. Yep the trademark hat you made for him right now! XD I guess it's the umbrella put to good use.

    Thanks Bu! That was very kind of you to say that about the coloring! I am glad you liked my little doodle. ^_^



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