Sunday, June 23, 2019

Shark Weekend Emil Vs Warren

Happy first weekend of summer everyone.  In celebration of the hot weather, I got some art that will make you want to venture into the water!  This is one of three images I have to share.  Each one features the sexy Warren Warshark, introduced in the the 2 latest Mako Finn comics.  We got to see him in action in Mako Finn 3 a couple months ago.  Since then, I have been dying to get people to take him on.  Of course since we know he is gonna run into Byron eventually, I decided to ask Sirio to pair him with his dad Emil.   The Dilf we all love, ventured back to the beach, telling himself it was in search of his son, but really we know he was hoping for more strange in the sand.
Well he got more than he bargained for, when he was taken from behind by a very horny and hungry Warren!  Don't worry Emil, he just wants your penis pudding.  Sirio did such an explosive job with this image, I quickly commissioned her to do another right away.  I will be posting that one soon, along with some wildly detail art by Aneros!  June is about to become very exciting around here!

Please check out Mako Finn #3 from our friends at Classcomics!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Wonder Boy Adult Returns

Getting back to the characters that I started adult art for, today we have Tom Tom once again by FallenAngel.  This time though, the uncut caveboy has a bit of a design twist. Fallen took inspiration from the Switch game Wonder Boy Returns.  Yes I know the game was first on the PS4 and Steam, but the Switch version is unique.  It is a total remake of just the arcade game, whereas the original RETURNS was a very different game based on the property.  And yeah, I said arcade game.  That means that the stages from the Master System are gone.  The game is great in many ways. The graphics are cute and colourful and the music is fantastic.  It plays extremely well too.

The problem?  Well, there is a bit of cheapness to the whole package.  The game recycles the intro for the PS4 game as the ending to easy mode.  It uses the ending of the PS4 game for the normal mode.   That really leaves you scratching your head if you only play normal.  Not only because you never saw the set up, but it includes characters not featured in the Switch game at all.  Another issue comes with the music.  Who ever lined up the stages with the tracks made some laughable mistakes.  Only one dark forest stage plays the correct music.  Some of them are set to play the sea side track, complete with ocean waves.  This doesn't distract too much from the fact that you are getting a very well ported and presented versions of one of the most beloved side scrollers of all time.  I can still recommend it, but not over the Master System one.

One thing that is not cheap is Fallens take on the character!  Darling eyes, bouncy hair, bulging muscles and a cock as thick as a palm tree. Yup...this one certainly passes for a quality hunk of man!

Ryan the cavalier constable of Uroldelos

Oomph...I got up at 4:30 AM to post this hunka man by Lastmanouthere, but I had a hard time getting started.  Every time I opened the image, I got a little too excited.  Now I am on the third attempt and my keyboard is pretty sticky!  hee  hee. Well, I think I should be able to concentrate now!  Ryan is one of Lastmans characters that has been around for about a decade now.  He decided to flesh him out this year.  He made him look a bit more mature, changing his features like his eyes and nose.  Ryan got a tan and a few costume tweaks as well.  I really like these changes. Of note the white cloth resting on his penis has been, at least temporarily removed.  (I could have used one of those about 10 mins ago.)  He now looks a lot stronger and more sure of himself that he did originally.  He now has a full back story.

Ryan enlisted in the Farland detachment of the frontier force of Praria, which guarded the north from the deadly raid of the most savage barbarian tribes of Bezarlos. Distinguished at a young age, he got promoted and,somewhat against his wishes, stationed as constable of at the capital, Prarika. 
Over the years Ryan's life became stale. Attending to petty crimes hardly compared to the glory of the battlefield. One day, however, his work lead him to a series of disappearances of teenagers, mostly boys.  This lead him to encounter the mysterious vigilante Blue Vindicator. Together with the Saian wizard Gerrod and Inquisitor Sehule, they travel south and onwards trying to find the kidnapped kids and stop the sinister cult behind it all.
While at first Ryan became infatuated with both the bravado of Blue Vindicator and the sophistication of his civilian persona Dellan Highwind, he later realised his affections were not reciprocated by the young noble and instead found love in the arms of a traveller with a curious weapon called a "firearm", a so-called "Rhaoul the Spurned."

Hmmm how can that Blue Vindicator not fall for Ryan?  Kinda snobbish if you ask me...
I hope that we get to see the story fleshed out and or completed some time in the near future. 

This is the original Ryan! He is so adorable! I am not sure if the new costume allows for naked feet.  Knowing Lastmanouthere, I do not doubt it still does! 

Gay Pride Day In Splatoon Nintendo Switch

Just a little PSA.  You might not have heard that today is the second last Splatfest in Splatoon 2.  The theme is team unicorn vs Narwhal.  It is about as embracing of gay pride and culture as you are probably going to get from Nintendo.  They have a very roundabout way of doing holidays and events these days. Picking a theme that is reflective of what is going on, without actually mentioning the celebration specifically.  In the past they did this with Naughty Vs Nice for Christmas and Werewolf Vs Vampire for Halloween.

Anyway it is a a big step for them to finally embrace all the gay culture surrounding this game, even if this is all we get.  So what team are you?  Do you want to be hung like horse, or be big, moist and a little fishy?  See you on the battlefield either way!


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