Thursday, February 28, 2013

Final Fantasy's Wakka Naked By Adonix

Another day, another piece I have been holding back for some time.  This mouth watering image of Final Fantasy's Wakka was drawn by Adonix back in September.  I kept thinking I had posted this, after all, how could I hold such majesty back from the publics eyes right?   I don't know either.  It must be that giant uncut dick.  It turns my brains into mush every time I gaze at the spell binding thing!  LOL.  I have a few more images from Adonix that I will be posting in the coming days as well.  I really love how Adonix used a sort of  comic book 'dot' style to color this.  (It's pretty hard to see it at this resolution, but trust me it's there.)  Very stylish.  The man is always looking for new ways to spice up his art.  I also like how he showed distance from the camera by blurring Wakkas arm slightly.  I wonder if he is excited for Final Fantasy re-release as I am?  I never did finish the game on my PS2.  I am looking forward to giving it another shot.  Too bad there won't be bonuses like this in the game. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Joey's Knockout Valentine

It's been a little while since I had some art from TonberryKnight to share. As they say , absence makes the heart grow fonder and I am very fond of this new explosive piece from her! :D This started out with a Valentines theme in mind, but Tonberry did it so that it could also be used year round. (Making this post a little less embarrassing that it took me so long to post it!)   Tonberryknight took on both Joey and the Dinosaur Prince for the first time.  They look really sweet.  Joeys looks like a lean, fast fighter.  His brown skin shines nicely in the arena lights.  Dinosaur Prince has a very strong regal face.  I especially love the way she cupped the foreskin around Joeys penis head and the long flowing locks on DP.

 I wonder who the watchers in the front row are?  Kinda looks like Marshalls hair...hmmm...

Here is the Valentines version.  Never too late to say I love you. ;D

Like so many other artists, Tonberryknight has pretty much moved away from Y!Gallery. You can find her Deviantart page here:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lil' Deep Dries His Massive Muscles By Crimsonblood

Hey guys.  I am back with some amazing art, after a very sad event in my life.  As some of you have already heard, I lost my dad to cancer last week.  He will be greatly missed, especially since I have such a small family.  I'm still reeling from it.  Sometimes I am fine and other times it hits me pretty hard.  I'm going to do my best to keep focused and post wonderful pieces each day this week.  (As I am VERY far behind in doing so!)  I wanted to post Crimsonbloods take on Lil' Deep, because not only does his Deep remind me of the heroes I found in my dads old comics and books, but it also has an air of purity to it.  He gave the character perfectly sculpted body, with skin so smooth and sweet.  It glistens in the ancient sun light as if it is greeting the world for the first time.  The penis, hides in the shadow, perfectly proportioned, without one wrinkle on the shaft, or  The ocean with those thick white clouds reminds me of the one from E.V.O.  The prefect picture for a new beginning, a fresh start and a time to move forward.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rastan X Rygar Classic Game Hunk Valentine

Hey guys. I wanted to share with you all this super sexy Valentine I got from my sweet love Zerimar! :) He decided to take two classic kings of the arcade, Master System and NES and put them together for a Valentines vision that will send you back to the glory days of video game hunks. This is gonna make your joysticks throb.

Taitos Rygar and Rastan meet for the first time and exchange a little body heat! 

I can't think Zerimar enough for this scrumptious image.  Man, it had me making a mess! XD Then it had me scouring the net for some old images of these two studs.  In my search I found some really hot images of Rygar.  You might have seen them before, but if not here are three that I thought were super sexy.  

The original art for the arcade Rygar has a distinctively Asian flair to it.  It's nice to see a wealth of ideas  from various cultures, coming together to make a game. 

Rygars got some tight pants for the Sega Master System version of the game.  Too bad the game play wasn't as tight as they are.

 This version of the Sega Master System Box from Japan is darker, but it is a higher resolution.

 My favorite is the Spectrum box art for the European Release.  Yeah the other two are way better at capturing the actual game character.  This one gets bonus points for being so daring.  I mean, it me, or is Rygar actually naked on the cover? He's certainly looks that way.   I would have to say they were certainly going for a Tarzan style here, from the look of Rygar and the prehistoric animals included in the cover.  (That were not in the game that I recall.)  It's a pretty brutal cover with the gladiator being disemboweled. Who's says old video games weren't violent? XD Here's two version of the box art. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

You Make Me Weak Superman!

 Hey guys! I found the Superman Valentine below listed on E-bay back in January.  I wanted to do something naughty with it ever since.  I mean, just look at that thing!!!! How many people masturbated to that card I wonder? XD  I almost did!
 Sadly as you guys know my life is upside down.  I remembered it a couple days ago and asked if anyone wanted to try something with it.  You already know who stepped up the plate, our wonderful Sirio!  She worked like mad and did the whole image in just one day! I had to sneak at her sketches at work and at a local coffee shop on my break to see how it was all going.  Sirio always does Superman so nicely.  He's so very cute and handsome.  Love the blush!!  She even added in the cape that was missing on the original card. Sirio even made two penis sizes for extra sexiness!  A super sweet Valentine from an artist that is faster then a speeding bullet! Hee hee.  Happy Valentines everyone!

Here are some more 'alien' Valentines.  I picked up these Alf Valentines for cheap on E-bay.  They are based on the cartoon.  I think they are pretty cute.  Enjoy

 This is one ugly version of Curtis. 

I don't remember...was the waitress a main character?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be My Prehistoric Valentine

Hey Everyone! Here is part one of my Valentines post.  We start with a very 'heavenly' image of Cupid Dimata by FallenAngel.  Dimata is giving a mammoth size valentine for Smilo to sink his saber teeth into. I am sure he would much rather push his teeth deep into that thick leather foreskin instead... Fallen did a freaking  superb job of making the prehistoric boys extra sexy.  I love that bubble butt on Dimata.  Smilo is simply devine.  It was hard for me not to post this till now, let me tell you!  What a perfect start to a wonderful Valentines day; A love that lasted from the beginning of time. :D  (Well the ice age anyway.)

Hey and speaking of the beginning of time, here's some kick ass Pac-Man Valentines based on the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon! ('cept for the fuzzy sticker.)  I own a box of these (and the sticker too!)  There's one more in this set that is not here.  I was hoping to take pictures of my Valentines, but with things the way they are in my life, I will probably have to wait till the weekend.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Felix Fucks Camili-Cat

Tonigihts post was an idea that spent a couple years in the conceptual stage.  You guys know how I love my classic cartoon characters.  For some time I wanted to create a Felinoid character that based on the black and white star Felix The Cat.  I sent concepts to artists from time to time, trying to see if anyone would bite. I got great interest from K3rry, as you might have seen on his blog years ago!  Sadly, the image never not got past the sketch stage before we started going in a different direction.  That was okay though, because that's how our image of Spot came to be!  (He was originally set to start with Felix at the time.)  Earlier last year I showed some of my ideas to Aneroes who sketched up a really sexy image of a Felinoid Felix.  (Should we call him Felux?)  Instead of completing the original sketch, he went over the top and surprised me with this wicked image of Felix fucking the new, hairy, rough and circumcised Camili-Cat!  The sweet guy created this to cheer me up during this very trying time in my life.  :D 

Aneros did a miraculous job on Felix.  He gave him the warmest, friendliest and most handsome facial features he could.  He has the most gentle eyes.  Aneros always worked well with dark colors and he applies a special kind of magic to Felixes dark sculpted body, that only he can.  He so loves to draw dicks!  He must have been in heaven drawing so many fun dildos for Felixs bag of tricks.  I recognize a few that made it into here, that were in the original sketch.   Aneros never forgets a dick! ;D His Cam is simply awesome.  What a power house he is. His leg and cock look like they were built to help in running heavy machinery!  Now that's muscle!

All this excitement had me looking up a lot of old files.  Above is one of the first sketches I did for Felix, probably back in 2010.  Below, is a very special piece of fan art.  If my memory is right, this fan art was the very first image I ever found of Camili-Cat.  (That was many moons ago!)  I remember frantically searching the net to find more and being so happy to find all there was out there at the time. 

 I love how his take on Cam bares a striking resemblance to Tom Cruise. :D

If you are wondering if the artist M3LLO is still around, I have good news.  He goes under a different name now, but you can find more of his stuff on DA: 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mystery Gay Egyptian Space Fantasy

I found this back in January of 2005.  To this day I have no idea who drew it, or what it was for.  Looks like the Egyptian character is based on Ra.  Anyone have any information on it?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Romer: Portrait Of A Dinosaur Man

This gorgeous portrait of Romer Walkeri, the Parasaurolophus man was masterly painted by Caravaggia.  She wanted to make him as realistic as possible and achieved just that.  From the amazing detail in his eyes to the little imperfections in his skin, he looks as life like as he's ever going too.  This realistic style she has adopted is jaw dropping.  He's even got the perfect backdrop for a prehistoric boy, a grey cloudy day in Prehistoric Paradise.

I haven't really stated everything that is going on here in my on this blog, but after getting this wonderful gift from Caravaggia I feel I should explain it all a bit better.  My father is dying of cancer.  He was in full health in December, but a week before Christmas he lost the use of one of his hands.  A week later on Boxing day he was in such pain he couldn't stand it anymore.  Since then he has pretty much been in the hospital.  Eventually it got to the point where his legs gave out and he couldn't walk.   They couldn't figure out it was cancer.  They thought it was his spine.  About three weeks ago, we thought all was lost.  They finally found the two types of cancer that are destroying him.  He's been fighting for three weeks.  On Wed we found out that nothing was working.  They have one last procedure that may help him, it won't cure him and it almost most certainly will kill him if he is not strong enough.  Right now, we are only buying him time. -__-  They say he has anywhere from a week, to a month left.  On Tuesday night (feels like 100 years ago now)  I was coming home with my family.  My sister had some lovely music playing from a CD on. 

While I listened alone in the backseat, I let my imagination run wild.  I thought of prehistoric worlds of adventure, saber tooth cats, warriors from Egypt on sphinxes and things like that.  It was a momentary release from all the hardship of late.  When I came home and saw this image, I was reminded of lucky I am in life. because of the many artists friends I have featured on this site.  Not very many people get to say they come home and see their dreams made reality.  

This isn't a world many of us can share with our parents, certainly not mine.  But I have to thank my dad for sending me on the path that lead me to this place, through the many stories he shared with me and his many novels and comic books he always let me explore.  (Mostly Tarzan and Conan.)  He took me many times to the museum and explained so many things to me.  He loved mammoths and mastodons and all the mammalian mega fauna.  Or maybe he just liked them for my sake. I am not sure. One thing I am sure of, is my dad had a hand in educating and shaping my young imagination in all thing savage, prehistoric and beautiful. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Tameh The Caveman Returns

Time to play a little catch up.  This glowing (literally) pin up image of Tameh the Caveman was created by Luisazo.  Tameh is ready for action with his uncut dick at half mast, just ready to inch up and slide that foreskin back any second now. Not sure what I like better, that heavy looking dick with a foreskin as thick as can be, or his face with his big eye brows and gorgeous smile.  Luisazo drew this sexy piece back in November.  Time sure has been slipping by fast since the summer.  When I first created Tameh I had a full story ready for him.  One day I am going to have to work on getting that completed...okay...started. :P   

I believe that Luisazo is still open for commissions like this.  I know I have 2 more to post.  ^O^You can check him out here:

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Candy Daddy's Solid Milk Chocolate Valentines Surprise

One thing I learned this week, you never know how much time you have left and it's better to do things when you can.  And you know what I did? I didn't listen to this new found realization and delayed this post from going up for over a week...  Life is rough.  These days, I am constantly traveling to the hospital and back, on top of going to work.  The little art that comes my way I cherish big time.  I knew 2 weeks ago things were only going to get worse time wise, so I decided to start up some Valentines stuff early.  Here is a DVD mock up by FallenAngel and I for Afro Johnson.  Afro, as you might recall is Tyrells favorite porn star.  And yes, we came up with the longest title we could for extra silliness. :P

 Fallen did two versions.  This one, a DVD/VHS case was a lot of fun to read and look over.

The picture turned out even better then expected.  Both men are fabulous.  Gotta love that really long uncut dick on Afro just slung over the chicks shoulder.  (Which was something that just had to be in this piece.  I mean, that's the surprise after all!)  Afro is super cute here and the background is so sweet.
There's a slightly interesting back story to this image.  Originally this was going to be set with the older gentleman from the magazine Tyrell was looking at. My hope is to eventually start expanding on Afro and his working relationship with this man. This has been delayed till next time due to a miscommunication, (from me) along the way, that resulted in Fallen using his bara character. I approved of this, because I loved the art from the start.  Funny enough though, I just thought Fallen was going for a new look, or something.  Poor FallenAngel! After it was done, I asked if he had redesigned the character from the magazine, not realizing the switch to one of his OCs. LOL!   Fallen also tried something a little new with Afro here.  He has a slightly different hairline.  How I noticed that and not entire character just goes to show my state of mind these days.


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