Thursday, February 14, 2013

You Make Me Weak Superman!

 Hey guys! I found the Superman Valentine below listed on E-bay back in January.  I wanted to do something naughty with it ever since.  I mean, just look at that thing!!!! How many people masturbated to that card I wonder? XD  I almost did!
 Sadly as you guys know my life is upside down.  I remembered it a couple days ago and asked if anyone wanted to try something with it.  You already know who stepped up the plate, our wonderful Sirio!  She worked like mad and did the whole image in just one day! I had to sneak at her sketches at work and at a local coffee shop on my break to see how it was all going.  Sirio always does Superman so nicely.  He's so very cute and handsome.  Love the blush!!  She even added in the cape that was missing on the original card. Sirio even made two penis sizes for extra sexiness!  A super sweet Valentine from an artist that is faster then a speeding bullet! Hee hee.  Happy Valentines everyone!

Here are some more 'alien' Valentines.  I picked up these Alf Valentines for cheap on E-bay.  They are based on the cartoon.  I think they are pretty cute.  Enjoy

 This is one ugly version of Curtis. 

I don't remember...was the waitress a main character?

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