Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be My Prehistoric Valentine

Hey Everyone! Here is part one of my Valentines post.  We start with a very 'heavenly' image of Cupid Dimata by FallenAngel.  Dimata is giving a mammoth size valentine for Smilo to sink his saber teeth into. I am sure he would much rather push his teeth deep into that thick leather foreskin instead... Fallen did a freaking  superb job of making the prehistoric boys extra sexy.  I love that bubble butt on Dimata.  Smilo is simply devine.  It was hard for me not to post this till now, let me tell you!  What a perfect start to a wonderful Valentines day; A love that lasted from the beginning of time. :D  (Well the ice age anyway.)

Hey and speaking of the beginning of time, here's some kick ass Pac-Man Valentines based on the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon! ('cept for the fuzzy sticker.)  I own a box of these (and the sticker too!)  There's one more in this set that is not here.  I was hoping to take pictures of my Valentines, but with things the way they are in my life, I will probably have to wait till the weekend.



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