Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rastan X Rygar Classic Game Hunk Valentine

Hey guys. I wanted to share with you all this super sexy Valentine I got from my sweet love Zerimar! :) He decided to take two classic kings of the arcade, Master System and NES and put them together for a Valentines vision that will send you back to the glory days of video game hunks. This is gonna make your joysticks throb.

Taitos Rygar and Rastan meet for the first time and exchange a little body heat! 

I can't think Zerimar enough for this scrumptious image.  Man, it had me making a mess! XD Then it had me scouring the net for some old images of these two studs.  In my search I found some really hot images of Rygar.  You might have seen them before, but if not here are three that I thought were super sexy.  

The original art for the arcade Rygar has a distinctively Asian flair to it.  It's nice to see a wealth of ideas  from various cultures, coming together to make a game. 

Rygars got some tight pants for the Sega Master System version of the game.  Too bad the game play wasn't as tight as they are.

 This version of the Sega Master System Box from Japan is darker, but it is a higher resolution.

 My favorite is the Spectrum box art for the European Release.  Yeah the other two are way better at capturing the actual game character.  This one gets bonus points for being so daring.  I mean, it me, or is Rygar actually naked on the cover? He's certainly looks that way.   I would have to say they were certainly going for a Tarzan style here, from the look of Rygar and the prehistoric animals included in the cover.  (That were not in the game that I recall.)  It's a pretty brutal cover with the gladiator being disemboweled. Who's says old video games weren't violent? XD Here's two version of the box art. 

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