Monday, November 7, 2011

A Quickie at Twilight

Jacob and Edwards secret passion has escalated to the point where the two are getting it on even while Bella momentarily steps away. As steamy as it might be in her shower, it won't match the heat of Jacob and Edwards unbridled passion. They are so hot for each other, the the love making only lasts a few moments before their tender rods explode in a torrent of supernatural spunk.

I noticed Edward and Jacob getting a lot of love here around Halloween. The older images by FallenAngel and JCARTBLOG made an appearance off and on in the top ten. So I took that into consideration, along with the the fact that Breaking Dawn is coming out. (My buddies are already rolling their eyes at the theater displays and $5 cups.) I hope you guys like this sequel as much as I do. Love the soft colors Fallen used, they gave the image a welcome tender, intimate feel. Jacobs chest and torso is pretty epic. I have no idea how he fits that perfect cock in those tight fitting jeans. XD His Jacob and Eward really deserve to be in a little manga don't you think? Maybe we can have them meet some of our boys. His character Mikey would just continue to beat them, so he's out of the running. :P (See his blog for more on that.) It was awesome to see him draw these two again. It's been to long since we had some Twilight Yaoi around here. XD

At the same time, I commissioned Master Cray to do one of his quick commission promos featuring his take on Taylor Lautner, I mean Jacob Black. :P The pose was up to him, but I was allowed to pick out what I wanted to see and that of course was a huge fat uncut dick. :P And he provided that, oh my! hee hee. I think it turned out rather nice. He does Jacobs profile major justice with that handsome face. I like the smile he is letting escape. XD I especially love the orange background with the shadows of the pine tress. Gives it a nice fall theme mixed with a bit of the danger of the original Jurassic Park theme.


  1. I'm glad you liked my comission man, it was fu to draw, I had never drawed any Twilight character before, so it was definitely something different.
    I really like Fallenangel drawing, it's so sweet and nice, and hot at the same time hehe.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Tomas. You should for sure draw more of Jabob and even some Edward. Even people that don't care much for the movies enjoy seeing these hunks. :P hee hee.

  3. LOL Thanks for the comment Keeper. XD There is a porno called Twinklight, but the guys looking nothing like Edward and Jacob.

  4. It got me thinking I havent seen anyone in the rising sun did a dojinshi of this pairing..yet - FallenAngel

  5. Hmmm that's very true. Maybe the Japanese don't have Twilight fever?

  6. so hot Dinosaur , how did you come up with the idea? XD

    1. I guess I have had to sneak around to have fun once in awhile!



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