Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vann Meets Cauldron

Vann stumbles into Varda and admires his new friends fishing skills and so much more!

Link isn't the only Elf who's getting attention today. This super fantastic picture of Vann Illian by FallenAngel came in early this morning. And if it wasn't for my running out and getting Skyward Sword, it would have been posted first thing in the AM. So far I think I am enjoying it more then the new Zelda game. (Oh that's harsh.) This image is more of a triumph as Fallen brings the heat with two astoundingly built characters. This is his first time drawing Cauldron and I am very delighted with the results. His Vann is colored to scrumptious perfection. We got this idea based on a picture I found. It made me think of Vann vacationing somewhere in Asia. Originally I though of him meeting up with Zahn, but switched in Cauldron instead. Cauldrons costume has a sorta samurai feel to it. That always hinted (to me anyway,) that he might be from an Asian part of Varda.
Cauldron one of the Stars of Zahn #2 and first introduced in Striptease. In Zahn #2 he features in what is arguably one of the hottest sex scenes in comic history.

Image that influenced our picture.

Now, I have to say if you like like FallenAngels Nubian warriors, you MUST check out his latest pictures of Mabootu. It's been a very long time since he drew the character and holding back resulted in three organismic images! Enjoy!

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