Monday, November 28, 2011

Recommended: Vargas Twins By Logan

Holly Crap, I have to do a huge recommendation for Logans newest digital comic from Class Comics, The Vargas Twins Overtime At The Office. I am not really into fat guys, but there was something so fucking hot watching these sweet chubby brothers getting fucked by the super hunky security guard. Maybe there is something about the comic that showed me that everyone can be sexy and passionate. (At least if Logan is penning them.) I gotta say, the older hunky security guard is the BOMB. That guy blew my mind and my load! :P The janitor was so sexy too. As with all Class Comics there is a ton of great dialog. Logan takes time to explain the characters and their reasons for having sex, which adds so much. During the intercourse, the rough dialog is just awesome. The short story left me breathless. For just $2.50, you really should check out this comic. :D

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