Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adonix Does Tiger & Bunny

This is my second awesome sketch commission from Adonix. I have fallen for the charms of the anime Tiger and Bunny. I watched all the current episodes in one day. :P I LOVE the ability to go super buff Wild Tiger shows off in the first episode. It was such a shame his costume and ability seem to have vanished after the first episode. (Save for a flashback later on.) Adonix decided that we need to support this fashion choice by making DinosaurPrince's Kingdom His official sponsor! Hee hee. Of course if he works for us, has has to pump up that cock to a super size as well! So Adonix pumped that sucker up to the max. Barnaby better look out! Looks like he got some extra booty too! Adonix's love for the characters shines through in this lovely piece of fan art! Enjoy! ^_^ I will have request more of Tiger and Bunny and the other characters from him soon.

More on Tar-Chan

Since you guys really liked the article, here is some stuff from the anime.
First off, you can download all 50 episodes here:
(Registration is required)

I have only watched one episode so far. While it's still funny, it's not nearly on the same level as the manga is. A lot of jokes have been toned down and the penis gags are almost nonexistent. You won't see Tar-Chan flash his balls as he swings in the air, or falls over. I hear the penis humor is still in here, so I guess I will have to give it more of a chance. The fan subs are almost as bad as the mangas translation. The series is pretty simple and you can figure out most of the gags yourself, or piece them together from the bad English anyway.

Part 1 of Episode 1. It's a nice little sample of the show. There are no subtitles, but really you don't need them anyway.

Tar-Chan And His Amazing Penis

The late 80s, early 90s manga Jungle King Tar-chan has recently been translated into English. (Albeit not very well.) Even without a translation, the manga is universally funny. I found it shockingly funny just how graphic the genitalia humor is!

Right from the start we get a good shot of his ball sack. It doesn't look like he keeps himself particularly clean down there. Guess that is expected in the jungle!
The manga is filled with gratuitous penis shots! Finally! God I am sick of giant tits being thrown in my face every 5 seconds. XD

His parents are always embarrassing him...

He can't control his hormones.

Which leads to some insane spousal abuse! :O

That is some extreme foreskin stretching! :D

He even uses his dick to help him punish poachers and rescue his jungle friends!

My personal favorite moment in the first two volumes:
As part of a costume...

Proper grooming is important to any true muscle man:
Even his best friend, the strong and handsome Anabebe isn't safe from the artists harassment! :P

I can't fathom anyone ever even considering publishing this dance move in the west:
Now that's a Man! That's Tar-chan! XD

If you like what you see here, you can continue reading the manga through the link below:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Conan The Barbarian 2012 Calendar Overview

With the advent of a new Conan The Barbarian movie coming out this summer, I have been actively searching the net for new affordable Conan goodies to purchase. I very happily discovered that Universe Publishing has produced a Conan Calendar for 2012. The cover is adorned with wonderful art from the Marvel comics. Little else is available online to tell you what lies beneath. I got mine in the mail yesterday, so I can tell you right away that yes, it's all Marvel inside as well. (As stated on the product page on SOME sites.)
I haven't opened mine up as yet, but from the back I can tell and show you what covers you will find inside. They are issues 11, 159, 12, 37, 58, 92, 96, 112, 1, 132, 137 and 169. I don't envy anyone having to pick 12 out of the hundreds of Conan covers out there. You simply can't please everyone like me who wishes this was a 13 month calendar! XD Still, there are a few examples of issues that seem to be a bit too close to each other in number, making me wonder if they might have been random choices. I am sure it will disappoint some fans that nothing after 169 got chosen. Still I think the covers chosen are all pretty good. Here they are for you to look over and see if the Calendar is right based on your tastes:

On a personal note, I was very excited to this cover make it in. The Thing in the Crypt was one of my favorites as a small child.

While i was looking for covers I found this add for Marvel subscriptions. Not only is the art fantastic, (Conan is so hot here) it's also really funny too. It's always great to see Marvel characters coming together to promote their comics. Makes me want to read more Tomb of Dracula!

Here are some of the covers I would have liked to have seen make it to the Calendar:

Conan fighting a pteranodon to save a beautiful girl? How did this not make it in? XD

Another favorite story arch featuring Red Sonja and the beast, a left over remnant of the age of dinosaurs.

Would be cool for October...

Of course I could spend all day posting images that could have been in, but to be honest, what is here is a nice selection of covers that I think most Conan fans will enjoy. Let's face it, calendars almost always have a lot of hit and miss months anyway. (Most more miss then hit)
I also discovered a 100 year anniversary calendar for Tarzan. I will be picking up that one as well! :D What a banner year for classic studs 2012 will be! XD

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sexy Pin Up Art By Adonix And Cuteguy

Hey guys! Got two super sweet pin ups for you today. The first is from Cuteguy. He's new to commissions and I decided to take him on, especially after seeing his wonderful Jin Saotome from Cyberbots. That pic was hoooooot! For my commission I picked Vann. I explained and even drew up the pose for the character and he set to work. In no time at all he had a very complete detailed sketch for me to review. In just a couple days he had the final sexy image read to send to me. Here it is! :D

He did a wonderful job on Vann. Some really nice details were put into his long wavy hair. They way he pained and drew the cock gives a heavy look to it. He has big elfish eyes. They remind me a bit of Frodo from Lord of the Rings. :) Love the split in the pectorals. Nice touch. He's a big beefy boy toy! Thanks so much Cuteguy. I hope you get many more commissions! :)

You can check out his commission journal here:
And follow his blog here:

Yesterday I saw that Adonix was open now for sketch commissions so I of course asked him if I could please get one of Belvadar. He had it done before I was finished watching an episode of Tiger and Bunny! :P (I watched all 16 episodes in one day yesterday...Too much anime.)

Seeing this studly batboy by Adonix makes me kick myself for not asking him to draw him sooner! XD Love those spread out wings! He's amazing from his sly eyes, to his thick grey poll. :D The fact that his whole body is blushing as he poses really made me smile. Thanks so much Adonix! This will hopefully be the first of a few sketch images from hm.

Adonix has one more slot left, so check him out:

The Man With a Horse Cock

Is it just me, or does this guys flat dick head come dangerously close to resembling a 'horse dick'? Get your furry on as we look at muscle stud Harry Coopers cock!

Looks a little better from the side, I guess....

Other shots reveal his cock to be even stranger:

He's got a snake in his speedos...literally! :O Or is that more of a diplodocus head?


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