Friday, July 1, 2011

Isn't It Nice When They Go Gay?

Back in 2006 I watched a great porn called The Perfect Ass Brazil. It was straight, but perfect for gay guys that can handle a little T and P. The movie is loaded with hot hunks, huge uncut dicks and sweet cum shots. It's one of the few straight porn movies that isn't afraid to give the men equal screen time with the ladies. So I really recommend checking it out.

The funny thing is that up till yesterday, I didn't realize that one of the stars actually appeared in gay porn. :P This is how I came to find this out. Soon after watching this movie in 06 I found that some of the actors appeared in another film I rented. (Also straight.) One of the actors in the second scene of Perfect Ass Brazil especially rang my bell. He seemed to give off this vibe. Last night I wanted to see him again, but I long ago forgot the name of that other film I watched. In an effort to find it, I started to look this movie up online, to try to get the stars names. I was lucky enough, after some searching to find a site that listed the male stars in order of appearance. A couple simple searches lead me to find out his name was Erik Nogueira. This lead me to some great gallery images of him. At the same time I discovered he appeared in a Kristen Bjorn film! In the same year he did Perfect Ass he also had a role in the movie Fire Dance!!!

Now, I own this movie and was pretty shocked that I had missed him. That was until I watched the film. Found in the final scene of the directors cut, Erik Nogueira appears in final short scene. Let's face it, if you can get to the final scene of a Bjorn film, without dropping a load, you deserve an award. So by default, this scene was not very well viewed by myself, making Erik easily missed. Also further hindering him was the fact that the director didn't seem to interested in using him. He sits on a step, sucks a guy off, keeping his head down most of the time in his first part of the scene. In the second part of the scene he stands behind an actor getting anal and allows his cock to get a bit of play. It's no wonder I missed him. To be honest you get to see a heck of a lot more of him in the straight porn.

Bjorn only used the actor once and his acting credit in straight porn only lists two movies. (He may have done more.) I wonder what happened to him since then? Oh well, even if that was all he did, it was nice to have a little dream of seeing a cute straight guy go gay come true.

Here is a small gallery of images he did during his short career.

Erik is I guess a guy you would dub as uncut that looks cut. His foreskin almost always seems to be snapped back. In some images it blends into and hides on his shaft.



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