Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adonix Does Tiger & Bunny

This is my second awesome sketch commission from Adonix. I have fallen for the charms of the anime Tiger and Bunny. I watched all the current episodes in one day. :P I LOVE the ability to go super buff Wild Tiger shows off in the first episode. It was such a shame his costume and ability seem to have vanished after the first episode. (Save for a flashback later on.) Adonix decided that we need to support this fashion choice by making DinosaurPrince's Kingdom His official sponsor! Hee hee. Of course if he works for us, has has to pump up that cock to a super size as well! So Adonix pumped that sucker up to the max. Barnaby better look out! Looks like he got some extra booty too! Adonix's love for the characters shines through in this lovely piece of fan art! Enjoy! ^_^ I will have request more of Tiger and Bunny and the other characters from him soon.

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