Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Conan The Barbarian 2012 Calendar Overview

With the advent of a new Conan The Barbarian movie coming out this summer, I have been actively searching the net for new affordable Conan goodies to purchase. I very happily discovered that Universe Publishing has produced a Conan Calendar for 2012. The cover is adorned with wonderful art from the Marvel comics. Little else is available online to tell you what lies beneath. I got mine in the mail yesterday, so I can tell you right away that yes, it's all Marvel inside as well. (As stated on the product page on SOME sites.)
I haven't opened mine up as yet, but from the back I can tell and show you what covers you will find inside. They are issues 11, 159, 12, 37, 58, 92, 96, 112, 1, 132, 137 and 169. I don't envy anyone having to pick 12 out of the hundreds of Conan covers out there. You simply can't please everyone like me who wishes this was a 13 month calendar! XD Still, there are a few examples of issues that seem to be a bit too close to each other in number, making me wonder if they might have been random choices. I am sure it will disappoint some fans that nothing after 169 got chosen. Still I think the covers chosen are all pretty good. Here they are for you to look over and see if the Calendar is right based on your tastes:

On a personal note, I was very excited to this cover make it in. The Thing in the Crypt was one of my favorites as a small child.

While i was looking for covers I found this add for Marvel subscriptions. Not only is the art fantastic, (Conan is so hot here) it's also really funny too. It's always great to see Marvel characters coming together to promote their comics. Makes me want to read more Tomb of Dracula!

Here are some of the covers I would have liked to have seen make it to the Calendar:

Conan fighting a pteranodon to save a beautiful girl? How did this not make it in? XD

Another favorite story arch featuring Red Sonja and the beast, a left over remnant of the age of dinosaurs.

Would be cool for October...

Of course I could spend all day posting images that could have been in, but to be honest, what is here is a nice selection of covers that I think most Conan fans will enjoy. Let's face it, calendars almost always have a lot of hit and miss months anyway. (Most more miss then hit)
I also discovered a 100 year anniversary calendar for Tarzan. I will be picking up that one as well! :D What a banner year for classic studs 2012 will be! XD


  1. Damn classic covers! rawrrrr! I think some is drawn by John Romita Sr. I hate it when you never add the artist's signature :( Red Sonja :D woho! - FallenAngel

  2. Ah, sorry man. I just got these off a website. It lists them along with the artists. The calendar doesn't. Here is the link, click the cover to find out the artists! (If they list them.)



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