Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tar-Chan And His Amazing Penis

The late 80s, early 90s manga Jungle King Tar-chan has recently been translated into English. (Albeit not very well.) Even without a translation, the manga is universally funny. I found it shockingly funny just how graphic the genitalia humor is!

Right from the start we get a good shot of his ball sack. It doesn't look like he keeps himself particularly clean down there. Guess that is expected in the jungle!
The manga is filled with gratuitous penis shots! Finally! God I am sick of giant tits being thrown in my face every 5 seconds. XD

His parents are always embarrassing him...

He can't control his hormones.

Which leads to some insane spousal abuse! :O

That is some extreme foreskin stretching! :D

He even uses his dick to help him punish poachers and rescue his jungle friends!

My personal favorite moment in the first two volumes:
As part of a costume...

Proper grooming is important to any true muscle man:
Even his best friend, the strong and handsome Anabebe isn't safe from the artists harassment! :P

I can't fathom anyone ever even considering publishing this dance move in the west:
Now that's a Man! That's Tar-chan! XD

If you like what you see here, you can continue reading the manga through the link below:


  1. *died laughing * - FallenAngel XD

  2. This is HILARIOUS!!! I never heard of this and think it's a "must have." Thank you for this post. Informative. Entertaining. and greatly Appreciated.



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