Monday, July 4, 2011

Dream Boy of Summer: Amron By Hydaria

I before I commissioned this image of Amron from Hydaria, I asked Urbanmusiq some questions. I wanted Urban to choose a pose he would like to see. So he set the base details and I sent them over to Hydaria. We both waited in great anticipation to see what the artist would come up with. Once completed, we were both amazed at the sheer amount of steamy details in the image before us. I feared I might be swept away by wave, after wave of rippling muscles! Hydaria used tones on him that make his torso glisten from his perfect abs to his external oblique muscles. I just want to bat at that soft skin like a cat going at a scratching post. :P He looks like he has been really working on his legs too!
Hydaria did a perfect job on his giant log of a cut cock. I think this is the first time he has done a circumcision scar and it looks perfect. It has a drop and then a rise at the edge of where he was cut. Very realistic. I was so happy Hydaria added in some armpit and pubic hair. The way he does pubic hair makes it looks so well groomed. XD Amrons sunshine filled eyes are locked on you! His cock is ready, hope you too! :P
Thanks so much Hydaria!


  1. This was another really nice one from Hydaria. He's a cool dude. :3 And he drew a cool dude. I like the tattoo, and all the blue water around too. I certainly think he rocked out with the muscle definition and skin tones. Really good stuff. :D

  2. You know how much i LOVE this! Thank you for this awesome artwork!
    *BIG HUGS* to both you and Hydaria

    Urbanmsuqi! :)

  3. Buffy sexiness! - FallenAngel



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