Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cum Catching With Kagami06

Raise a chalice in celebration everyone! It's the return of Kagami06 on this blog.  It's also the return of Steko, a character we haven't seen around these parts in some time!  He's been given the honor of having drinks with ruler of the Dinosaurs.  Only one catch, he has to fill the cubs with copious amounts of cum!  Okay, so that's not really a catch for the young stegosaurus man. Missing any royal cum though, results in severe punishment. (Administered anally.)  As much as Steko would like to think about that monster cock penetrating him as a good thing, his terrified virgin ass is telling him, that this is not an entry level position for the prince to take. 

Super huge thanks to Kagami06 for doing this. He brought such power to the prince, along with so much expression to both characters.  The image would make a wonderful two page spread in a comic, or a poster in more liberal world. :P  His interpretation of the characters has got me physicked to do more with Prince and Steko.  Poor Stekos been left out for far too long.  I hopefully can get him to color this once I get enough funds together. (I had massive work done in my mouth this weeks, so I am hurting financially and physically right now!)

I have reason to raise the wine glass today as well.  I decided to play Rank Mode in Splatoon. I always play it when trying to get perfect gear. You get more points per match. Sadly, if I don't get perfect gear, I reload my save and start anew.  All my ranked points vanish, as well as the money. I've been sitting at around S50 for months now.  So, yesterday after getting a perfect re-spawn head gear and sitting at S60, I decided to go for S+ Rank.  It didn't take too long, or much effort.  Save for around S90 when the game pitted me against teams composed of nothing but JRs and Taks. Ugh...They need to nerf Inkzooka again.  4 of those things going at once is worse than 4 E-liters any day.
Anyway...I made it! Yeah, hail to the prince boys! XD And to hear people bitch online, you would think this was hard to do. (Okay ego, calm your ass.)

My set was composed of Special Savor Fang mask, PERFECT, Bomb Range shirt up with one Bomb Range sub and 2 Special Savers and Special Duration up shoes with two Special Charge subs and one Bomb Range sub. I used this for splat zones.  I can defend the zone at a safe distance and go to town with my bomb rush, keeping people at bay for a long time. 

 After obtaining this Perfect Quick Re-Spawn gear, I decided to go to town on Tower Control.  See the shirt in the middle? I had that with the final sub being a special charge up in another save.  I couldn't get it perfect, but I loved how it came out. I had to give it up, as I ordered these headphones on another USB. I kept the save and they came in with two subs. I couldn't pass up getting a perfect, which I got.  I feel shitty about letting it go, but Swim Speed is always sweet too.  Maybe one day I will get this perfect.  There is no denying how awesome a perfect re-spwan gear is, so no tears.

I pissed off a lot of people in Tower Control with this set. I die and come RIGHT back. There is no WAITING TO RE-SPWAN.  As soon as the message is about to appear, I am alive again!!! I wore the fuck out of the other team. Heavy Asian Accent: "LOOK HE BACK AGAIN!"  LOL such a horrible strategy, I know, but God it was fun.  Hey, if I wanted to be evil, I would have used a fucking Luna Blaster, or Roller for constant one hit kill cheese. 
So am I going to go for S+99?  Hmmm I doubt it. I will dabble in S+, but my heart belongs to Turf Wars.  I just adore that mode.  I don't like Rain Maker much, but I do like the hot mess that is Tower and Splat Zones are like mini Turf Wars.  Who knows?  When I hit B+ and then A+, I was going to stop.  Gotta chase that carrot, right?
You guys can add me in Splatoon. Just send me a message and I will tell you my user name. :)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Zachery The Savior

Hey guys, I got something really beautiful to share with you tonight. (Almost as beautiful as my long list of perfect Splatoon gear.)   This young lad is well, Zachery, the handsome  messiah of Lastmans post apocalypse world. Okay I am guessing that.  The Grecian God faced wonder, started his life as an orphan boy. He stars off in Lastmans story after he grew into a studly slice of sweet twinkee.

Zack is a master artists.  Like Siegfried, his talent isn't just beautiful.  I'm getting the feeling that art in this world, may very well be a tell as to why the planet is in such a state.   Speaking of states, I was certainly in one after opening this.  Zachary is so hot, his sexiness refused to be clothed. His perfect chest shining through the cloth. (Either that, or he's a bit damp.)  Zack has hair similar to the do I wanted to give Vann originally. Though, lol, very few artists ever saw that.  (Thoughs that did screamed 'hell no.')  Glad to see Lastman take on such a sexy and complicated hair style. It's magnificent.  I'm guess Zack is cut?  I'm not sure of his age as yet either. I will have to ask Lastman and get back to you.  (i.e. edit the blog post.)

Below you will find his tale!  I hope you enjoy the view! ;)

Young Zachery wasn't born at Marius's family; he was found as a kid and brought to the camp by a young Sigfreid, who since then became his "big brother". Marius was suspicious of the kids origins, but ultimately decided the welfare of a kid was more important than knowing if his parents came from the Centre, or from beyond the City.
Everybody in the family loved Zachery's sweet disposition and lovely character, always ready to help others. Sigfreid, specially, developed more than brotherly feelings towards him as they grew up. However, knowing the young man saw him as a brother and nothing else, Sigfried decided never to speak of his love, not even after Zachery came of age. With time, it was clear for Marius that Zachery was a natural born artists, like himself and Sigfried, but wasn't sure the extent Zachery's art had. That worried him.
One day, chasing after his pussycat Breeze, Zachery wandered by mistake into the bad neighborhood, but the opportune arrival of the mysterious Alexander saved him from trouble.
After Marius advised Alexander to go and look for a hermit to look into the former's memory issues, Zachery, who had developed a crush in the stranger who saved him, followed Alaxander in secret, sure that he could help him somehow to figure out what he needed. Discovering his beloved was gone, Sigfried went on to follow them, furious about the recklessness that Zachery's affections had made the boy to do.
Zachery's art is called the Wind Slasher, allows him to form razor-sharp wind currents to cut his enemies to pieces. However, given his youth, and the reservations Marius and Sigfried had over him developing his powers further, he is rather inexperienced, though very strong. Otherwise, Zachery is sweet and somewhat naive, usually oblivious to how attractive he is to Sigfried, Alexander, and even sergeant Everett, Cadet Edwards direct commander in the Outer Patrol.

Alexander is the Alpha, Sigfried is the Sigma, Zachery is correspondingly the Zeta, as hinted in the buckles of his boots.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Owlman Otubishin Dominates

Hey guys, writing as I am filled with pain killers.  So this won't be my most elaborate post.  It's been a hell of a two weeks.  The only good that has come of it all, is the art I have to share.  I have stuff from Lastmanouthere, Kagami and as you can see Sirio.  I wanted to see my dear sweet Sirio, take on my Ontario Owlman and Indian Warrior.  As you can see, Otubishin is not about to let the warrior brave move until he has done feasting on his balls.  This feast will end with some owl milk.  The warrior is miffed, but his  totem pole can help but swell.  Hard, heavy and begging for attention, he caresses the base. He tries to convince himself he is not enjoying this.  Only doing his duty to appease the owl menace.  Like a gay boy in a change room, his cock reveals the emotions he would rather keep hidden.  Stretching Foreskin is so hard, that his normally lose cock skin, is tight around his bulbous mushroom.

Beyond huge thanks to Sirio for taking so much time and doing such an amazing job.  If anyone would like to colour this masterpiece, please contact me.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Out Of This World Valentines

Hey guys, Happy Valentines day from a Galaxy far way. (NO not that one.)  The Galaxy Carlos is currently in is far from his beloved Christer Echo.  So today, he letting his imagination and his good hand do it's best to simulate the love of his beloved alien.  Hopefully your loves are not so out of reach.  FallenAngel drew this super cute picture below.  It was great to see him take on these tow again and so quickly too.  I wasn't out of my flu when I contact him about doing this piece a little over a day ago!  Dude is the flash.  Christers hair is super sweet.  FallenAngel and I wish you all the best this holiday. Even if like me,  your romantic plans involve watching Deadpool with friends! XD

Here is a second version, with a slightly different take on how the metallic circumcision scar meets the shaft on Carlos.

I usually have scans from Valentines I buy, but this year with the Canadian dollar continuing to tank, that's not happening. I do have some Flintstones Kids ones I could post, but they are not particularly great. (Comment if you want me to dig those up.) I did find these really sweet old school anime Valentines online.  Of course they are fan made. I also found a few Splatoon ones as well!

You can see the rest of the anime ones here.

Going out with a classic:

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Vann Illia Goes Cupid On Hercules This Valentines

Vann Illia is up to mischief again. The hero has decided to 'borrow' Cupids arrows (granting him wings among other powers) to give the world the Valentines day HE deserves.  Well, he says it's for the benefit of the world at large, but I doubt the sincerity in that.  After targeting a few random hotties, Vann turns his sights on the Son of Zeus.  With the power of love in his hands, he can finally get the hero of Olympus to swoon all over him.  And swoon the mega hunk does.
Struck by a super love arrow, Herc is pure putty in Vanns hands.  Vann soon finds out how literal that is.  As Van tugs and pulls on Hercs uncut cock, it stretches and grows. And grows and grows and grows! It becomes immense!  Herc is dizzy with lust.  Vann has granted him a super sized cock, without even knowing it!  A full pool of precum sloshes around in the cup of foreskin, tight around Hercs head.  (That poor skin!)  When he finally gently pulls the sensitive skin back, the waterfall of sticky liquid is enough to use as lube again and again!  What a day these two will have.  That is, until cupid finds Vann.

Big thanks to Red Artisan, who took the time to create this piece of digital hotness!  It's been on crazy Valentines thanks to his skilled pen!

 You can check him and his super hot works out here:

Friday, February 12, 2016

Seigfried The Warden‏

Hey everyone, happy Friday.  I've a fun week. I had the flu! Ugh...Well anyway I am back with a lot of great art, that has been piling up.   Tonight I have the second character from the world of Alexander the Outsider.  I really dig this piece.  Lastmanouthere did it during a move to his first house. (Congratulations to him and his partner!)  Due to limited time he embraced a style that allowed for shorter drawing sessions.  The result is an image that echos apocalyptic wasteland.  The sharp lines and deep shadows remind of all those anime movies I grew up watching, that I was told I shouldn't be!  Hee hee. I really love this direction and hope Lastmanouthere embraces it in his future drawings.  I proudly present to you Seigfried, master of the fire claw and blade.  Siegfried, the warden on Zachary's heart...who is Zachary?  Better read on.  Lastman's got a story to tell!

"Ok, so Alexander, the not-so-but-somewhat amnesiac assassin comes to the
city and right after his first encounter with the hostile yet hunky Black
Gang thugs, he finds and saves Zachery.  Zack is naive and twinkilicious boy
looking for his runaway pussycat in the "Bad Borough". Alexander, being
the gallant warrior he is, saves Zachery and leads him to the "Good
Borough" where Daddy Marius lives.

The unexpected and inopportune appearance of Cadet Edwards
of the Outer Patrol gives Zachery an
opportunity to sneak away both men and run to the Marius Family.
On his way they encounter Seigfried, the big-brother figure to Zachery who
wants to be more than just a brotherly companion but doesn't dare to tell
so to Marius, let alone Zachery. Seigfried doesn't take kindly that it was
Alexander who helped and saved Zachery from the thugs, but utimately and
reluctantly thanks him for his help when he and Edwards, misunderstandings
solved, arrive to make sure Zachery is ok.

Seigfried, whose art involves the creation of fiery claws and blades from
his hands, distrusts Alexander, which is totally logical given how, prior
to his arrival to the City, oursiders were almost unknown of. Yet it is
the closeness and apprecitation Zachery has for the stranger what make
Seigfried dislike him even more. When Alexander leaves the safety of the
Family to look for answers to his memory loss, Zachery follows in secret,
thus making Seigfried joining the group, looking to protect his beloved
boy-brother at all costs."

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Vannk Gets An Ass Licking

Vannik Villia, ancestor of our beloved hero Vann has found his situation getting a lot worse. The nasty dinosaur priest Troon has taken a liking to the cave elfs perfect ass. He has shaved and washed it with scented oils.  The oils drip in and tickle the young mans asshole.  They smell deliciously of sweet fruit.  The dinosaur man gets on his knees and dives in for a feast.  He uses his long blue tongue to lap up every ounce off Vannks cheeks. He then turns his attention to Vannks asshole and balls. The tongue has an enchanting quality.  Vannk is shocked and horrified as he is filled with uncontrollable passion.  His cock swells bigger and bigger.  Much more than it ever has before.  What sorcery is this?  Precum trickles out of his super tight foreskin lips. It needs attention, but is getting none. It is starting to drive him mad.  Just a touch..a touch will be enough to release the load begging for escape.  But no touch comes...only more and licking.  He screams out in frustration.  The screams echo, but are ignored by the dinosaur man.
 He is still powerless, being held by the wrists and by the tail.  If only his tail was lose, he could strangle bastard.  And what of the priest Saguin?  He has vanished for now.  What torture does he have in mind?  Find out next time!


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