Saturday, February 27, 2016

Zachery The Savior

Hey guys, I got something really beautiful to share with you tonight. (Almost as beautiful as my long list of perfect Splatoon gear.)   This young lad is well, Zachery, the handsome  messiah of Lastmans post apocalypse world. Okay I am guessing that.  The Grecian God faced wonder, started his life as an orphan boy. He stars off in Lastmans story after he grew into a studly slice of sweet twinkee.

Zack is a master artists.  Like Siegfried, his talent isn't just beautiful.  I'm getting the feeling that art in this world, may very well be a tell as to why the planet is in such a state.   Speaking of states, I was certainly in one after opening this.  Zachary is so hot, his sexiness refused to be clothed. His perfect chest shining through the cloth. (Either that, or he's a bit damp.)  Zack has hair similar to the do I wanted to give Vann originally. Though, lol, very few artists ever saw that.  (Thoughs that did screamed 'hell no.')  Glad to see Lastman take on such a sexy and complicated hair style. It's magnificent.  I'm guess Zack is cut?  I'm not sure of his age as yet either. I will have to ask Lastman and get back to you.  (i.e. edit the blog post.)

Below you will find his tale!  I hope you enjoy the view! ;)

Young Zachery wasn't born at Marius's family; he was found as a kid and brought to the camp by a young Sigfreid, who since then became his "big brother". Marius was suspicious of the kids origins, but ultimately decided the welfare of a kid was more important than knowing if his parents came from the Centre, or from beyond the City.
Everybody in the family loved Zachery's sweet disposition and lovely character, always ready to help others. Sigfreid, specially, developed more than brotherly feelings towards him as they grew up. However, knowing the young man saw him as a brother and nothing else, Sigfried decided never to speak of his love, not even after Zachery came of age. With time, it was clear for Marius that Zachery was a natural born artists, like himself and Sigfried, but wasn't sure the extent Zachery's art had. That worried him.
One day, chasing after his pussycat Breeze, Zachery wandered by mistake into the bad neighborhood, but the opportune arrival of the mysterious Alexander saved him from trouble.
After Marius advised Alexander to go and look for a hermit to look into the former's memory issues, Zachery, who had developed a crush in the stranger who saved him, followed Alaxander in secret, sure that he could help him somehow to figure out what he needed. Discovering his beloved was gone, Sigfried went on to follow them, furious about the recklessness that Zachery's affections had made the boy to do.
Zachery's art is called the Wind Slasher, allows him to form razor-sharp wind currents to cut his enemies to pieces. However, given his youth, and the reservations Marius and Sigfried had over him developing his powers further, he is rather inexperienced, though very strong. Otherwise, Zachery is sweet and somewhat naive, usually oblivious to how attractive he is to Sigfried, Alexander, and even sergeant Everett, Cadet Edwards direct commander in the Outer Patrol.

Alexander is the Alpha, Sigfried is the Sigma, Zachery is correspondingly the Zeta, as hinted in the buckles of his boots.

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