Friday, February 12, 2016

Seigfried The Warden‏

Hey everyone, happy Friday.  I've a fun week. I had the flu! Ugh...Well anyway I am back with a lot of great art, that has been piling up.   Tonight I have the second character from the world of Alexander the Outsider.  I really dig this piece.  Lastmanouthere did it during a move to his first house. (Congratulations to him and his partner!)  Due to limited time he embraced a style that allowed for shorter drawing sessions.  The result is an image that echos apocalyptic wasteland.  The sharp lines and deep shadows remind of all those anime movies I grew up watching, that I was told I shouldn't be!  Hee hee. I really love this direction and hope Lastmanouthere embraces it in his future drawings.  I proudly present to you Seigfried, master of the fire claw and blade.  Siegfried, the warden on Zachary's heart...who is Zachary?  Better read on.  Lastman's got a story to tell!

"Ok, so Alexander, the not-so-but-somewhat amnesiac assassin comes to the
city and right after his first encounter with the hostile yet hunky Black
Gang thugs, he finds and saves Zachery.  Zack is naive and twinkilicious boy
looking for his runaway pussycat in the "Bad Borough". Alexander, being
the gallant warrior he is, saves Zachery and leads him to the "Good
Borough" where Daddy Marius lives.

The unexpected and inopportune appearance of Cadet Edwards
of the Outer Patrol gives Zachery an
opportunity to sneak away both men and run to the Marius Family.
On his way they encounter Seigfried, the big-brother figure to Zachery who
wants to be more than just a brotherly companion but doesn't dare to tell
so to Marius, let alone Zachery. Seigfried doesn't take kindly that it was
Alexander who helped and saved Zachery from the thugs, but utimately and
reluctantly thanks him for his help when he and Edwards, misunderstandings
solved, arrive to make sure Zachery is ok.

Seigfried, whose art involves the creation of fiery claws and blades from
his hands, distrusts Alexander, which is totally logical given how, prior
to his arrival to the City, oursiders were almost unknown of. Yet it is
the closeness and apprecitation Zachery has for the stranger what make
Seigfried dislike him even more. When Alexander leaves the safety of the
Family to look for answers to his memory loss, Zachery follows in secret,
thus making Seigfried joining the group, looking to protect his beloved
boy-brother at all costs."

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