Monday, February 22, 2016

Owlman Otubishin Dominates

Hey guys, writing as I am filled with pain killers.  So this won't be my most elaborate post.  It's been a hell of a two weeks.  The only good that has come of it all, is the art I have to share.  I have stuff from Lastmanouthere, Kagami and as you can see Sirio.  I wanted to see my dear sweet Sirio, take on my Ontario Owlman and Indian Warrior.  As you can see, Otubishin is not about to let the warrior brave move until he has done feasting on his balls.  This feast will end with some owl milk.  The warrior is miffed, but his  totem pole can help but swell.  Hard, heavy and begging for attention, he caresses the base. He tries to convince himself he is not enjoying this.  Only doing his duty to appease the owl menace.  Like a gay boy in a change room, his cock reveals the emotions he would rather keep hidden.  Stretching Foreskin is so hard, that his normally lose cock skin, is tight around his bulbous mushroom.

Beyond huge thanks to Sirio for taking so much time and doing such an amazing job.  If anyone would like to colour this masterpiece, please contact me.

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