Sunday, February 14, 2016

Out Of This World Valentines

Hey guys, Happy Valentines day from a Galaxy far way. (NO not that one.)  The Galaxy Carlos is currently in is far from his beloved Christer Echo.  So today, he letting his imagination and his good hand do it's best to simulate the love of his beloved alien.  Hopefully your loves are not so out of reach.  FallenAngel drew this super cute picture below.  It was great to see him take on these tow again and so quickly too.  I wasn't out of my flu when I contact him about doing this piece a little over a day ago!  Dude is the flash.  Christers hair is super sweet.  FallenAngel and I wish you all the best this holiday. Even if like me,  your romantic plans involve watching Deadpool with friends! XD

Here is a second version, with a slightly different take on how the metallic circumcision scar meets the shaft on Carlos.

I usually have scans from Valentines I buy, but this year with the Canadian dollar continuing to tank, that's not happening. I do have some Flintstones Kids ones I could post, but they are not particularly great. (Comment if you want me to dig those up.) I did find these really sweet old school anime Valentines online.  Of course they are fan made. I also found a few Splatoon ones as well!

You can see the rest of the anime ones here.

Going out with a classic:

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