Saturday, February 6, 2016

Vannk Gets An Ass Licking

Vannik Villia, ancestor of our beloved hero Vann has found his situation getting a lot worse. The nasty dinosaur priest Troon has taken a liking to the cave elfs perfect ass. He has shaved and washed it with scented oils.  The oils drip in and tickle the young mans asshole.  They smell deliciously of sweet fruit.  The dinosaur man gets on his knees and dives in for a feast.  He uses his long blue tongue to lap up every ounce off Vannks cheeks. He then turns his attention to Vannks asshole and balls. The tongue has an enchanting quality.  Vannk is shocked and horrified as he is filled with uncontrollable passion.  His cock swells bigger and bigger.  Much more than it ever has before.  What sorcery is this?  Precum trickles out of his super tight foreskin lips. It needs attention, but is getting none. It is starting to drive him mad.  Just a touch..a touch will be enough to release the load begging for escape.  But no touch comes...only more and licking.  He screams out in frustration.  The screams echo, but are ignored by the dinosaur man.
 He is still powerless, being held by the wrists and by the tail.  If only his tail was lose, he could strangle bastard.  And what of the priest Saguin?  He has vanished for now.  What torture does he have in mind?  Find out next time!

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