Saturday, August 29, 2015

Satyr Jerk Off Race For Yelmo

Hi guys.  Sorry for the long hiatus.  It's been almost two weeks since my last post. Been trying to keep up by doing tumblr, but as for typing, I was instructed to lay off as much as I can.  As mentioned I had done some pretty bad damage to my hands and wrists.  Had to take time off work and then take it easy for one week. I'm still not much better, but it's healing.  I think I relapsed a bit last night playing Splatoon.  Anyway I have lots of stuff to share in the coming days.  I just won't be typing all that much!
Today I have another little treasure that was sent to Yelmo for his b-day.  We decided to feature both of his satyr characters Fared and Bakkhos having a little summer morning jerk off race.  Who can milk themselves the fastest?  Fared went through some design changes recently, so we used that model.  We were very happy to hear how much Yelmo loved the piece. I hope you guys like the image too! :)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bastu Makes Shoma Cum By Aneros

Hello guys! I have another super hot Rival Schools themed birthday treat for you today. This one was whipped up with style and sensuality by my dear friend Aneros. For our gift to Maduinshorn, we chose to spotlight another Rival Schools character along with his beloved Batsu. Shoma, might very well be at my top spot of Rival Schools characters, since I am such a baseball fan. He and Batsu certainly fight for top spot in my head. Aneros jumped at the chance to draw up the sporty stud along with school bad boy Batsu. I have to really hand it to him. His timing doing the piece could not have been better. He jumped right in and was done with time to spare. Probably the fastest piece I have seen him do. I really love how he drew the thick cum swirling out of Batsu like an icing dispenser! That pile of cum, would certainly be the best frosting Maduinshorn ever tasted on a cake! :P A big thank you to Aneros and a huge hug from both of us to Maduinshorn.

As you guys might have read, I am currently recovering from two sprained wrists and various aches and pains in my fingers, thanks to Nintendos shitty Wii U Gamepad. Well, wouldn't I have even more bad luck because of it? I found this store display for the original Nintendo Game Boy in the garbage where I live today. I can't actually pick it up. Two of my friends are working and another is out of town. My relatives are not interested either. I bet it would go for a great price. Shame, I can't risk damaging my hands further by picking it up...sigh. The gold is right in front of me and I am too weak to grab it. Fuck you Nintendo. :P

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Bastu Blows Rikuo In The Pool

Hey guys, I am typing with my hands in braces, so this is gonna be a short ass post! LOL! I just had to take a moment to share the birthday wishes that FallenAngel and I sent to  our dear friend Maduinshorn.  We took his favorite Capcom character, paired him with my favorite character, dipped the idea in the brush of FallenAngel and came up with some hot birthday fun.  A perfect day at the pool, I would say! Many thanks to FallenAngel and dozens of well wishes to our good friend on his special day.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bakkhos Bleats Out Birthday Wishes To Yelmo

Hey guys! It was Yelmos birthday over the weekend, so FallenAngel and I decided to team up his sexy Satyr Bakkhos with Vann.  Bakkhos is tooting out a happy birthday with his pipes, while our Vann Illian plays Bakkhos man flute, making sure each note is one of pure ecstasy!  FallenAngel worked very hard (very quickly) to create such a sweaty delight for our dear friend! We wished him the very happiest of days, filled with presents and Pac-Man pops! (See below.)

Sorry to keep this one short guys. I screwed up my hands playing too much Splatoon.   That Wii U gamepad is the devil.  I needed to keep my hands under ice for two days now. (Though I still ran to the Jays last night! Hee hee.)  Anyway I feel better, so I should be in better shape by the weekend. Note to self, no more game sessions till 3 am.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Adult, Buff and Nude, three mains the Male Squidlings Should Have!

Hey guys!  Yesterday was the Splatfest in the game Splatoon.  It was Marshmallows VS Hot Dogs. While Marshmallows one the game, I think Hot Dogs really won a victory, based on the image below! You wanna be pumped and ready for battle?  Wake up to this baby in your inbox.  Lastmanouthere's take on the male Inkling had my Spattershot going off more than once before getting out of bed.  It's not often I get that turned on, but his beautiful piece coupled with my love for this game (over 340 hours in) really had an effect! hee hee. Of course, the fact that his inkling is packing is own Heavy Splatling Gun, that anyone would want to see in action in game, also had an effect.  I can't thank Lastman enough.  This really got my fighting spirit  up and running. I was super pumped.  I kicked ass almost all day long.  Now if only these were costume abilities in the game!!!
I hope that you guys had a great day and for you Team Hot Dogers, hope this makes up for the loss! ;)

Below are some variants that Lastmanouthere was sweet enough to make! He must have been having fun!

Lastmanouthere's Inkling is based on the one I usually use in game. I sent him some images with the clothes I usually wear and the various weapons I like. I personally love the Krak-On Roller, but I also enjoy the two N-ZAP guns, the Heavy Splatling and if I want a challenge the Octobrush. My other real main is the Splattershot JR.  It's a beast in Turf Wars. Since I really don't play Ranked all that much, I feel it's benefit a lot more I guess.  Below are a few of the images I sent him.

Playing Tower Control?  Getter get some fast resurrection and steal jump gear on!

 This is my favorite gear set. I can suck ink back in like no bodies business.  The Invader hat really makes my special meter jump as well.  

So how did you do during the Splatfest?  I had a great time after midnight. I played with great teams till about 2 am.  In the morning, I had to go to EB to preorder the retro Amiibo set.  There was a lot of Splatoon talk in the line up. I guess I should have gotten some names to add to my friends list.  When I got back, I was pumped and played like a champ.  I think I lost all of one battle.  Sadly I had to go to a birthday party. While it was fun, it took up the majority of the day.  When I got home, I never really hit a streak for long, before being disconnected.  I kept getting matched with fellow team Marshmallow players.  They usually really sucked.  I actually felt pretty horrible for how bad we beat some of them.  Maybe they just didn't care?  The few rare times I found a hot dog team to face where a mixed bag.  Lag got me at one point and I was kicked out. Lord knows how my team did, but we were up when I 'left.'

 I am thinking of save scumming those sea snails....I am sick of wasting rerolls on Spike.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Hydaria Chimera!!

Hello guys! As promised here is Hydarias magnificent sketch of the Chimera man.  Done at the same time as FallenAngels, both artist worked on the character based on my sketches.  There are a couple differences in the design, though the big one are his eyes.  Hydaria opted for more human eyes, while Fallen gave him black ones.  I hope you will find him tantalizing. His story will hopefully be fleshed out for your enjoyment in the coming months. I'll be very excited to reveal how he fits into Gojioni's world to you all!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Chimera-man Leader Of Euro Demons

Hey guys!    Last year I set about fleshing out the cast for Gojioni.  First on the list was this gentleman.  He's a Chimera-man.  An oddity for his race, in that all in his family and his family alone, have gained the ability to take human form.  It has enabled them to hide and at times live in peace with humans.  However, it's not easy to fully mask their chimera selves fully and often they wind up sticking in the form above.  If only they could find some way to mask who they are, or even better not have to mask themselves at all. For now though, that is an impossibility.  All demons are put to death in the name of the Church.  So what role will he play in Gogionis story?  Well...stay tuned and hopefully you will find out. ;) 

FallenAngel and Hydaria both took on this character from my sketches and story descriptions.  I will post Hydarias awesome sketch tomorrow.  Fallens full color wonder waited a year to be released.  Sorry to keep you waiting Chimera san.  Huge thanks to him for masterfully drawing the character with great attention to the details, especially his very thick cock, with small cock head. hee hee. 

Hope you all are ready for the weekend.  (The Splatoon Splatfest is coming on Saturday and I am so pumped!!  GO TEAM MARSHMALLOW!  Can't wait to blast away with the new machine gun.)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Alien Hot Spa On Cubaton 4

gdfa dddddd Hey guys, the hot summer fun here at DPK continues with a super threesome from Maduinshorn. Carlos Cyborg is taking a vacation from excavating on the vacation satellite Cubatron 4. Deep below the sunny surface is a spa area, where the hunkiest of Aliens go to relax. There he meets with a very inquisative grey alien named Nova. Nova is fascinated by his bio-mecha body, especially his specialized breeding tool. Carlos is very interested in Nova too, but he has a boyfriend. As Nova grabs his cock for a better inspection, Carlos feels a familiar strong hand on his breast. He looks up into the smiling face of his beloved crystal man. Christer draws his boy into a close embrace as they embark on their first threesome!

This amazing piece was drawn up by Maduinshorn. It is  part of a Carlos on Vacation series I wanted to produce earlier this year. It will hopefully expand on the gay space resort Cubatron. There isa short comic in production with Aneros and possibly something else with a couple other artist. Maduinshorns is the first done and I could not be prouder to share his smile and boner inducing art with you all. He really goes all out with each image he does. The foreskin up and down variants will hopefully add a little more precum in your personal experience! ;D


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